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Meant to be

Great to be Home

"Oh my darling." Adrienne coos as she plucks Audrey out of Stella's arms, "You're getting so big, and adorable. You have your mommy's eyes and your daddy's nose." Stella and Jake can't help but smile sheepishly. She starts kissing the cheeks of the little baby.

"We're here!" Billie Joe calls from the front door. He makes his way into the living room with Joey and a fairly large Ramona not far behind. He had just picked them up from the air port, "Ohhhh, Audrey's here." There was just something about babies that made Billie and Adie a hell of a lot dorkier, and nicer.

"You're huge!" Jakob teases his sister-in-law. Ramona sticks out her tongue as she places her hands on her lower back to ease the tension. Jakob returns the gesture. Adie hands the baby over to her husband before going over to Ramona and kissing her cheek then pulling her son into a hug.
"Are you taking good care of Ramona?" she asks as she looks over the young couple, Joey doesn't know how to answer, so she turns to Ramona, "Is he taking good care of you and the baby?"
"Yeah, of course." Ramona laughs.

Joey pulls his brother aside for a second.
"Where are you guys staying?"
"To Mom's disappointment, the Marriot Hotel." Jake replies.
"Well, since Ramona and I knew we'd be here this week we arranged for the furniture for the baby's room to be delivered today."
"I'm saying if you and Stella wanna get it on, Ramona and I have no problem taking care of Audrey."
"You told Ramona about the not getting any!" he hisses at his older brother.
"No, no. I just suggested that maybe you two would like a break and that we should try getting used to the baby in the house blah blah blah." Joey rambles.
"I'll uh talk to Stella."

Jake sees that his parents are too busy talking to Ramona about when her and Joey's baby arrives so he slinks over to sit next to Stella, who'd just put Audrey in her seat to sleep.
"So umm Joey was telling me that he and Ramona wouldn't mind watching Audrey tonight."
"What's tonight?" she asks curiously.
"I mean we'd have the hotel room to ourselves." Jakob says raising his eyebrows trying not to be too obvious.
"Oh I see what you're getting at." Stella says smiling, she looks down at Audrey, the baby was already starting to sleep the night, "You think Audrey would be alright without us?" Jake takes what is said into consideration, the care of his most precious possession.
"Yeah, I mean she's sleeping the night and worst comes to worse our evening is interrupted and we go pick her up."
"I suppose you're right." Stella says getting up slowly.

Meanwhile, across town Josh was making out with his girlfriend Denise on her bed. His hands were under her shirt, their relationship was definitly taking a turn for the physical. Denise gets bored with making out and undoes her boyfriend's pants anxiously then starts to blow him.
"Oh fuck yeah." he moans as he strokes her hair.

"Jesus Christ!" someone screeches and low and behold Denise's mother is standing at the doorway. She shuts the door immediatly and Josh quickly pulls up his pants.

"Oh shit." Denise says in a full panic.
"I'm outta here. You coming?" he asks as he opens the window.
"No, I'll call you later or something." she says rubbing her forehead.
"Okay." he says sliding out the ground floor window and running for his life for the bus stop around the corner.

He arrives home and opens the door.
"I could've lived without knowing you got a blow job this afternoon." his father says the second he enters the house.
"Oh fuck." he says heading back outside and running down the street. Tre chases after him and tackles his son onto the neighbor's lawn.

Josh scrambles and twitches to get free but Tre's hold is too strong on him.
"Ahh fuck." he curses under his breath.
"C'mon, back to the house." Tre grunts, twisting his son's arm behind his back and making him stand up, "I don't fucking appreciate getting a call from Denise's hysterical mother with her going berserks about what you and Denise were doing."
"I-I-I'm sorry." Josh stutters.
"What were you thinking?!" Tre exclaims as they get into the house.
"I was thinking, hey, she's giving me a blow job, I'm not about to stop her!"
"Shut up smart mouth." Tre says angrily, "Don't you two know how to lock a fucking door, or do that stuff when no one is home?!"
"Uhh." he stutters, "Her mom wasn't home when I got there."
"What you do with your girlfriend is your business, not mine!" Tre exclaims, "I know I can't stop you, I just don't want to know about it!"
"That means don't get her pregnant or do anything stupid like that!" Tre rants, "You're lucky your mother wasn't home when Denise's wacko mother called."

Josh stands across the living room from his father awkwardly for a moment.
"Go shower or something, we have to go to Billie's birthday thing in half an hour." he mumbles, "Your sister will be there."
"Okay." he says heading up the stairs.