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Meant to be

Like Parent, Like Child

Travis and Josh find themselves sitting outside the gymnasium smoking up some pot, when their supposed to be in gym class. Josh lets out a loud laugh.
"And then she started licking my nipple, oh god it was hilarious." He says as he takes the doobie from Travis.
"This is Denisse you're talking about right?" he chuckles, "Your girlfriend Denisse?"
"Yeah who else."
"Its just she doesn't seem like the type." He giggles.
"Well what can I say, combine Pixie Stix and a little pot and her type changes."

They sit around and laugh for like five minutes straight.
"What about you? I haven't seen you anywhere near interested in any girls since that Lainey chick."
"That's not true."
"Okay then, if you could fuck anyone right now, I'm talking about people you've actually met so Playboy models excluded, who would you fuck?"
"Jill and James's daughter Molly?!" Josh exclaims, "The girl we grew up with? My mom's since childhood friend's daughter Molly? The daughter of the gal your dad dated!"
"Yes you idiot! How many goddamn Mollys do you know?!" Travis yells.
"Well its just I don't know, she's practically my cousin!"
"Your cousin?"
"Well I sure as hell treat her like one, my mom and her mom are like sisters!"
"Well my mom doesn't treat her like a sister." Travis blurts.

"So are you going to ask her out?"
"I don't know." Travis mumbles as he takes a puff. "I don't think she's interested."
"Just ask goddamnit, and if she rejects you just say it was a dare from me."
"Easier said than done."
"No it isn't, I found Denisse hot, I asked her out, she said yes, we both got stoned this weekend and had soo much fun. So what are you waiting for?"

"Hey guys," Denisse says sitting next to her boyfriend. "How come you didn't tell me you were skipping." She takes the joint from Travis and takes a puff. "So what's up?"
"Trav here wants to ask Molly out."
"Go for it," Denisse says nodding. "Like now, I just saw her by her locker, if you're quick."

Travis stands up and cracks his neck before heading for the back door of the school. He pulls it open and sneaks past his gym teacher before getting to Molly's locker. She was standing there with a couple of her friends.
"Molly!" he yells, she turns around and looks him over.
"Hey Travis," she says slowly. She knew he was stoned.
"Hey yeah, I was wondering," he slurs, her friends giggle, "If, if, if you'd like to, to, to be my boyfriend, sorry, can I be your boyfriend and you be my girlfriend." She sighs.
"Travis, sober up." With that she walks away leaving him standing there stunned.

"Josh wait up!" Molly calls after him a few days later at lunch.
"Oh hey Molls," he says stopping so she can catch up with him. "What's up?"
"I was wondering, about when Travis asked me out."
"He was stoned out of his mind." Josh laughs.
"Ahh yeah, good batch."
"That's not the point." She says aggravated, "I want to know if he really likes me or if it was the weed talking."
"Dammit Molly, he's crazy about you."
"Yeah, I think he's been for a while now that I think about it."
"Okay thanks," she says walking away.
"Molls! What are you going to do?" he calls after her.
"You'll see later."

He sighs as he goes off to class.

Meanwhile Travis sits on the back steps of the school, where the smokers used to hang out before they banned smoking on school property. Three days later and he was still upset about being rejected. Suddenly he sees the object of his affection walking toward him.
"Hey Mol-" he's stopped by her lips being pressed against his. "Whoa. Is that a yes then?" she nods. "But-"
"I didn't think you were serious, because you were stoned."
"Oh damn no," he says cupping her cheeks and kissing her again.

"Ahem!" they part lips to see the vice principal standing there.
"Pritchard, Atwood follow me," the cow of a woman says as she leads them back into the school.

They're lead through the school hallways, which are now empty, the school bell isn't heard from outside. They are brought finally to the principal's office, which is all too familiar for Travis but not so much for Molly.
"Yvonne, please call Mr. Pritchard and Miss Atwood's parents."
The secretary gets straight to work as the two ninth graders trudge into the office.

"Do you know how many school rules you two were breaking?" the vice principal asks as the three of them take a seat. The students stay silent. "Our school takes great pride in our abstinence policy."
"It was just a kiss," Travis mutters.
"Watch your mouth, its gotten you in enough trouble already."
"Not to mention skipping class and loitering on the off limits area of the school grounds."
"So? Is it really necessary to call out parents here? Can't you just give us a detention?"
"Mr. Pritchard, you are in here every other day."
"Now that just exaggerating," Travis blurts, "It's once a week tops."
"I don't see why you had to call my parents," Molly states.

"Can you get closer together?" Cassie calls out to the models, "A little to the left the lighting isn't that great." She snaps a few pictures then her cell phone starts ringing. "Take a break."

