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21 Steps to Get the Wrong Guy

Making A Plan

Once I got home I called Heather and Lilly.

"Hey," Lilly answered.

"What's up?" Heather greeted.

Thank heaven for three way calls.

"Fun story, you guys remember how I told you about a guy named Jack?" I told them.

"Yea, the person we have yet to meet," Heather said.

I rolled my eyes and laughed. "Yea him, well I met one of his recent ex-girlfriends today. She's funny and the daughter of the bride my mom is working for," I explained.

There was silence for a bit. "What does that mean exactly? So you met one of his exes. Was he not supposed to have dated anyone?" Lilly asked, surely confused.

I laughed lightly. "No, you guys don't get it. She still likes him and he could still like her too," I announced.

"Then why did they break up?" Heather asked like I was stupid.

"One of his friends were jealous so he or she, I didn't ask the gender, told Jack that Annie cheated on him," I explained.

Suddenly the light bulbs went on in their heads as they both said, "Oh."

"So what's a good plan to get them back together?" I asked them.

"What?" Heather exclaimed.

"Emmy, you can't just meddle in their lives. They'll find each other again if it's meant to be," Lilly claimed.

I shrugged and sighed. "I think I'll invite him over tomorrow," I stated, ignoring them.

"No you won't, because we're having a party," Lilly announced quickly.

"Really? Last minute party?" I questioned. They were going to plan a 'party' just so I didn't get Annie and Jack back together.

"No, we were already going to tell you about it. It's a free Monday off from school and we wanted to chill. Gavin and Tony are coming too. Brett said he won't be able to make it though. Something about a date," Heather added.

I sighed. "Fine, I'll come to the party but don't think this is going to stop me from getting Annie and Jack back together," I told them.

"You're too chicken. You wouldn't dare bring them together. You're too afraid Jack will yell at Annie and make her cry and then she'll never want to speak to you. Then neither will Jack because you forced him to see the cheater he left months ago," Heather concluded.

I sighed in anger. "Thanks, I wasn't even thinking about that until you said something," I whined.

Heather and Lilly laughed. "Why don't you just tell Jack that you've met Annie? See how he takes that news first okay?" Lilly offered.

"Okay, sounds like a plan. I'll invite him over next weekend. I'll talk to him Saturday and then go shopping with Annie on Sunday," I scheduled.

"Why are you and Annie shopping?" Heather asked.

"And not taking me?" Lily whined.

I laughed. "We're buying games and things for the bachelorette party. Oh, which reminds me I got to ask my mom about male strippers," I said.

Lilly laughed. "Your mom has seen enough male strippers to last a lifetime," she said.

"I wish my mom was a wedding planner. I bet she's let you go to a few of those crazy bachelorette parties," Heather claimed.

I nodded even though they couldn't see. "Only the ones that aren't on school nights. I'm learning the tricks of the trade," I teased.

That would be great to be a wedding planner. It seems like tons of fun and I'm already a pretty organized person so I think it could work. Sure, it can be a little stressful, especially when you're working with someone's big day but I think I can handle it.

Anyways, after talking to them for awhile, I hung up and went to sleep.
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