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21 Steps to Get the Wrong Guy

Once Upon a Time

Once upon a time, a redhead girl lived in a small house with her crazy mother. She had a few friends but none in the greater circles of popularity.

There was a redhead boy that was absolutely gorgeous. He was everything the redhead girl wanted and more. He was the hottest redhead for miles and all the redhead girl bothered dreaming about.

The sad thing is the redhead boy was completely oblivious to the love the redhead girl felt for him.

The redhead girl wanted more than anything to make herself known. She knew the redhead boy but he had no idea who she was.

She pooled ideas for years, wondering what would be the best "accident" to get them to meet.

Years passed by and they were finally seventeen, starting senior year. Even a few months passed by in senior year before any initial action was taken.

The redhead girl tried to get the redhead boys attention very discreetly but it didn't work. She ended up attracting someone else.

Once upon a time, a redhead girl made a blond boy fall for her. She never meant to pay attention to him and no matter how hard she tried, she couldn't shake him off.

The blond boy was persistent in getting the one girl he wanted. The redhead girl refused to show the blond boy any attention until she realized what she truly wanted.

Once upon a time, that redhead boy became such a prick that the redhead girl realized she didn't want to suffer even another minute with him, let alone an eternity as she wished for before she knew the real him. She realized she wasted years of her life liking a complete douche and she was mad at herself for it.

The blond guy, however, helped see what she wanted and for that she was grateful.

He was incredibly annoying at first but the way he kept showing up at the right times when she needed the most comfort was likable.

The redhead boy got on with his life where no one cares, the blond boy annoyed the redhead girl and the redhead girl eventually warmed up to the idea of the blond boy.

Once upon a time, that redhead girl was me.
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