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21 Steps to Get the Wrong Guy

Step 6

"Take a turn here," Lilly instructed me. She loves reading maps. They make her feel smart because most people, like me and Heather, would totally get lost if it wasn't for GPS or google maps.

Heather squealed in the back seat as we parked. "Are you seriously that excited?" I asked in a bored tone.

I saw her scowl at me as I looked into my rear view mirror. "Unless you want to get stuck at the top of the ferris wheel on your own while I pop off the screws you will show some happiness too," she threatened.

I smiled sarcastically. "Oh my gosh, I'm so excited," I shouted like a little kid going to Disneyland.

We jumped out of the car and waited in line for the person to take our tickets. I was excited for the fair too but I like messing with Heather.

The line took forever and we resulted in playing 'I spy' while we waited. When we finally got in we all squealed.

"Okay, first things first. In the tradition of going to the fair, we must get cotton candy that the weakest one can puke up later," I reminded.

We all smiled and walked over to the nearest cotton candy vendor. There was another line for that. I felt silly since everyone in line was either a kid or had one. It's okay to be in touch with your childish side right?

It doesn't matter because when we got to the front of the line I completely forgot we were probably the oldest people there.

"Can we get three cotton candies please?" Lilly asked.

The guy smiled at us and started making our cotton candy. He turned back to us a few minutes later. "Here you go girls," he said. Heather paid for our candy and then we walked off.

"Wow look at that hottie," Lilly said as she looked off into the distance. I followed her gaze and saw this gorgeously hot guy, standing with his back kind of towards us but we still saw his face because he was talking to someone beside him.

"It's times like this where I wish I wasn't so chicken," I sighed as I kept looking at him. He's a brunette and certainly something nice to look at.

Lilly began to walk towards him. "You guys want to do me the biggest favor of my life?" she asked as she walked backwards.

Heather and I followed her. "What is it exactly?" I asked.

"Laugh really loud and push me into him. Accidents are brilliant conversation starters," Lilly said.

She turned around and positioned herself behind him. I looked at Heather and she smiled and shrugged. She laughed and pushed Lilly into the guy.

"Whoa," he said and turned around.

"Gosh, I'm so sorry. My friends think it's funny to push me into random hot guys," she explained with ease.

He smiled down at her and showed off some straight pearly whites. "It's fine. I think I'll need your name and number though. You know, strictly for insurance reasons," he played along.

"Sure," she said as she pulled out a pen. He held out his arm. She wrote down her name and number and smiled up at him. "So if you don't call, I'm off the hook then right?" she asked him.

He smiled. "Don't worry, I'm not letting you off that easy," he replied.

"I'll believe it when I hear it," she dared before she linked arms with me and Heather and we walked away.

"Nice flirting," Heather complimented.

Lilly smiled at her. "Your turn," she said as she pushed Heather into another hot guy. He was facing us though so he sort of lost his balance as she ran into him full force.

They fell on the floor and he held her waist as she stayed secured to his chest. "Wow I'm so sorry," Heather apologized, sounding more believable than Lilly.

The guy laughed. "No problem, at least there's matting right here. A performer sat it down earlier," he explained.

"Just our luck then," Heather commented as she straddled his waist and then stood up. She held her hand out for him and he grabbed it. "I'm Heather," she said.

"I'm Tony," he introduced himself as he stood up.

"My friend doesn't know her own strength and kind of pushed me a little harder than our game consisted of," Heather explained.

He shook his head. "It's fine, no harm done," he said.

Heather looked into her bag for a pen and paper. "Well just in case something is wrong, here's my number," she milked it.

Sure her way wasn't as smooth as Lilly's but it still worked.

He took her number and smiled. "I'll be sure to call. Maybe you can come over and nurse me back to health," he offered.

She smiled. "Maybe," she said as she walked back over to us and we walked off.

"Wow, you guys are smooth," I said as we kept walking.

"Now it's your turn," Lilly said and pushed me into someone. I fell onto their back and stumbled quickly to find my balance.

"I'm sor-" I began to apologize but then I saw who I fell into. "Oh gosh," I whined.

"Well hi to you too," Cam greeted me with a smile.

I crossed my arms. "Let's go," I commanded to Heather and Lilly as I grabbed their arms and tried to walk off with them.

"Is that a nice way to treat someone you just bumped into," Cam yelled after me. I could hear laughter. It was Christian's laughter.

I didn't have time to think before Cam turned me back around. "Hey we can all hang out," he offered.

Christian came over to me and dropped an arm over me. "This isn't as boring anymore," he said with a smile.

"It sure isn't," I replied, mirroring his smile.

This was going to be an exciting day.
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