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21 Steps to Get the Wrong Guy

Step 10

The next week went by quickly with a lot of hand holding and hanging out with Christian. Cam never let up on his silly pickup lines which kept getting better and better.

Heather and Lilly started warming up to Christian which I was thankful for. We were all able to hang out without tension or anger. We even went to eat ice cream together last night.

It was completely wild and ended up with a crazy whip cream fight. I still have pictures of the guys licking whip cream off my cheeks. Cam started it and Christian said it was his job so they were having pretty much a war on my face as they topped it with strawberry and chocolate syrup.

Lilly invited Gavin, from the fair, and Heather brought Tony. Heather and Tony shared a sundae and I took pretty adorable pictures of them fighting over the last piece of banana.

Lilly and Gavin shared an ice cream cone. I also have tons of cute pictures of them licking both sides of the ice cream.

In all the pictures, everyone looks like they're having the time of their life.

I was half way through uploading the pictures on Facebook when I got a call. I walked over to my phone and looked at the caller ID with a smile. "Hello handsome," I greeted.

Christian laughed. "Hey, I was wondering if you want to go on a date tonight," Christian asked.

"Last night wasn't good enough?" I teased him.

"Last night was fun but I was hoping to go somewhere without people, mainly Cam. He's always trying to steal you away and I just want you to myself for once," he admitted.

I smiled. "Sounds great, where at then?" I asked.

"I'll pick you up at eight okay?" he offered.

I laughed. "Okay, I'll be ready," I replied just as my computer beeped, telling me the uploads were done.

"What was that?" Christian asked.

I sat down in my computer chair and started adding captions and tags to the pictures. "Those are our pictures from last night. I just put them up on Facebook. They are absolutely amazing," I gushed.

There was silence for a minute as I kept putting captions on pictures. "Can you not put up the ones that has Cam kissing your cheek?" he asked me.

I squinted my eyes. "Why not?" I asked.

He stayed quiet for a little while and my confusion was increasing by the second.

Those pictures were just as cute as any of them. Why wouldn't I put those up? It's not like they meant anything to me. They were just really funny like all the others.

"You don't want people to judge you wrongly. I mean girls get really jealous of girls like you. Not only do you have pictures with me but you have pictures with Cam too. It makes you look a little bad," Christian claimed kindly.

I thought for a minute and started deleting the pictures of me and Cam. "You're right. I don't need people thinking I'm a slut," I agreed.

"Okay well I'll see you tonight," Christian said with a bit of cheer in his voice that was missing a moment ago.

"Yea, see ya," I replied before hanging up. The pictures were still great though so I figured I'd leave them on my computer.

I walked downstairs in my pajamas and found my mom sitting at the small, circular table in the middle of the kitchen. Some people have an island, we have a table.

"Morning mom," I greeted as I grabbed some cereal out of the cabinet.

"Good morning," she replied warmly. My mom is like the sweetest lady on Earth. I love her because she understands my need for space.

She hardly ever forces me to do things either. We have a code for getting chores done. If something bothers you, you do it. We don't ask each other to take care of a problem that's bugging us because that would be burdening an otherwise carefree soul.

It sounds silly but it totally works. I haven't taken out the trash in forever. My mom's nose is far better at smell than mine is and the stench bothers her for days before it even bothers me in the slightest.

"You never told me how the ice cream thing went. You came back looking a complete mess and didn't even explain," my mom said.

I laughed. I probably did look like a scary sight. My hair had streaks of strawberry and chocolate syrup along with rainbow sprinkles they decided to drop over my head as if it was snowing.

My face still had quite a bit of whipped cream here and there and my clothes held wet patches where ice cream melted into them.

"We had fun. The guys initiated an ice cream fight and totally ruined my look but it was a good thing I didn't spend too much time getting ready," I told her as I sat down with my bowl of cereal and dug in.

She smiled. "I was going to ask you about that. You looked like a refugee escaping from Wonka's Chocolate Factory," my mom joked.

I laughed and continued to eat. My mom told me about her job which is the best.

Wedding planner.

I don't care what anyone says, wedding planning is like the hardest but most fun job ever! A few times my mom let me handle small parts of weddings and it's always a thrill to see what you organized plan out so well.

"Oh hun, in this next wedding, her daughter is going to be her maid of honor and she wants someone to help them with a bachelorette party. It has to be something that's fun but also a mother daughter thing," my mom explained.

"When can I meet them?" I asked. I had to figured out what their personalities were like before I started shooting off ideas.

"They'll be coming over tomorrow so the bride-to-be and I can pick out venues," she said, "you and the daughter can tag along and come up with ideas for the party."

I smiled. "Sounds great," I said before I finished off my cereal and drank the extra milk. My mom says I remind her of my dad when I do that.

She just pours her milk down the drain but apparently my dad use to drink it out of the bowl or on rare occasion would put it into a cup and drink from there. Yea, he sounds like a weird guy.

I never got to meet him though. It's not really like I care to meet him. My mom and I get along fine without him and I honestly wouldn't like someone trying to budge into my life now.

"Hun, I'm meeting new clients today so I have to go soon but is there anything we need? I might stop by the store on my way home," she offered.

I shrugged. "If I find anything, I'll text you," I said.

She nodded and hugged me before leaving the house. I went into the living room and turned on the TV, ready to watch random cartoons for most of the day until Christian came to get me.