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21 Steps to Get the Wrong Guy

Step 1

"Today's the day," I told Heather and Lilly.

"The day for what?" Lilly asked.

"For her to chicken out again for the fifty millionth time in three years," Heather replied nonchalantly.

I rolled my eyes. "I'll really do it this time. I mean what's the difference between him and any other guy?" I asked, trying to sound like I wasn't totally smitten by him.

Christian Goal.

He has to be the hottest redhead ever. For some reason I just find redheads more attractive. Lilly says it's because I'm redhead and people go for others that they feel they can relate with.

Heather says that's a bunch of bull as she has dated practically every race and every hair type. That would explain why none of her relationships work out too well though.

Right now, I'm building up the courage to go talk to Christian. There are no girls, no games, no distractions. It's just him and two of his friends.

"Hey loves," Brett greeted as he kissed our cheeks.

"Hey," Lilly and Heather responded but I was too busy coming up with a perfect plan to get Christian to notice me.

"So what's up?" he asked as he sat down next to Lilly.

"Emily is trying to build up the courage but she'll chicken out again," Heather said.

"Will not. I'm going to do it," I muttered back.

"I don't see why you want to talk to him anyway," Brett said.

"Because he's hot and he's a ginger and he's just what I want," I replied back like it was completely obvious.

Heather shook her head. "He's a jerk. Haven't you seen how he treats girls. They are like worthless little pieces of trash to him," Heather said.

"Actually they're more like candy. They're clothes are like trash that he just throws off the candy to get what he wants. He stays with a girl as long as a jawbreaker would stay in your mouth," Lilly added.

I shook my head. "I'm sure he just hasn't found the right one and I don't think he's slept with that many girls," I defended.

Heather rolled her eyes. "Every other girl at this school can brag that she has at least one night with Christian," she exaggerated.

"Can you?" I asked her.

"I said every other girl, not every girl," she said as she crossed her arms.

I turned my attention back to Christian. The way he just leans against the wall so casually, it's like he has no worry in the world. It just makes him that much hotter.

When you know that a guy isn't constantly worrying about something, when they are just naturally cool and sexy, it gives them that hotness factor that is so hard to get.

I stood up from my seat and took a deep breath.

This time I'm not chickening out. I will go up to Christian, talk to him, get him to like me, and we'll be dating by the end of the day. I know, wishful thinking but one can dream.

"Don't do it Em, trust me, you'll regret it," Heather said but I began to walk despite her absence of faith.

One step at a time, I got closer and closer and my stomach sunk more and more. My heart began to race and I was so close to hyperventilating. What would I say to him? What could I possibly say to him?

Of course I say hi but do I introduce myself? Do I pretend like I'm a new student? He probably hasn't realized we've been going to the same school for three and a half years.

I'm half way to him and still don't know what to say. Maybe I should just give up. Today isn't the day.

As I'm thinking, my legs are still carrying me towards him. I was about a foot away when the bell rang.

I quickly changed directions to make it look like I was just passing by but I tripped over something and ended up dropping everything as I fell to the ground. Hard.

Way to look like a total klutz in front of the hottest guy.

Life can't get any better. Total sarcasm in case you didn't catch that.