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21 Steps to Get the Wrong Guy

Step 16

Friday came sooner than ever I was elated that the week was passing by so quickly. Christian stopped his psycho pleas and finally started leaving me alone.

Life was almost normal again, until I bumped into someone before first period. I was ready for the impact of the ground. At least this time I was falling backwards and couldn't do too much damage.

The person held on to me though and I stayed standing in their arms. "Thanks," I whispered before opening my eyes.

Cam's blue eyes smiled down at me. I groaned and pushed him off. Out of all the guys in this school, why does he have to be the one there to catch me when I fall?

I tried walking around him but he kept stepping in my way. "Cam move, I have a class to get to and so do you," I told him.

Come to think of it, why did he just pass the classroom? If I was walking towards it and he was too then we wouldn't have this confusion and he wouldn't have ran into me.

"Let me walk you there then," he said as he started taking my binder out of my hand and grabbed my bag off my shoulder.

"Cam, the door is literally ten feet away. I can carry my own stuff," I whined as he began to walk. I started walking too but never beside him. I didn't want him to think this was me warming up to him.

He carried my stuff to the seat I used to sit in when we were still on talking terms. He dropped my stuff there and then took his seat.

I grabbed my stuff, gave him an icy glare, and then moved it back to the seat I usually sit in now. The bell rang and class started just as the last person strolled into class.

Mrs. Sasaki started going on and on about how men had it hard in the past and still have hard lives or whatever.

I raised my hand and she called on me. "No offense but that's completely bogus. Guys don't have to face as many hardships as girls do," I told her and the whole class.

A few girls clapped and agreed.

"Are you kidding? For years we had to go to war to save you. We carried the country on our backs so you can have luxuries," Cam retorted.

I glared at him. "And now women are in wars too, not to mention how horrible it is to deal with periods. Every girl in this class knows cramps are the worst feeling in the world," I said.

Cam shrugged. "And guys have to put up with your whining and crying while we get serious injuries playing football," Cam replied and the guys cheered him on.

"You do realize giving birth is the worst pain anyone will ever feel unless their dying," I remarked.

"Yea and girls do a number on the guys. We have to go out and buy stuff for your weird cravings. We have to put up with your mood swings. We have to sit next to you and get our hand crushed to death while you give birth to something that's going to keep us up all night," he argued.

Did he really want to play this game? I'm totally going to win this. There's no way a guy's life is harder than a girl's.

"Girls contribute our part to society yet we're still look down on. All guys have to do is play a sport and have sex and their accepted anywhere. When's the last time a girl had sex with a bunch of guys and was called a pimp?" I argued my point.

"I'll blame that one on men," Cam said in defeat.

"What? You're just going to let her win like that?" one of the football players said.

Cam nodded. "She's right but it's only easier to become a slut than a pimp because girls have high expectations. They want a guy with personality, traits, helpful, kind, and a whole bunch of other crap. Guys don't really care, to be a slut you just have to be there. To be a pimp you have to actually be attractive," Cam explained.

"So since the guy mind is so simple minded it's easy to be a slut and the girl mind is so complex that being a pimp doesn't come naturally," I said.

"Exactly," Cam replied with a smirk.

Dang it!

He used like some kind of reverse psychology or something. I was trying to make a point here and now we're on the same side!

"Anyways, my point in the beginning was girls have it harder than guys," I repeated.

Mrs. Sasaki nodded her head with a bit of confusion. I think everyone was confused. Heck, I was confused.

How in the world did he get me on the same side of the argument as him?

I guess Mr. Greggor was right. Cam is really good with psychology.

It isn't fair though.

I spent the rest of class trying to figure out how the heck we ended up on the same side when I realized it was the slut and pimp argument. I can't even remember how he flipped that.

All I remember is that he admitted defeat and some where in his explanation he had changed it to a victory.

The rest of the day passed without much of anything happening. Lilly and Heather want to drive a half hour to the ice cream shop to see Gavin. Tony is tagging along too.

I'm actually happy for my friends. They found some pretty awesome guys. Tony is so sweet and totally looks over Heather. She may be evil but when he's with her she looks like an angel.

Gavin is just as flirty as Lilly and they get along so well it's crazy. They are constantly sharing things too.

We actually took the time one day to drive out to his city and visit him at his house. He lives in a pretty rich city so it's not like they don't have enough money to get their own food.

I think they just love sharing things. It's easy for them too since they like most of the same stuff. Gavin is like the guy version of Lilly. It's crazy.

But anyways, so we made it to the ice cream shop and I had forced Brett to come with us because it's the same ice cream shop that I went to with Cam and Christian when they licked the ice cream off my face.

I needed someone there to help me when the memories started playing in my head.

There aren't very many seats in the shop so we sat in the same exact spot. It was a round booth so I made everyone switch it up. "I say Lilly and Gavin should be on the outside this time and Brett you can get in before me so I'll be on the outside on this side," I commanded.

Everyone shrugged and did as I said. "This doesn't even feel right. You know I always have to get up to get more napkins or to play with the straws or just randomly do the ice cream dance," Heather whined.

The ice cream dance is a hilarious dance Heather did the first time she had cake batter ice cream. She said it was so delicious she had to make up a dance. Now when ice cream is exceptionally good she'll get up and do the dance and it's so hilarious.

"Well Gavin will have to do all that now. You even have to do the ice cream dance," I told him with a laugh.

Heather laughed too. "Yea, I want to see you try to do my dance," she said.

When we got our ice creams, Gavin had to do the dance. It didn't matter if he liked the ice cream or not, we made him do it.

It was the funniest thirty seconds of my life. I couldn't control my laughter and neither could anyone else. Gavin laughed too but tried to keep doing the dance.

When he finished, Lilly gave him a kiss. "I didn't know you could move like that," she teased him.

"That's because we never go to clubs," he told her.

"That's because we're not old enough for clubs," I argued.

Tony and Gavin shook their heads. "Not true," they said at the same time.

"Fake IDs?" Brett asked.

Gavin shook his head. "There's a teen club not too far from here. Of course it doesn't sell alcohol but it is a pretty fun place to party," he explained.

"Sounds fun, we should check it out some time," I said as I licked my ice cream.

"Or tonight," Brett said.

Everyone was quiet for moment as we exchanged questioning looks. "Should we go tonight?" I asked.

"Curfew isn't 'til midnight," Lilly said.

"Same here, we should check it out," Heather agreed.

"I'll go," Tony said.

"Alright, when we finish this ice cream we'll head down there," Gavin said.

I think this night is what I've needed for so long. I just needed a night to relax and have some fun. And I love to dance. I may not be the best but it's a fun way to just relax and have a good time.

I love my friends. They always know just what I need.
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This chapter is completely different than what I had in mind but I think it still works