‹ Prequel: So Close Yet So Far

Meant to be

Audrey Olivia Pritchard Armstrong

Jakob sits in the waiting room of the hospital, a week later, Anastasia was in the room with Stella.
“There you are.” Tre says coming up the younger man and sitting next to him handing him a cup of coffee, “How’s everything going?”
“No change with Stella, and I was supposed to be back at work yesterday, let’s just say my boss is less than ecstatic.”
“Ahh.” Tre nods. “That sucks.”

They stare at the TV mindlessly for a few moments.
“You know like you said not to marry Stella just because I knocked her up.”
“I’ve been thinking of proposing,” Tre stays uneasily silent, “I love her.”
“Why don’t you just wait a month, kay kid?”
“Don’t call me kid.” Jake says annoyed, “Why a month?”
“Trust me, after at least a month of no sleep, sex, friends or a proper meal you’ll know if it’ll work out in the long run with Stella.”
“Do you regret marrying Lisea?”
“Not a chance.” Tre says simply, “it was something I had to live through to be the man I am today. Taught me a lot about maturity and all that jazz.”

“Jakob quick!” Anastasia exclaims as she skids into the waiting room, “Stella’s going into labor!”
“Hurry! They’re already taking her to the delivery room.” Tre smiles.
“Here’s your cue man.”

Jake runs down the hall to where the orderlies are wheeling Stella down the hall.
“Jake!” she cries as she outreaches her hand for his. He holds on as they enter another room.

“She’s beautiful.” Jakob says quietly as he looks Audrey over. Stella holds the new born close and kisses her forehead.
“We love you so much.” She says caringly. Meanwhile Anastasia was dabbing the tears of happiness off her face while Tre calls Mike and Billie.