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21 Steps to Get the Wrong Guy

My name is Emily Miller and at some point in time, I thought Christian was all I could ever want. Christian Goal aka the hottest redhead at Creek high.

See the thing with me is that, as a redhead, I want to date another redhead. No reason at all I just prefer redheads like me.

I chose Christian as the perfect boyfriend long ago at the beginning of freshman year. I figured it was just a small crush that I would get over once we met the foreign exchange students.

Boy, was I wrong. I've like Christian for a little over three years now. I plan on dating him this year and if all goes well we can go to the same college.

The biggest problem here...

talking to him.
  1. Once Upon a Time
  2. Step 1
    Trip Over Main Attraction's Foot
  3. Step 2
    Get Help Picking Up Your Things
  4. Step 3
    Followed and Annoyed by Wrong Guy
  5. Step 4
    "Volunteer" in Class
  6. At My Expense
  7. Lunch Jokes
  8. Excuses Excuses
  9. Step 5
    Be Introduced to Main Attraction
  10. Psych Senses
  11. Step 6
    Go to the Fair With Friends
  12. Step 7
    Get the Wrong Guy to Win Something For You
  13. Step 8
    Get Main Attraction to Win Something For You
  14. Step 9
    Give Phone Number to Main Attraction
  15. Movie Sundays
  16. Step 10
    Set Up A Date With Main Attraction
  17. Step 11
    Go To A Party
  18. Step 12
    Get Kissed By Main Attraction
  19. Step 13
    Turn Down Main Attraction
  20. Step 14
    Tell Friends They Were Right
  21. Facing School
  22. Wild Wedding
  23. Step 15
    Go See a Movie
  24. Step 16
    Start an Argument With Wrong Guy
  25. Party ideas
  26. Making A Plan
  27. Step 17
    Go To A Friend's Small Party
  28. Step 18
    Kiss Wrong Guy
  29. Step 19
    Go On Date With Wrong Guy
  30. Setting Up The Date
  31. Enjoying the Night
  32. The Morning After
  33. Main Attraction vs Wrong Guy
  34. 2nd Date
  35. Step 20
    Define the Relationship
  36. Step 21
    Live Happily Ever After - Epilogue