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21 Steps to Get the Wrong Guy

Step 7

After going on practically half the rides, Lilly started feeling sick so we had to take a break for a moment. If it were up to Heather, we would have kept riding. She's so determined to get someone to puke cotton candy.

"Just as long as we're on the ferris wheel by sunset I don't care what we do," Heather assured.

I agreed with her. It became tradition to get on the ferris wheel just as the sun was going down. When you were up that high it made it look even better.

Looking around, I saw a huge stand of stuffed animals. I squealed and everyone turned to look at me. "I want to win one," I shouted as I pointed to the animals.

Cam and Christian laughed. "You realize to get one you have to be strong. They're the prizes for the 'bang the hammer' game," Cam explained.

I didn't notice it before because my focus was on one especially adorable froggy. I don't like real frogs at all but stuffed frogs are so adorable most of the time. How hard could it be to get the thing to hit the top and then get my prize?

"I'm going to win my frog," I said adamantly.

All of us walked over to the game and I paid to play. I grabbed the hammer and slammed it down harshly. Even with all my strength, it only went halfway.

I whined and tried again as I heard everyone laugh. I swung again but it didn't work. I had one more try before this became a waste of my money.

"Here, I'll win it for you," Cam offered as he took the mallet out of my hands and motioned with his head that I should step back.

I took a few steps out of his way and watched. He slammed it way harder than I did and made me look like a total weakling.

The bell hit the top. "Congratulations, what would you like as your prize?" the worker said as he pointed to all the stuffed animals.

Cam looked back at me and I smiled. "I want the adorable froggy," I told the man. He grabbed the frog and handed it to me. "Thank you," I said kindly and then I turned to Cam and thanked him too.

"I think I deserve a kiss," Cam claimed.

I looked at him like he was crazy and laughed. "All the stuffed animals in the world couldn't get you a kiss," I retorted.

"How about a hug then?"

Usually I would roll my eyes and just walk away. Instead I pretended to think. "Well, you did put a lot of effort in winning it for me and you came to help when I needed it. Plus, I now have this adorable frog that I'll love forever so yea, I guess you can get a hug," I complied before giving him a hug.

"Lucky shot, he can't do it again," Heather complained.

"Really? You don't think I can do it?" Cam challenged.

Heather shook her head with a smile. I can already see she's planning something.

Cam paid the worker and grabbed the mallet again. He slammed it once and it went to the top again. The guy said he could pick a prize again.

"I want the ducky," Heather said and the guy grabbed it for her. She smirked at Cam. "I knew you could do it, I just wanted a free animal," she said.

Cam laughed and shook his head. "I still get two more tries. Lilly, Christian, you want something?" Cam asked them.

"Yea I want that green puppy," Lilly replied enthusiastically.

Christian crossed his arms. "If I wanted a stuffed animal, I'd just win one myself," he said.

Cam shrugged and slammed the hammer again but this time it didn't go all the way up.

"Getting tired man?" Christian teased him.

We all laughed and then started cheering him on. Cam swung the hammer again and the bell went off again as it hit the top. He got the puppy for Lilly.

We walked off and went to get a funnel cake since we haven't ate since the cotton candy hours ago. I walked with Christian's arm around my shoulders.

After we ordered our funnel cake, it was just a huge mess of powder settling on skin and clothes. We tried to cut the dessert into five pieces but the powder was still getting everywhere.

I laughed as it sprayed all over Cam's red shirt. Lilly squealed as she accidentally dropped some on her skirt and puppy.

Heather and I were laughing so hard that we got some on the top of our shirts. Christian was the only one that managed to stay clean for most of the time. Then he got to his last piece and he dropped it in his lap on got powder all over his dark jeans and the bottom of his shirt.

We looked like we had a powder fight when really everyone did this to themselves. Once we finished we started walking around again.

We passed the hammer game again and I found another animal that I liked. "Cam, can you win me another animal please?" I pleaded.

"Sure since Christian is too weak to do anything. He has to put his arm on you for support while he walks," Cam teased.

Christian slid his arm off of me. "I do not and I'm a lot stronger than you are man," Christian claimed.

Cam shrugged. "Whatever, don't have to prove it to me," he said nonchalantly.

"But I would like to see that," Heather challenged.

We all walked back over to the hammer game but there was a little line now. We waited there and played 'I spy' as the line slowly moved along.