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21 Steps to Get the Wrong Guy

Movie Sundays

It was difficult to sleep with the huge teddy bear that night. Halfway through the night I switched it out for my adorable new froggy. Later on in the night, I switched it again for my old puppy I got for my birthday last year.

It just felt extremely weird sleeping with something that Cam got me. No matter how adorable and soft that stuffed animal is, I just can't sleep with it on my bed.

Sunday morning, Lilly and Heather came over to have our normal movie Sunday.

We spent hours watching movies when my phone started to ring. I reached over to the little circle table next to the couch and looked at the caller ID. I didn't recognize the number but answered the phone anyway.

"Hey Emily, it's me," someone said with a silky deep voice.

I smiled to myself with my eyes squinted in curiosity. "I don't know a Me," I teased.

He laughed. "Christian," he reiterated.

"Oh right, yea I know a Christian. What's up?" I asked.

He laughed again. "Just wondering what you're doing right now," Christian replied.

I shrugged even though he couldn't see me. Heather and Lilly paused the movie to listen to my side of the conversation and share quizzical looks at one another.

"Well I'm watching movies with Heather and Lilly," I told him.

"And you're not invited," Heather shouted.

My eyes bugged out and I quickly covered the receiver as if he didn't hear that. "I'm going to kill you later," I threatened her.

Heather smirked. "Can't wait for it," she remarked.

I rolled my eyes. "Sorry about that Christian. We're watching total chick flicks and Heather gets really into the movies," I covered.

"It's fine. So does that mean I have an invitation?" he asked.

I smiled. "Do you want one?" I teased.

"Sure, I'll be over in a minute. Can I get your address?" he asked.

I gave him directions to my house and then hung up. "Christian is coming over so if anyone wants to leave before he gets here, start walking," I offered.

Heather and Lilly stayed still. Lilly looked a little bummed that our girly day was ruined. Heather looked pissed that I invited Christian.

I know that she hates him but I still can't figure out why. Maybe if she hangs out with him more she'll warm up to him. I love that girl but sometimes she drives me nuts. Why can't she just be happy that I'm finally getting the guy of my dreams?

We finished watching a movie before my doorbell rang. "And Satan's here, right on time," Heather deadpanned.

I shot her a glare before getting up to open the door. I opened it with a growing smile that quickly fell when I saw Cam standing behind Christian. "What's he doing here?" I asked Christian.

He shrugged. "He just wanted to tag along and I figured since Heather and Lilly were here he would have someone to talk to," Christian explained as he walked into my house.

"And here is where someone brighter than the sun brightens up my day," Cam said with a cheesy smile.

"Heather and Lilly are in the living room," I replied, quickly dismissing him.

He stepped in and closed the door behind him. He lightly grabbed my arm and turned me around to face him. "That was mean. Go to your room, I'll be up to serve you your punishment," Cam teased.

"Ew Cam," I said but couldn't help but laugh. That was a really disturbing move.

He chuckled and kissed my cheek. "Aiming to please babe," he said as he passed me and walked into the living room.

"I want to watch an action movie," Christian said as I sat down beside him on the couch.

"And I told this rude dude that it was my turn to pick the movie and I want another chick flick," Heather yelled.

"Heather, would you be nice. He's a guest. We watched enough chick flicks this morning. Let's just watch one action movie," I offered.

She crossed her arms and huffed. "You know I don't stand for people who ruin things for me," she muttered.

I shrugged and Christian put on an action film. I honestly don't know why we have action movies. Every once in awhile I felt the need to see someone get punched in the face but this wasn't one of those moments.

I just felt like watching something cheesy and sweet. I really didn't feel like watching people duck around edges and shoot at each other.

I looked around at everyone's faces. Christian was intrigued. Lilly was staring at her nails. Heather was angrily running her fingers through my carpet.

Cam was just giving me dorky faces every time I looked over at him. After awhile I couldn't hold in my laughter and started laughing at the most random part of the movie that no one was paying attention to.

"Em, that wasn't a funny part in the movie. The poor kid just heard that his parents were killed," Christian announced.

I shook my head. "I wasn't laughing because of the movie. Cam keeps making really silly faces. He won't stop," I said before laughing at another crazy face from Cam.

Christian turned his face to look at Cam. "Dude, you're taking her focus away from the movie," Christian accused.

"Man, nobody is even paying attention to this movie but you," Cam told him.

Christian waved his hand dismissively as he turned his attention back to the movie.

I stood up. "I'm going to get some drinks," I said before walking off into the kitchen.

After a few minutes, Lilly and Heather came into the room. Lilly jumped on top of the counter and Heather sat on a stool by the island.

"Really? Why did you invite him?" Heather whined.

Lilly nodded. "Seriously Em, Sundays are our girl days. No boys allowed remember? I canceled a date for this," Lilly said.

"A date?" I asked.

She nodded. "That guy from the fair yesterday called me this morning before I came over and I had to turn him down because I had to spend girl time with you," Lilly said, sounding a little angry.

I pouted. "Gosh Lils, I'm so sorry. I didn't know. You should call him and invite him over," I suggested.

She shook her head. "He lives an hour away. I was going to drive a half hour and he was going to drive a half hour just so we could meet halfway at a bowling alley," she sighed.

"I'm sorry girls, I'll make it up to you guys," I promised.

They rolled their eyes and we walked back into the living room, holding drinks.

"What are you doing?" I asked Christian as he slid in a different movie.

He smiled at me. "Obviously no one liked that movie so I decided to change it. Sorry for putting you guys through such misery," he apologized.

I smiled. "It's no problem. Coke or Sprite?" I asked him.

He took the Coke can and I was happy. I love Sprite. It's like the awesomest soda, other than Squirt and various flavors of Fanta.

The movie started to play and I lied my head against Christian's shoulder. We sat like that for the rest of the day. I should have felt content.

I should have felt so peaceful, like nothing could bother me, but I didn't.

All I felt was the hatred pouring from Heather's eyes, sadness radiating from Lilly, and annoyance from Cam.

I couldn't quite figure out what his emotion was for. Maybe it was from watching chick flicks or maybe it was because he didn't have anyone to cuddle up with.

I didn't really care too much to find out.

I was just really wishing to block everyone else out and mainly focus on Christian. For some reason, that was easier said than done.
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