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21 Steps to Get the Wrong Guy

Psych Senses

"The fair, this weekend, who's going with me?" Heather said with the most excitement I've seen on her face since her last birthday party.

I shot my hand up and she high fived me. If there's one thing that fires up Heather it's the chance to be around a bunch of people she's never seen before and might not ever see again. Strangers make it easier to act wild and not worry about how that person will perceive you the next day.

"Me too," Lilly said as she put her hand up for another high five.

All of us turned to Brett. "Of course I'm coming along," he said with a smile.

"Coming along where?" Cam said as he walked up from behind me. I jumped in my seat.

"Cam, could you try not to sneak up on me? It's getting a little annoying," I whined.

He laughed and sat next to me. "I wasn't trying to. You're just easily spooked," he teased and poked my side with his finger. I let out a small squeal and he laughed at me.

I pouted and crossed my arms. "Hey Emily, didn't know you hung out over here," Christian's voice called and I turned around.

Holy crap! He was walking towards me. I barely said anything to him this morning and now he was looking for me at lunch.

I inwardly squealed as he walked closer and closer. "Hey, it's the douche," Heather called. I whipped my head around to glare at her and she had a sarcastic smile on her face.

"Excuse me?" Christian asked with a small laugh in his voice.

Heather crossed her arms and her smile turned into a menacing scowl. "You heard me. My friend did nothing to get tripped yesterday," she claimed.

He sat on the other side of me and his friends found other places to sit around us. "I already apologized for it and we're cool now, right Red?" he asked me.

I smiled. "Yea, we're cool," I replied.

A sudden wind hit me and sent a chill rushing down my back. I shivered for a second and before I knew it, Cam had me under his arm as he rubbed his hand up and down my arm.

"What are you doing?" I asked him, trying to keep my voice light but inwardly I wanted to sock him for touching me in front of Christian. He's going to see his friend seems interested in me and he'll back off. That's not what I want.

"Being the warm glove to your cold fingers. You're freezing," Cam replied as he scooted closer to me.

"If that was one of your pick up lines it wasn't as good as usual," I said as I actually started to feel cold.

"When are pickup lines ever good," Heather muttered.

Lilly perked up as if she were about to answer that question but thought better of it and just slumped back over.

I pushed Cam away from me and instantly felt extremely cold but rather take my chances catching pneumonia then being so close to him. "I'm not really cold," I lied as I willed away the goosebumps on my arms.

Cam was about to retaliate but the bell rang and I stood up quickly. "Come on," Christian said as he grabbed my hand before putting his arm around my shoulders. "I'll walk to your next class."

"Sounds great," I replied quietly as I looked into his blue eyes. They were so pretty and piercing as they stood out from under his red bangs.

"Don't forget about the fair tomorrow," Heather called after me and Christian as we walked off together.

I didn't bother answering her. I was too busy basking in the fact that Christian was standing so close to me and it was purely his choice.

I didn't have to put a spell on him or threaten his life which I felt like I would have to result to at some point. All I had to do was talk to him. I had to make some kind of mark to end up on his radar.

Being the only other redhead in our grade wasn't good enough.

Christian dropped me off at my class and walked on to his own. He's so sweet. I don't think he could ever trip someone purposely.

Maybe Heather paid Lilly to agree that the trip was on purpose. Or she could hold some kind of dark secret of hers that they've never shared with me which kind of makes me feel out of the loop.

What ever the case may be, Christian is certainly not the cruel and mean guy that Heather keeps making him out to be.

Halfway through my class, Cam just walks in and has a small chat with my teacher. I sank a little in my seat and then he spotted me with a smile. He walked over to me and took the seat next to me.

"Stop ditching classes just to stalk me," I growled at him.

He smirked. "Your legs must be tired," he said.

My eyebrows knitted together in confusion. "What? Why?" I asked.

"Because you've been running through my mind all day," he said and I laughed.

"That has to be the oldest one in the book. I can't believe you just said that," I chuckled.

He smiled and shrugged. "I just wanted to make sure you were fine," he said.

I smiled. "Why wouldn't I be?" I asked him.

"Christian just has a way of throwing himself on girls. I just wanted to make sure you weren't uncomfortable. I don't want any of my friends messing with you. That's my job," he joked.

I rolled my eyes. "I can guarantee you that Christian is not bothering me in the least. I actually really enjoy his company," I told him.

He looked like he wanted to say more but he just nodded and stood up. "Okay, just wondering," he said before leaving the class.

What was that all about?

He just came to this class to tell me another cheesy pickup line and to make sure Christian wasn't bothering me?

Something must be going on that I don't know about.

Mr. Greggor walked over to me with a smile. "So you know Cam Walker?" he asked and I nodded shyly.

I don't know what it was with him. Maybe it was his deep voice or his strong figure but Mr. Greggor made me feel like a helpless baby next to a hungry grizzly bear.

"He's a nice young man. He was in this psychology class last year. He could easily figure out what other guys are thinking but a woman's mind is forever a complex and complicated tool that men will never understand," he said with a hearty laugh.

I lightly laughed too and then he walked away and went back to his seat.

Who knew Cam was such a psych? No wonder he was so sensitive to my simple shiver at lunch.