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Fuel to the Fire

Undressing The Words

"So we don't get to shower... At all!?" I asked dreading the answer I would receive. All five boys smirked and busted out laughing.

"Well, you do sometimes. But most of the time you got to be happy being dirty." Garrett responded, sitting down beside me. "Its okay we stink most of the time, well all of except pretty boy John over there." I giggled

"Hey someone has to look good." John said flipping his hair and flashing a smile at me. "Well besides Rosie here." He slipped his arm around my shoulder and tugged me closer. I have to admit being next to him made me feel safe. A feeling I could never tire of.

"This is not fair John!" Jared yelled threw his arms up. "You give no one a chance to get the girl. Jezzz, you are a girlhog! You just shwoosh your hair at them and they fall right into your arms." A laugh escaped all of us.

"I haven't fallen for anyone nor will I ever." I said to the four sad guys in front of me and the very cocky one beside me. "So, get all of those little ideas out of your heads." I was pulled in closer to John.

"Look out, baby." John wiggled his eyebrows and let out his signature laugh. I never expected it to be this hard, living on a bus full of boys. I just thought that tour would just fly by with no drama attached. I didn't think that guys would compete for me but that's how it is turning out to be. A big competition for me.

"Carson, Cali here we come!" Kenny said bouncing up and down in his seat. "Can you sing Miss. Rosannah?" every pair of eyes on the bus stared in my direction.

"Umm...yeah but I don't see how thats relative...?"I said slowly, "Stop staring."

"Well let's hear it, love!" He said beckoning me to start singing.

"I don't even know what to sing." I said with my nerves making my hands tremble.

"Umm, Singgggg....your favorite song." Gary chimed in with the guy's 'yeahs' surrounding his answer in support.Okay, I have no idea how to get out of this. I thought to myself realizing that I was going to have to sing. John's voice filled the bus with a song.

"Got caught, running up the tab,
couldn't drive home so I had to share a cab
Introduce herself by her last name,
the kind of girl you steal from the football team."

He nudged me queuing me to starting singing along with him. I timidly added a harmony in with his gorgeous voice.

"Brought up the silverspoon mess,
always trying to tear off her catholic dress
Told me she's over this place,
needs to feel the midwest wind in her face"

By the time, my confidence peaked we had percussion and two acoustic guitars out. We kept jamming with harmony overfilling the bus. When we had stopped the harmony was replaced by laughter and shock.

"Kenny, you are a GENIUS!!" John yelled and kissed my cheek. "You can sing with us on a couple of songs and maybe even sing by yourself some. Your voice is fucking gorgeous! Yeah, that's a good idea!!" A smile contagiously made its way around the "room".

"What?! No, no no I can't sing in front of that many people." My fear of singing in front of people was now reestablished. There was no way I was getting up in front of everyone on Warped and sing. I repeat NO way.

A sly smile played across John's lips as he wrapped me into a kiss. His lips moved slowly over mine as his hands pulled me closer. I closed my eyes and fell into the warmth of his body.

"John!!! I CALLED DIBBS!" Pat said storming to the bunks with Gary, Kenny, and Jared in tow. John waved them off and met my lips again. His fingers tangled in my hair as my arms wrapped around his neck. He pushed me gently back against the black leather couch, his lips never leaving my lips.

"John..." I said trying to pull away from him. "I never broke up with Kyle." A mumbled 'so' came from his beautiful mouth and his lips were back on mine. They hungrily kissed my mouth leaving them feeling raw and red. His hand slipped under the edge of my shirt and he ran his hand up my back leaving my skin practically on fire after he passed over it.

I pulled a way long enough to realize that we had just met. 'What the hell is wrong with me!? I have Kyle, who I haven't seen in days.' I shouted in my mind. I fought the urge to kiss him back but my will gave into his lips.
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Rosie's Outfit

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