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Meant to be

Email time

"Billie, come check this out." Adie says from her computer, "We got an email from Jake and Stella." Billie came out of the washroom and walked over to the computer.
"Is everything okay?" Billie asks going to read the message.
"Yeah, everything's fine. They sent us a picture of the ultrasound." Adie says opening the attachment.
"That's our grandkid." Billie says happily. Their attitudes towards Stella and Jakob's situation improved greatly over the past three weeks.

"Whatcha looking at?" Cassie asks as she slips her arms around Mike from behind.
"Stella just emailed me, it's a picture of her ultrasound."
"That's nice." She says looking it over, "Is the baby healthy?"
"Apparently so."

"Leaving!" Travis calls from the hallway.
"Trav, come in here and see a picture of your niece or nephew." Cassie calls. He thumps into his father's office and looks at the screen.
"Its just a bunch of dots."
"Well so were you." Mike laughs.
"So umm how's Stella?"
"She's good." Mike says going back to the email message.
"She hasn't emailed me in a while." Travis pouts.
"Why don't you email her then?" Cassie asks.
"Cuz then she bugs me about missing my big sister, shit like that."
"See I don't have a big sister." Cassie laughs, "I don't know what that's like."
"I have sister, its friggin hell." Mike mumbles, "Their mission in life is to embarrass you as much as possible."
"Aw, but Myla seems so nice." Cassie laughs as Travis slinks out the door.
"Yeah now, but not when we were kids!"

Jakob wakes up holding Stella in his arms. He smiles then looks at his watch.
"Stella." He whispers.
"Yeah Jakey."
"I gotta get to class, and you're lying on top of me." her eyes flutter open and she gets up. Jakob gets up and puts on his shoes when he realizes Stella is acting a bit tipsy. "Are you okay?"
"It's just morning sickness." She says rubbing her head. "Shit." She makes a mad dash for the washroom and Jakob hurries closely behind her. He watches nervously, not sure what to as she pukes into the toilette. She flushes the toilette and goes to wash out her mouth. "You're still here?" she asks as she dries her face.
"Are you going to be okay?" he asks nervously.
"Yeah, yeah, this is routine." She say rolling her eyes, "Go, or you'll be late."
"Alright, you're sure?"
"Yes." She laughs. Jakob reluctantly heads out of the dorm.

Stella heads over to her lap top to check her emails.

Hey Sis,
how's everything? Uh here is pretty uneventful, Dad's in studio again, they're working on International Superhits 2 and recording three new songs. Mom is on a new photography "wave" she's doing a lot of still lives. I swear the way she talks about it I'd think she was a hippy!

Well I broke up with Lainey, she's a bit of ditz. She freaks out every time she breaks a fucking nail and not too bright either. Anyway, enough about her cuz she annoyed the living hell out of me and she's a friggin flirt! I'm going to Redner concert this Friday with Josh and Molly. Frankie is chaperoning with his girlfriend. Mom would only let me go if someone responsible took us. Yeah I know Frankie and responsible don't go hand in hand but it was good enough for Dad. Molly is only coming with us because her friends don't like Redner, but I truly thing she hates me and Josh's guts.

Right now I'm listening to White Stripes, don't ask why. For some reason Seven Nation Army keeps getting stuck in my head. How's my nephew? I decided I want a nephew and I'm going to be the fun uncle that gets him loaded on candy and shit. Yeah Joey has more money at the moment, but he's OLD! MUAHAHAHAHA! Okay gonna go now.

Stella just laughs as she reads through her brother's email. She checks the time and sees she has plenty of time before her first class so she writes:

Who says you get to decide the gender of the baby? I say I want a girl! BLAH! Ahh just kidding, I don't really care either way. And you're not going to feed this baby candy until it's at least three years old!

Since when do you listen to Redner? I'm not too crazy about them, I'm actually annoyed by them because that's all my roommate plays and she has their poster so I have that staring at me all day.

Molly doesn't hate your guts! Haha Frankie actually agreed to drag your sorry butts around for a whole evening? Ten bucks he'll ditch you for a majority of the concert to bang in the bathroom stalls with whatsername, fuck I can't remember his girlfriend's name. Hold on let me check, I have it written on the back of a photo. Ana-Lynne! Damn, how that hell did he expect me to remember that.

Wait! If Frankie's taking you that means he's back from touring? What the hell is going on? Nevermind, I'll email him myself. Bye for now

She sends the email then finds Frankie's email address and writes him.
Hello Frankito,
Travis was telling me you're taking him to the Redner concert. My question is why are you home from touring? Did you burn down the tour bus with a smoldering doobie or something? I'm bored right now as you can tell I'm budding into your business.

So how's Ana-Lynne you ladies man you? Jakob and I are fine and dandy. Exams are coming up, BLAH! Oh! Are you going to the fourth of July thing at Billie Joe's? I don't understand why we even celebrate fourth of July after the anti-bush campaign. Oh well I'll talk to you again soon.

"Can't sleep?" Joey asks as he opens his eyes slowly and remembering he's on an airplane.
"Nope." She sighs as she takes off her head phones.
"How long was I out?"
"Couple of hours." She says resting her head on his shoulder. "You missed the peanuts."
"Oh darn." He chuckles.
"Dinner cart is due to arrive in fifteen to twenty minutes." She says in mockery of the intercom.
"Ahh okay." Joey says putting his arms around Ramona. He pokes at the small television screen in front of him. "Three more hours."
"Urgh." Ramona sighs, "You're lucky, you can sleep on air planes."
"Next time drug yourself ahead of time." He chuckles.
"Haha, no thank you." she says resting her head on his shoulder.

Hello Stella and Baby,

That's right, I'm not out of the loop! I can't believe you and Jake are having a baby, that fact actually scares me. Mental note to self: Buy industrial strength condoms! I'm just teasing you, you'll probably make great parents. I know I'm not your brother or Jakob's for that matter, but can I be Uncle Frankito?

I'm back from touring because Tyler (He's the lead singer) got pneumonia (thank god for spell check). We were requested upon a dare to run the track at the college we were going to play at; butt naked. Did I mention it was in Montreal . . . . CANADA! It's three degrees colder there! And it was raining. I only got a cold (I'm better now, thanks for asking) but Tyler got pneumonia so we're on a break.

Ana-Lynne is fine, I'm staying at her dorm, apartment thingy this week so don't bother trying to call me at my dad's. I was plotting something evil like toilette papering my sister's new house, but the day before I got back she and Joe left for Italy so my plans are ruined. Yes I will be at the very lame fourth of July thingy.


Stella just laughs as she goes to write him back.

Hello Uncle Frankito,

Yes you can be Uncle Frankito. Just to let you know Travis has started a rivalry with Joey to see who's the better uncle so you'll have to compete with them. You'll probably win cuz you're childish and you got the dough. See Trav and Joey have one or the other. I could've lived without knowing you ran a college track in your birthday suit thank you very much. What are you doing with Ana-Lynne that you need to stay at her dorm? Hmm, does your mommy know you like doing the dirty?Jakob is coming over soon so I'm going to go now.