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21 Steps to Get the Wrong Guy

Step 11

After hours of watching shows come on one after another, boredom was slowly wearing on me. I sat upside down on my couch, playing with my hair.

That proved to be boring as well and a little frustrating now that I know I need to trim my ends.

Suddenly I heard a honking outside. At first I was going to curse my neighbors for their loud friends but then I looked at the clock and realized it's almost eight. That must be Christian.

I walked over to my front door and opened it to hear him honk again. "Come on, let's go," he called from his car.

I smiled, turned to put on my shoes, and left the house. I slid into his passenger seat and then smiled at him. "So where are we going?" I asked.

Christian smiled back. "It's a surprise. You'll figure out soon enough," he replied.

I sat back and didn't bother asking anymore questions but the fact I was going on a date with Christian was playing with my mind.

I couldn't wipe the silly smile off my face. It's like a side effect of being around Christian. I get this really dorky smile that I can never get rid of. I feel like a fool but a happy fool, knowing Christian is near.

Sounds totally cheesy and lovestruck but it's how I feel. Can anyone really help their feelings? They're just one thing you can't control no matter how much you want to.

After driving around for a few minutes, we pull into another neighborhood. I thought maybe he was taking me back to his house.

Before I can even voice my thought, I see a house with tons of cars parked in front of it. The lawn is littered with a bunch of people with red cups in their hands, a few smoking.

Gosh I hated that.

People thought they were just so cool with their beer and weed and cigarettes and everything else. It made them look stupid in my opinion.

It proves you can't handle pressure and you can't be different. In this society, you're more different if you stay away from those things.

I was raised to think that I didn't want to be apart of the big statistic if it was bad. I didn't want to smoke weed if that's what more than half of the population of teens were doing. I didn't want to drink beer if most kids did it.

I like being apart of the smaller statistic. It makes me feel special. I don't feel like everyone else and that feels good to me.

However, we didn't pass the party and go on our way to our date as I thought we would. Christian parked behind one of the cars on the street and got out before I could question him.

I got out of his car too. "Christian, what are we doing here?" I asked him as we walked closer to the house.

I could smell something sweet mixed in with the cigarette smell. I looked over to see some guys smoking cigars. Who knew those things smell like candy and cigarettes.

"This is our date. My friends wanted me to check out this party and I couldn't go alone," he answered me.

My head started to spin. I distinctly remember him saying he wanted to be away from people. Going to a party isn't exactly away from people.

I looked uneasy and stopped walking. He turned around and looked at me. "Hey, it's fine. Just stay close to me. I'll keep you safe," he promised as he gave me a reassuring smile, melting my thoughts away.

I smiled back and let him take my hand to lead the way.

"What an adorable fire crotch couple," some drunk yelled out and everyone turned to laugh at us.

"Shut up Mick and keep drinking your beer," Christian yelled back and everyone laughed again. I didn't understand how everything could be terribly funny to these people but apparently it was. Some girl doubled over and laughed hysterically as she rolled around on the grass.

We got into the house which was packed even more with people. They were everywhere. Standing in corners, making out, dancing in the living room, sitting in chairs, playing a drinking game.

I didn't feel comfortable at all. "Christian, can you please take me home?" I asked him. I don't think I can last long in this crowd of people.

Christian gave me another smile. "Babe, we just got here. A few more minutes. I know you'll love it," he claimed.

I nodded and we kept walking.

I could last right? It's only a few more minutes. We'll be in and out of here as soon as he finds his friends.

I scoped out the house and saw a lot of tightly dressed girls along with guys that looked like their clothes would fall off any minute. I shivered at the thought of what might be going on in the rooms above our heads.

When I turned back to Christian, he was grabbing a beer from his friend's hand. Oh great, I thought, he's planning on drinking tonight. I guess I'll have to drive home tonight.

Let's hope he just doesn't get too drunk to the point where I have to carry him to the car. These heels were made to support my weight and my weight only.

How am I going to make it out of here alive?
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