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Meant to be

The Wedding of Ana-Lynne and Frankito

"Ohhh, she's simply adorable!" one of Ana-Lynne's relatives says as she overlooks baby Frankie.
"Thank you." Ramona says calmly, this was only relative one million to say so, it was like all the ladies were going between Francine and Audrey only stopping to talk about which of their bingo buddies had passed away this past year.

"Can you hold her, I have to go to the ladies room." Ramona says passing Francine over to Joey. He rocks her gently as he paces back and forth in the church but he stops when he's startled by a flash of light, he looks up.
"Mom." he says rolling his eyes.
"I want to get a picture of you with your brother," she says like a typical mother, "My boys with their girls." Joey just shakes his head laughing, "Hold on, I'll go get him."

Suddenly there's another flash of light, behind this camera is Billie.
"Not you too Dad." Joey says rolling his eyes yet again as Billie slides the camera back into his pocket.
"Awe but you're so cute playing daddy." Billie says pinching his son's cheek, "Can I hold?"
"Sure." Joey says passing over his daughter for the millionth time that day, she was like public property.

"Now you have to promise me something," Billie says to Francine, "You have to give your Daddy hell when you become a teenager, not your Mommy though, but feel free to give Grandpa Tre a good run for his money, okay?"
"Thanks Dad." Joey says sarcastically.
"Oh yeah, you also have to remember I'm the good grandpa who always has candy and quarters."

"Kay, I got him!" Adie announces as Jakob follows close behind with Audrey in his arms, "Billie, give Frankie back to Joey so I can get a picture."
"Yes dear." Billie says with a light laugh.
"Perfect!" Adie says snapping a picture.

Joey's family wanders off to sit down, but he stays standing rocking his baby girl.
"Hey Joey." Tre says walking up to him then leaning against a side table.
"Hey Grandpa Tre." Joey teases. Tre holds out his arm with pleading eyes so Joey passes Frankie over.
"You know what boy?" he says holding his granddaughter close.
"I think I finally might've forgiven you for dirtying up my daughter." he states blandly, making Joey snort with laughter.
"Yeah, well its only been ten years."
"It seems like fifteen." he sighs, "You'll see, once Frankie here starts dating you'll give yourself a heart condition too."
"How about I worry about her sleeping the night for now." Joey chuckles.
"Yeah." Tre says shrugging, "Enjoy her being a baby."

"Hey Dad." Ramona says joining them in the back of the hall.
"Hey Mona." he says rocking Francine, "I think I'll keep her a while, kay?" she just laughs.
"We want her back after the wedding," she glances at her watch, "Which is starting in like a minute, we should go sit down."

The head into the main part of the concert hall and take a seat.
"I can't believe Frankito's getting married." Bianca says with a light laugh, "Did you give him fatherly advice?"
"Yeah, you know just the usual," Tre shrugs, "The wife is always right and its always your fault." He gives a joking grin buy Bianca still slaps his arm, "Careful, I'm holding Francine."

A couple rows behind Mike keeps awkwardly glancing at Travis and his date Brent. Its the first time he met Brent and was sort of still in shock his son was gay, but not bad shock, just caught off guard.
"Stop staring." Cassie mumbles to him.
"Alright." he says turning away, "How old's Frankito anyway? I have him constantly pegged at fifteen."
"He's twenty." she laughs, "Perfectly legal."

"Audrey." Stella groans from one row ahead, as her daughter starts to squirm recklessly in her lap. Mike grins and starts making stupid faces to get his granddaughter to laugh. She gurgles. Mike picks her up nearly startling the crap out of Stella in the process, "Dad, you startled the shhhh-aving cream out of me."
"Potty mouth." Mike fake gasps.
"No." she says with a guilty grin.

The music starts up and Frankito starts to make his way down the isle to the front of the small concert hall, he's followed by Josh, and his band mates Tyler and Gary. Next is Ana-Lynne's cousin as flower girl, followed by her bridesmaids then the moment of truth, Ana-Lynne made her way down the isle.

After a very traditional ceremony in every way, shape and form, which surprised everyone considering how eccentric the couple is everyone heads outside to take pictures and so the waiters could set up the tables and such since the wedding party would be held at the same place.

"Hey guys." Travis says as he and Brent take a seat next to Josh and Denisse on the front step of a neighboring building.
"Hey Travey." Denisse says, "Who's your date?"
"Oh, this is Brent, Brent this is Denisse and you already know Josh."
"Hi." he says with a friendly wave.

"Fuck I hate dresses." Molly grumbles as she stomps towards them. Denisse just laughs, "And these heels should be a torture device, I wouldn't be surprised if they had a closet full in Guantanamo Bay."
"Same." Denisse sighs as she lifts her foot.
"Hot guy alert." Molly says smacking her lips.
"Where?" Denisse and Brent ask simultaneously.
"Right there." Molly discreetly points.
"That my cousin." Josh says rolling his eyes.
"I'm there." Molly laughs.

Back inside, Frankito and Ana-Lynne make their grand appearance as husband and wife, with a few changes in their outfits since the ceremony. Ana-Lynne had changed from her ultra high heels to a pair of white chuck all-stars and Frankito had changed from a tux jacket and white shirt to a joke tux t-shirt with painted-on tie.

The band on stage of booming some hard rock sounds and Frankito is going drumming against his legs resisting the temptation to run up onto the stage and take control of the drums.
"Hey babe," Ana-Lynne says to him in a low voice, after dinner had been served, "Maybe you should go play a song."
"Only if you play too." he says with a grin.
"I'll play bass." she says rolling her eyes.
"Great," he says with a grin, "Hey Josh!"
"You play guitar, kay?"

Josh stares at his older brother somewhat confused as the newly weds get up from their seats and head towards the stage, Josh just follows, Denisse does as well.
"What are we playing?" Josh asks as they infultrate the band.
"Uhhhh." Frankito says thinking fast, "Let's play something by the Beatles."
"All You Need is Love." Denisse suggests from the side of the stage.
"Yeah." Ana-Lynne says putting the bass strap over her head, "You know the words?" Denisse nods, "Okay, come and sing then."

Josh sets up his guitar and Frankito adjusts the drumset.
"Ready?" Josh asks.
"Yeah." Everyone responds and they start to play.

At the end of the song everyone cheers and Billie, Mike and Tre charge of the stage kicking their youngers off.
"BLITZKRIEG BOP!" Billie yells into the microphone.
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yeah this is the end. . . i've had enough of this whole series . . . .its been 2 years!