Majesty Castle

The Patriarch of the “Majesty” family has just died, leaving behind five sons all with first born sons of their own.

Five Grandsons were born to carry out his legacy.

Some have accepted their place in their society’s court while some wish they could run away from it. Each one will have to learn from the sins of their fathers.

One never looked back…until now:– not willing to accept his family for what it is, he spent years distancing himself to have a normal life of his own, but when the death of his grandfather forces him back to Majesty Castle, he comes back to face a lot more than he bargained for…

One wants what he can not have: – raised to believe that he is better than the people outside of his class. He’s dined with kings and danced with queens, but he loves a peasant. It’s unacceptable.

One loves another man: – married to his first girlfriend and only woman he has ever been with. Yet each night while his wife lay alone in their marriage bed, he sneaks off to make love with another. The one he truly loves…his boyfriend.

One is the black sheep: - a true to form bad boy who uses the fairer sex for his own personal pleasure and his status as a Majesty for his own personal gain. Unfortunately, he’s made some enemies along the way.

One is different: – Once a brilliant conversationalist, but now he doesn’t speak at all. He lashes out at everyone he comes into contact with. No one knows why.

All have their place in Majesty Castle, but only one will be King….

This story will contain graphic content – Sex of many different natures including homosexuality. While I prefer men, I’m a firm believer that people should be allowed to love who they love and if that love happens to be of the same sex, then so be it. Love has no boundaries and everyone should be allowed to love openly, without shame or fear.


The first few chapters of this story were written a long time ago, but when Jimmy died, I put it on the back burner and now that Peter is gone, I almost feel like I have to finish writing it. Peter was a great hero to me throughout my life and I will miss him so much. Jimmy, well Jimmy gave meaning to my life and I’ll be eternally grateful. It breaks my heart that they both left this world. So this story is in loving memory of Peter and Jimmy.

See the character's tab for the fathers of the five sons.
  1. Chapter 1
    Matthew and Jon
  2. Chapter 2
    Johnny and Zakk
  3. Chapter 3
    Brian and Nikki
  4. Chapter 4
    Zacky and Glenn
  5. Chapter 5
    James and Peter
  6. Chapter 6
  7. Chapter 7
  8. Chapter 8
  9. Chapter 9
  10. Chapter 10
  11. Chapter 11
  12. Chpater 12
  13. Chapter 13
  14. Chapter 14
  15. Chapter 15
  16. Chapter 16
  17. Chapter 17
  18. Chapter 18
  19. Chapter 19
  20. Chapter 20
  21. Chapter 21
  22. Chapter 22
  23. Chapter 23
  24. Chapter 24
  25. Chapter 25
  26. Chapter 26
  27. Chapter 27
  28. Chapter 28
  29. Chapter 29
  30. Chapter 30
  31. Chapter 31
  32. Chapter 32
  33. Chapter 33
    Part 1
  34. Chapter 33
    Part 2
  35. Chapter 34
  36. Chapter 35
  37. Chapter 36
  38. Chapter 37
  39. Chapter 38
  40. Chapter 39
  41. Chapter 40
  42. Chapter 41
  43. Chapter 42
  44. Chapter 43
  45. Chapter 44
  46. Chapter 45
  47. Chapter 46
  48. Chapter 47
  49. Chapter 48
  50. Chapter 49
    Day of the Masquerade 1:00PM
  51. Chapter 50
    Day of the Masquerade 3:00PM
  52. Chapter 51
    Day of the Masquerade 5:00PM
  53. Chapter 52
    Day of the Masquerade 7:00PM
  54. Chapter 53
    Day of the Masquerade 9:00PM
  55. Chapter 54
    The Masquerade 10:30pm
  56. Chapter 55
    The Masquerade 11:00pm
  57. Chapter 56
    The Masquerade 11:30pm
  58. Chapter 57
    The Masquerade 12:00AM
  59. Chapter 58