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Meant to be

Another Chapter Where Interesting Things Happen

Jill sits uneasily at coffee shop's terrass table with Bianca.
"Josh is absolutely refusing to go to Warped Tour with Tre this year," Bianca says casually, "I mean, it was like, some father-sons go fishing or camping, they went to Warped Tour."
"Tre's taking it sort of hard, his youngest doesn't want to be seen with him anymore." Bianca rambles, "Frankito usually goes with them too, but he'll be on his honeymoon at that time." she pauses, "Jill are you okay?" Jill glances at the street then at the restaurant.

"I overheard Travis and Molly talking the other day."
"Oh boy."
"Travis is gay." she says just above a whisper.
"What?" Bianca gasps, "But he's dating Molly!"
"Well, he's as straight as a friggin rainbow apparently."

"Do Cassie and Mike know?"
"No, he says he doesn't want out of the closet yet."
"Then you
better shut up now." Bianca says as she spots Cassie and Adie walking towards them.

"Sorry we're late." Cassie says as they sit down, "Did you order yet?"
"Nope." Bianca says shaking her head as they all pick up their menus.

"So I heard Tre is all hurt about the Warped Tour thing." Adie says casually.
"Yeah, because this year Frankito won't be going either because of his honeymoon."
"Oh right." Adie says nodding, "Billie used to take Joe and Jake every year too."

Cassie's cell phone starts to ring.
"I'll be right back." she sighs as she gets up from the table.

"Travis is gay!" Jill bursts out in a hushed voice.
"Are you serious?" Adie says intrigued, "I always sort of suspected something, then I just figured he was bi."
"Really?" Bianca asks.
"Well yeah, just something about him." Adie shrugs, "Does Cassie know?"
"Well oh god," Adie mutters, "We can't not tell her, I won't be able to retain something like this from her."
"I know, I know." Jill mumbles."Maybe we can talk to Stella or Frankie about it and they can coax him out of the closet." Adie suggests.
"What about Josh?" Jill asks, "They're like best friends maybe-"
"No, he won't want to admit it to his guy friend, I mean, the natural reaction for Josh to have is that Travis is coming onto him." Bianca replies.

"Well worst comes to worse I can get Billie to talk to him, he is after all openly bisexual." Adie says glancing to make sure Cassie isn't on her way back.

"What's there to get? I'm a goddamn queer." Travis says to Josh in a raised tone of voice.
"What about Molly?!" Josh questions.
"We're just friends now." Travis says as he paces back and forth, "You're the one I want." This doesn't even phase Josh as Travis sits next to him on the couch. "I really like you." the two boys lean in for a kiss.The front door clicks open and Bianca is witness to the act in which Travis and her son are committing.

They break apart quickly.
"Oh shit." Josh says looking over his mother's messed up expression.
"Okay," she says taking a deep breath, "What the hell happened to Denisse?"
"We're sort of on a break." Josh says quietly.

"I'm sorry!" Travis exclaims, "I forced him into the kiss. I'm gay."
"Yeah, I know." Bianca says almost apologetically, "Jill heard you telling Molly."
"WHAT?!!!" he exclaims, "Does my mom know too?"
"Thank god." Travis says slightly stunned.

"I'm bi." Josh says shrugging.
"Yeah, that's fine." Bianca says carelessly, "I'm just a bit surprised. I mean I thought you were with Denisse."
"Well, we're sort of on a break." Josh says awkwardly.
"What do you mean on a break?"
"She said she needed to figure stuff out and until then she couldn't go out with me."
"Oh." Bianca says knowing it wasn't a break, it was a break-up, "Travis, you have to tell your parents, I can't keep letting you guys sneak around and stuff, they have a right to know."

"I'm afraid." Travis says swallowing hard.
"I know both your parents very well and I know they won't look at you any differently. I mean back in the day your dad used to make out with Billie and Tre for kicks."
"Dude." Josh says somewhat disturbed.
"I guess I'll tell them tonight." Travis sighs.
"Don't worry, you'll be fine." Bianca reassures him, "And you'll be a lot happier once you have this off your chest."
"Yeah." he says meekly as he gets up and heads out of the house.

"So why do I have to find out you're bi like this?" Bianca asks crossing her arms.
"Well," Josh says shrugging, "I dunno."
"Alright." she says heading into the kitchen, "Anything else I should know about my son? Got any tattoos, piercings, planning a sex change operation?"
"Not at the moment." he says following her into the kitchen, "Can I get my nipple pierced?"
"Ask your father." she says laughing lightly.
"Oh sweet!" he says happily.
"But there's a reason he took his out so he might not let you."
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