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Meant to be


"So do we rent a car or what?" Ramona asks as she and her husband pass customs.
"Nope, there should be a car waiting for us, let's just find Denny first," He mumbles, looking around.

"Oh there he is." Ramona glances to see a familiar blond haired guy and woman about seven months pregnant.

"Joe, there you are," Denny exclaims,."And I'd like you to meet my wife Susan."
"Nice to meet you," Joey and Ramona say simultaneously.
"Suze, this is Joe and Ramona."
"I see you're pregnant," Ramona says smiling, "Your baby's going to be born in Italy."
"Yup," Susan says joyfully, "I guess we'll have to become friends since our husbands will be working here a while."
"Yup, three months huh?"
"Seems like a long time, but its just going to fly by," Suze says happily.

"Ladies, the car is here," Denny says putting an arm around his wife.
"They seem nice," Ramona whispers to Joey. "So what hotel will we be staying at?"
"That's a surprise," Joey says smirking as he kisses the top of her head.


The phone rings out through the dorm room and Jakob's eyes shoot awake. He slips out of bed, being careful not to wake Stella up and answers his cell phone.

"Hey!" Tre's voice yelps.
"Hi Tre," he groans.
"Did I wake you up?"
"Yes," Tre laughs evilly, "Is there-"

"Okay so Joey told me you had questions and stuff about the baby thing."
"Uhh." Jakob glances around the room, his roommate is in ear shot, so is Stella. He dashes into the washroom and sits on the edge of the tub. "Yeah."
"Well you didn't run off to the mountains for three days so you're off to a good start."
"What?" Jakob asks confused.
"Well when I found out Lisea was having Ramona I sort of went back to my father's house and didn't leave my room. Then after two days my father got aggravated with me and almost beat it out of me. Then he told me to marry her. I don't suggest you marry Stella just because--"
"Yeah I know, my dad already gave me the schpeal."
"Okay then, fire away with the questions."
"Pretend I haven't known you since well--"
"Okay." Jakob sighs, "I don't know what I want to ask."
"Hmm well, before you cut me off I had a whole speech."
"Yeah, continue with the speech then," Jakob says as he slumps into the bathtub itself, putting his feet on the faucet.
"Ahh let's see." Tre clears his throat. "Oh, I'm supposed to ask you if you love Stella?"
"Yeah of course I love her, or else I wouldn't have had-" he pauses.
"Sex?" Tre asks giggling.
"Sex," he murmurs, "We're not all players like you!"
"Hey! I love the people I sleep with!"
"Now you do."
"Shut-up, you shouldn't listen to what your dad says about my post-divorce days."
"Oh right! Okay, so basically be there for her and for the love of your balls don't say anything negative about the pregnancy! Not even I wish we had waited," Tre exclaims, obviously from experience, "You see woman get very emotional and stuff, listen kid, for the next eight and a half months your balls are on the line."
"It is, isn't it," Tre laughs, "Oh and I strongly suggest you be her manservant."
"Please explain," Jakob says nervously, "Unless that's a sexual undertone."
"Well you wait a couple of months and it will be due to second trimester horn. Being her manservant is like insurance for your balls, if you be help her out with baby stuff then blah, blah, blah you'll be safe."
"Okay, well I've been doing that."
"Wow, then you're more mature then we give you credit for."
"Thank you!"
"But you're still a dumbass for knocking her up."

"I've got a question."
"Shoot, I got all morning."
"Is it normal to be a twitchy paranoid mess all the time?" Tre just laughs.
"You think I was born as messed up as I am?" he continues to laugh, "Or even your father for that matter." Tre calms a bit, "Having kids before you're twenty-five makes you a twitchy paranoid mess."
"Oh so I'm going to end up like you?"
"No, of course not," Tre pauses, "I have a prettier butt."
"Urgh, jeez!" Tre laughs out hysterically.
"I should call you more often."

The bathroom door creeks open and Stella stands in the doorway looking at her boyfriend. "Babe, you are you talking to?"
"In the bathtub?"
"Uhh." Jake laughs, "sort of."
"I need to puke." She says simply. Jake puts the phone to his ear.

"I gotta go save my nads."
"Alright Jake," Tre says hanging up the phone.


"Here we are," The driver announces with his thick Italian accent as he pulls over. Ramona looks out the window at the group of identical buildings.
"This isn't a hotel," she says slowly, her husband grins.
"It's a condo complex, the Italian team is really eager about having us here."
"No kidding, did you see the bonus yet?" Denny laughs. He turns to a now silent Suze, "What's wrong honey?"
"Oh nothing, just trying to get over another craving," she says giggling. "I would kill for an apple." Everyone in the car laughs as they get out.

"There should be a store up the street," Denny says, recalling an information meeting a couple of days earlier.
"Well you guys can go ahead," The driver says, popping open the trunk, "I'll take your bags in for you." Ramona and Joey watch for a short moment as Suze and Denny stroll up the street.

"There's something else," Joey smirks.
"What?" Ramona asks, suspicious of his childish grin. He takes her hand and leads her toward the garages. He takes out the set of keys he was given back in Oakland and opens the third garage door.
"Look at what we'll be driving." He lifts the garage door to show a red BMW convertible.
"That's fucking awesome." She laughs, "Kinda cliché though, convertible, Italy, what next you're going produce a couple of vespas?"
"If you want vespas . . ." Joey trails off laughing.
"Shut your butt, and let's check out our condo," Ramona says as he pulls the garage door closed.

"We're on the top floor." Joey says as they climb the front steps, "Three flights of stairs."
"What about Denny and Suze?"
"The condo below us."
"Oh so they'll here us romping away," Ramona says, sticking out her tongue.
"I can't believe how pervy you are sometimes."
"In my own defense, have you met my father?"
"I'm not complaining, my penis loves it," Joey says wiggling his eyebrows.