She flips open her cell phone and puts it to her ear.
"Yes hello, is this Mrs. Pritchard?"
"Uhh yeah, can I help you?"
"I'm calling on behalf of Vice Principal Kensington or Oakland High, your son Travis has gotten himself in some trouble."
"Shit," she mumbles under her breath. "Okay then."
"Ms. Kensington would like either you or your husband to come to the school."
"Urgh okay then."

She hangs up the phone and dials her husband's phone number.
"Hello?" he answers in a low voice.
"Can you make it to Travis's school now?"
"No, why?"
"He got himself in trouble, they want to speak to one of us and I'm in the middle of a shoot."
"Craptacular," Mike mutters, "We're in the middle of a meeting here."
"Okay, I'll just wrap up the shoot and get to the school."

Hanging up the phone again she calls the models and hurries through the last of the photos before running out to her car.

Cassie arrives at the school to find Jill, Molly, Bianca, Josh, and Travis in the vice principal's office.
"Why am I not surprised it's the sinful trio," she says as she enters the room. The scenario all too familiar that the three of them are at the principal's office together. Then again Travis is called to the office a lot of the time on his own.
"Oh Ms. Pritchard we have quite an issue here," the vice principal says calmly. "Besides catching Travis and Molly skipping class to neck off in the off limits part of the building today, the three of them have been abusing our school's library pass concept."
"We were not necking off!" Travis yells.
"Travis, please," Cassie hisses.

"Pardon?" Cassie asks.
"As you know students can choose to spend a maximum of three classes a week in the library as long as they don't have any tests in said class."
"Alright, so they spend too much time in the library I highly doubt that's a big enough problem to pull me out of a very important-"
"Ms. Pritchard, after looking over their files I came to realize the three of them take the same periods off and after talking to the librarian they haven't been to the library in recent weeks."
"So what's the punishment?"
"No more use of the library pass for the rest of the year." Jill and Bianca nod.

"But that's not fair!" Molly yelps, "What if we have a school project?"
"Then you can stay after school to use the library, or lunch time," the vice principal states. "And in Joshua's case he'll be suspended for the rest of the day and tomorrow as well, and for the other two, the rest of today and the next two days."

They six of them leave the office and head for the parking lot.
"I had to rush through a photo shoot for this," Cassie mutters.
"I had to cut short a dance class by half an hour," Bianca says as they near the cars.
"I was in the middle of a major meeting, I had to leave everything up to my assistant," Jill mutters, "I called James up but he was in a meeting with your guys."

Cassie gets in her car, her son in the passenger seat. She starts the car and then breaks the silence.
"So you and Molly?"
"Erm, yeah."
"Since when?"
"Since we got caught," he sighs, "One goddamn kiss in the off limits area of the school and all hell breaks loose."
"Just a kiss?"
"Yeah, one kiss, no tongue or anything, just an innocent kiss," he says rolling his eyes.

"And what about skipping class?"
"Its no big deal."
"Yeah it is."
"Okay, I'd just get kicked out of class anyway," Travis mutters.
"I don't care, you're not supposed to skip class."
"Listen, my marks are honor roll so what does it matter?" Cassie bites her lower lip, she knows there's nothing she can really do at this point.
"I'll let your dad deal with this, I have to get back to work."

"Molly, honestly!" Jill exclaims as they start to drive.
"What exactly are you upset about?" Molly asks meekly.
"Skipping class five times a week!"
"Well I kept up with all my work, all my homework gets done, I go in for the tests, I know my stuff, so its kind of pointless to show up just to be bored."
"Molly, you can't just skip class like that!"
"But nothing! What do you do outside of class anyway if you're not in the library?"
"We go behind the gym."
"And do what?"
"Hang out and stuff."
"Like making out with Travis?!"
"Erm no, that was our first kiss and we got caught."
"Oh sure."
"I'm serious, he asked me out three days ago." Jill eyes her daughter for a moment to make sure she's telling the truth.
"But why Travis!" she exclaims, "Why not Josh?"
"Ew, not Josh, he's practically my cousin."
"But I went out with Mike for a whole year and half!"
"Rather not think of that." Molly sighs. "You're with Dad and that's already too much info."

"So if you weren't caught making out with either Travis or Molly, why were you in the office?" Bianca asks calmly.
"Ahk stupid bunnies." Josh groans, his mom laughs. "They got caught doing whatever and then when the fat cow was looking over their files she saw the whole skipping class thing and then since we're like the three goddamn musketeers the cow just HAD to look at my file then bam I'm sitting in science class when the office calls me down."
"That all then?" Bianca snorts with laughter. He nods, "Okay, time to be parental and hypocritical and say don't skip again."
"Oh sure mommy," he says in a dorky voice.
"Right but seriously, your marks start to drop because of skipping and its your head on a silver platter."
"We have a silver platter?"
"I'll buy one."