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Meant to be

Confessions & Plans

"I think I might be gay." Travis whispers to Molly, "I'm sorry." she just stares at him blankly.
"Since when?"
"Since when have I been gay?" he stutters, "I don't know, I've always noticed guys." he says uneasily, "But I sorta denied it."
"What about me? And that Lainey chick?"
"Don't get me wrong, you're very beautiful and you're a great person, its just."
"Yeah, I get it." she whispers looking away slightly.
"I like you a lot, just I don't want to sleep with you or anything like that." She looks into his eyes and puts her hand on his cheek.
"Its okay." she says softly, "Its just I sorta really liked you."
"I'm sorry." he says kissing her cheek.

Jill remains standing in the hallway outside the living room slightly stunned. After all, Molly and Travis grew up together along with Josh, but she never saw that coming. She takes a deep breath and heads into the kitchen where she planned to clean it top to bottom in order to distract herself from calling Mike or Cassey.

"So are you coming out of the closet now?" Molly asks quietly.
"Not yet. I'm not ready." he murmurs.
"We can say we broke up because we preferred being just friends." she offers helpfully.
"Thanks." he says calmly, "If you like, I'll still be your date for the middle school graduation prom."
"That'll be fun." she says less than enthusiastically.

The silence becomes awkwardly unbearable.
"So are you going to be all flamboyant and wanna go shopping with me now?" she giggles. He bursts out laughing.
"Not quite ready to pull out the rainbow flag just yet." he says shaking his head, "Blah, stereotypes."

"Are you sure we can afford all this?" Ana-Lynne asks seriously.
"I told you don't worry about the money." Frankie says seriously, "I've got it covered."
"C'mon, can't you be a bit of a bridzilla, you know your special day, blah, blah, blah, been planning it since you could walk?" she laughs.
"You know I'm not like that." she laughs, "But I mean, if anything gets out of hand, you know, just say no."
"Its okay!" he exclaims, "Do you know how much money I made on the last tour?"
"Yeah, but-" she sighs, "I mean, what if the band falls apart or goes on hiatus or something, then you won't be touring for a while and I don't make that much money and-"
"The band is fine."
"But I know how these artist types are, they have to take time to find themselves, or find a muse."
"Don't worry, if anyone tries that I'll kick their ass and tell them to find themselves on the road." he says rolling his eyes.
"You're so Frankito sometimes." she giggles.
"Frankito is an adjective now?" he asks seductivly.
"Since when?"
"Since I said so." she says shoving her lips against his, "Did I tell you, its all set, we got the club rented out and we still have to choose a band to play."
"Oh fun stuff." he says happily, "You do realize I might get antsy half-way through the party and take over the drums."
"That's fine, but you'll have to learn to play drums with me on your lap."
"Fair enough." he says laughing, "So what bands do we have to choose from?