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Meant to be

Scrawny is Sexy

“You don’t know what you’re getting into.” Jakob groans to his brother on the phone, about a month after Audrey was born, “I love her to pieces but I love sleep too.”
“How’s Stella holding up?”
“Stella, is tired too.” He sighs, “Last night, Audrey was so close to sleeping the night, she woke up once.”
“That’s good.” Joey says not sure of what to say.
“Ahh, schoolwork and work work is building up and I think I’m going to explode.”
“Take it easy okay. Audrey will be sleeping the night soon and things will get easier.”
“I hope so.” Jakob groans as he rubs his face, “Stella and I are about to have mental break downs and I miss sex.”
“Yeah, too much info there.”
“Sorry.” Jakob mumbles.

“So dad’s birthday is next week, are you going up state?”
“I think so, six hours in the car, hopefully Audrey will sleep most of it.”
“She probably will.” Joey says trying to be optimistic.
“Are you going home?”
“Yeah, Ramona and I are flying down on Friday.”
“How’s Ramona doing?”
“Hormones are getting at her; she got pissed off at me for buying the wrong type of canned pineapple.” Joey chortles, “Did I mention practically all she eats are canned pineapples?”
“Cravings?” Jakob questions, “You’re probably in hog heaven with the second trimester horn.”
“Well I don’t wanna rub it in since you haven’t got any since, well.” Joey says laughing.
“Oh shove it.”

“What do you think of these?” Ana-Lynne asks as she leans over on her fiancé and pecks at his cheek. She points to a bouquet of lilies.
“Umm, I’m not good at this.” He laughs, “But their pretty.” She giggles into her hand.
“We really have to get around to planning this thing you know.” She continues to flip through the wedding magazine.
“What about that?” Franky asks pointing at a particular page which headlined wild weddings. She looked over the page to find out that the wedding takes place next to a crematorium and the priest dresses up like a vampire while the bride and groom dress like corpses.
“Umm.” Ana-Lynne says awkwardly, “I’m all for a wild wedding but the crematorium thing scares me a bit.” She pauses and Franky shrugs, “But if we do a wild wedding it should be themed to something meaningful to us.”
“We like sex.” Franky states laughing, “Should we get married in a sex shop?” they both have a hardy laugh when suddenly her eyes fall upon the first photo she and Franky took together after a gig with his band before he started drumming for Seethen Heights.
“Why don’t we get married at The Jigerloo Club?” she suggest, “Because that’s where we met, at your concert.”
“But its basically just one big mosh pit.” Franky says furrowing his eyebrows, “And well its kind of dark.”
“And that isn’t dark?” she points to the crematorium picture, “Think about it, we could rent out the club, we have the ceremony on stage, rent tables and chairs to fill the mosh pit then get it catered.”
“And like we should have a live band then,” Franky suggest, “Instead of a deejay.” Ana-Lynn nods.
“This is going to be awesome.” She says kissing him sweetly.
“You’re not upset about giving up the fairy tale wedding?” Franky asks just to be sure, his dad sort of told him the wedding is all about the bride and that he should avoid suggesting things.
“Well I’m not exactly a fairy princess, and prince charming is usually at least six feet tall and built like a god.”
“Oh yeah, lower my self-esteem.” Franky pouts.
“Umm, I don’t like tall guys and to me scrawny is sexy.”
“Really? You’re not just saying that?”
“Scrawny is sexy.” She giggles as she goes to kiss him again.