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21 Steps to Get the Wrong Guy

Step 8

"You're up man," Cam said as he gave Christian a smirk.

"You don't have to do this. You don't need to prove yourself to Cam and Heather," I told him.

He looked at me as if I was crazy and turned around to grab the mallet. He brought it up over his head and smashed it down with ferocity. However, it wasn't enough.

The bell went about three fourths up and came shooting down. Cam and Heather started laughing. Christian turned and glared at them. They quickly turned their laughs to coughs as they quieted down.

"It's okay Emily, I can win the animal for you if you want," Cam told me.

"Dude, I can win a stuffed animal. You don't need to do it," Christian growled.

Cam put his hands up in mock surrender. Christian took another turn and actually did it. He turned and smiled at us. "The first time was just a warm up," he said.

"Can I get the teddy bear please?" I asked the worker. He got it down for me and handed it over. It must have been the biggest stuffed animal they had up there.

I had trouble wrapping my arms around it. For a second I thought I dropped my frog and i almost screamed, afraid I was going to step on it.

"I'll hold this dinky thing while you carry your bear," Christian said with a smile.

"Thanks," I smiled back.

Christian turned to Heather. "Here, you can hold this too for a bit. Maybe take it home if you like," Christian said, "she obviously more pleased with my prize," he added to spite Cam.

Heather rolled her eyes as she took the frog from Christian.

Lilly chuckled at me as I tried to look around the bear so I could see. "Here, I'll hold one hand of the bear and you can hold the other," Lilly offered.

That was much easier. I could actually walk and see where I was going. That bear was absolutely adorable but it was way too big. Why didn't I think of that before?

Obviously anything I get I'll have to carry. Man, my brain doesn't work very well obviously.

"How are we supposed to get on anything else with this huge bear?" Heather asked.

I looked at the sky and smiled. "Well if we get in line for the ferris wheel now, maybe we'll have seats by sunset," I offered.

Heather looked at the sky followed by Lilly. "That sounds good, let's go," Heather agreed.

"I'm going to the bathroom," Christian said before walking off.

Heather let out a heavy sigh. "Oh god, I can't stand that kid. Here, take your frog. You're the one that wanted it," she pushed the frog back into my free hand.

Cam grabbed the bear. "I'll carry this. You guys are too tiny to carry this huge thing. It's adorable watching you try though," he said.

Lilly stuck her tongue out at him. "Whatever, we try our best," she replied.

We moved pretty far in line before Christian came back. He had ice cream in both hands. "A cone for you and a cone for me," he cheered.

"What about the rest of us," Lilly whined.

"You want a lick of mine?" I offered to her. She licked my ice cream and then Heather took her turn.

"I can have some too?" Cam asked.

I smiled and shrugged. I offered it out to him but Christian pushed my hand back towards me. "He can get his own," Christian said.

They gave each other a long look and things got a little uncomfortable.

"Fine, I'll be back. Lilly, Heather, you want some of your own?" Cam asked.

They nodded and told him what flavors they liked. We moved a considerable amount in line before he arrived back with three cones.

"Here you go," he said as he handed the cones to Heather and Lilly. It was sweet of him to buy them ice cream.

"You guys owe me," I told them. They stood there licking my ice cream while waiting for him. They had at least half of my ice cream.

Heather went to lick her ice cream right in my face so i just licked the side closest to me. "Wow, that was hot," Christian said.

Heather and I laughed. I grabbed Lilly's ice cream and licked that one too. "You guys owe me more but I'm stuffed," I claimed.

Just as they finished their ice cream we were getting on the ferris wheel. Lilly, Cam, and Heather were in a seat together and Christian and I had our own seat with the bear.

As the wheel went around and around, I inched closer to Christian.

"The sunset is such a lovely sight," I whispered.

Christian put his arm around me. "It sure is, not as lovely as you," he said.

I smiled at him and didn't realize how close our faces were. I took the moment to look down at his lips. He suddenly closed the distance between both of our lips.

We were kissing on the ferris wheel at sunset. Man, isn't that a romantic setting.
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