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Meant to be


While in the recording studio, talking with the mixer Mike's cell phone rings.
"Hello?" he says into the phone.
"Hello Mr. Pritchard, this is Yvonne calling on behalf of Vice-principal Kensington."
"Would you be able to come to the school immediately?"
"Uhh what happened? Is Travis alright?"
"Well, I don't know the details but he's seemed to have gotten into trouble."
"Urgh." Mike groans, "Kay, I'll be right there."

"What's up?" Billie asks.
"Travis got in trouble at school again, I have to go down there." Mike mumbles as he yanks his jacket off a chair.
"Like father like son." Billie chants.
"Alright, we'll continue tomorrow then." Tre says tossing aside his drumsticks.
"Bye!" Mike calls.

He gets to the school just as he sees Bianca and Josh leaving it.
"Hey." Mike says waving, "What's with these kids, can't go a day without getting in trouble."
"Like father like son." Bianca laughs awkwardly in return.
"Awe c'mon, I know you had your days." he taunts as he heads into the building.

He heads into the principal's office to find Travis sitting in a chair across from the secretary.
"Dad -its not-I mean-urgh." Travis stutters.
"Vice-Principal Kensington will see you right away." the secretary says ushering Mike away before another word could be said between father and son.

"Mr. Pritchardm," Kensington starts once Mike is seated across from her desk, "Your son has again disregarded our school's abstinence policy." Mike let's out an irritated sigh.
"He's fifteen! I'd be worried if he wasn't out kissing girls. Its called hormones. I went around making out with my girlfriend when I was in high school and I turned out just fine."
"We stand strong about our abstinence policy." she says sternly, "And he's taken it way to far this time."
"Uhuh." Mike says unamused.
"Our janitor found him and Joshua Wright making out in the locker room." as she says this Mike is momentarily taken aghast, "Now, we take homosexual acts very seriously here."
"You see, in situations like in the gym locker room, we don't want the other students to be afraid the guy changing next to him will be looking at him in a sexual nature."
"That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard!" Mike yells at the top of his lungs, "Now that I think of it, you keep calling me and my wife down here for the stupidest things! Well, I've had enough and I'm sure as hell Travis has had enough."
"Mr. Pritchard please calm down."
"No! This isn't the 1950's, I'd think fag-bashing would be over by now."
"Sir, we don't use that term."
"I'm sorry, do you prefer homophobia?" Mike taunts, "As of right now, Travis is no longer attending this school."
"We have ways of dealing with this."
"Good for you," Mike says applauding cynically, "We're leaving."

"C'mon Travis." Mike says as he storms out of the office. His son follows without a sound out to the car. He drives down the highway over the legal speed limits and takes sharp turns wherever possible.

"Dad." Travis says quietly, "I didn't want you to find out like this."
"Stupid whore of a principal, you're changing fucking schools."
"So you're okay with me being . . ."
"Yeah, why wouldn't I be, just fucking hate that I have to find out like this." Mike fumes.
"I'm sorry, I just didn't know how to tell you and Mom."
"Its okay." he replies calming down slightly, "Its okay."