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21 Steps to Get the Wrong Guy

Step 17

I woke up to the strong scent of blueberry pancakes pouring into my room. The delicious smell made my stomach growl and I got out of bed to follow the yummy smell all the way down the stairs.

When I rounded the corner to the kitchen I saw my mom and a guy standing over our griddle, making more pancakes while two great stacks sat untouched on the table behind them.

"Mom?" I called her as I slowly stopped walking, noticing my mom never brings strange men into our house, why start now?

My mom turned and gave me a slight uncomfortable smile as she placed a hand on the man's upper arm. He turned to me with a smile on his face but I could only return it with a look of utmost confusion.

"Em, this is Chance. He's your dad's best friend," my mom explained, carefully studying my face as she said each word.

I never met my dad. I've only seen a few pictures of him. When I was younger my mom told me he was never coming back which led me to believe he was dead for the longest time. At some point a few years ago she set me straight. She explained that before I was born my dad made the choice to pursue his dream.

He told my mom he would stay in touch but that didn't last long. I don't even know how it really happened but that doesn't matter.

I looked Chance up and down and shrugged as I took a pancake from one of the stacks and sat down in a seat at the table. "When you see my dad, tell him I've never felt so much apathy for another human," I stated without a care.

"Emily," my mom yelled in shock. Chance just chuckled and turned back to the pancakes.

I've managed my whole life without my dad. I don't want him to come back and try to assume the role of father figure. I haven't needed it this whole time and I can deal another couple of months without it. He's managed to stay away for 18 years, why stop now?

"Hello Emily," a deep voice greeted. I turned quickly in my seat to see the man I've only seen smiling in a few pictures with my mom.

I looked at him for a second before glaring, turning back around, grabbing another pancake, and heading upstairs to my room.

When I was in my room, I let out a loud scream to get rid of my frustration. I didn't care if they could hear me downstairs.

Why did he have to come back now? I already had a lot to deal with considering everything that's going on with Christian. Maybe if I had a father figure I could avoid bone heads like that. But I didn't. And now it's just too late to be a hero. I don't need a father.

I got in the shower and dressed in some gray jeans and a plain dark blue shirt. I put a bunch of bracelets on and two necklaces. I felt like making use of the accessories I own.

After getting dressed, I straightened my hair and then cleaned up my closet while I waited for it to at least turn five. I didn't want to show up at Lilly's house too much earlier than the guys or Heather. Plus I was hoping my dad would leave so I wouldn't have to see him again.

I finished rearranging my closet half past six and thought it looked a lot better than before. I quickly grabbed my car keys and checked my hair in the mirror once more before leaving my room.

As I walked down the stairs, I crossed my fingers and hoped my dad was gone. Just my luck, he was still there and so was Chance. My mom talked about me, filling them in on my childhood. She stopped as she saw me at the foot of the stairs.

No one spoke for a moment and the silence was eerie. "I'm going to Lilly's house. I'll most likely spend the night so don't wait up for me," I told my mom without making eye contact with my dad.

"Honey, don't you want to talk with your dad? He'll only be in town for a few days. Wouldn't you like to get to know him?" my mom asked me as I slid my shoes on.

"No, I'm good, thanks anyways," I replied as I opened the door and walked outside. I noticed an expensive looking car blocking my driveway so I couldn't move my car.

My dad had another thing coming if he thought I was going to walk back in there to ask him to move his car. That's not happening.

I refuse to talk to the man that never felt the need to come and at least visit me. I refuse to talk to someone who I thought was dead for most of my life.

Instead of asking him to move his car, I decided to walk to Lilly's house. True, it was about three miles away but I could handle it. Plus I can waste some time and blow off steam before I get there.

So about an hour passes by until I finally make it to Lilly's and stop my slow stroll as I knock on her front door.

"Coming," she yelled out before opening the door and giving me a hug. "Glad you could make it. For a second I thought you weren't going to show," she confessed as she ushered me in and closed the door behind me.

It wasn't just the regular crew. There were three more boys and a girl.

"Emily, this is Austin and Chris, my friends," Gavin introduced us. I smiled and waved.

"And this is my cousin Journey and my friend Cole," Tony added as he pointed to the two people sitting as far away from each other as they could on the couch. At first I thought it was because they didn't get along but then I realized everyone was playing scrabble.

"Finally a girl that won't be all over a guy," Journey cheered. I smiled and went to sit between her and Cole on the couch.

It took me awhile to notice there was letters sat in front of me as if they were expecting me to play when I got here. I couldn't trust these letters though. They probably sat them here and looked at them so they could cheat.

Just then, I heard the toilet flush and I looked up at Lilly to see if that was one of her parents. She avoided my gaze and nervously shifted to look at Heather. I looked at Heather but she just bit her lip and shrugged as she looked at Lilly.

The door to the bathroom opened and there stood Cam. I quickly stood up and I was about to leave but Lilly and Heather forced me into the kitchen.

"What is he doing here?" I whispered in an angry tone. Cam was the last person I wanted to see, besides Christian of course.

"He feels really bad for what happened and how he didn't tell you what was going on," Lilly explained.

"Plus he's good company. I like him," Heather added.

"Then why don't you date him," I hissed as I shot her a look that could kill.

"Because I have Tony and he makes me happy. I just want you to find the same happiness," Heather told me.

I scoffed and rolled my eyes. "We've known Cam likes you from the very first day we met him," Lilly commented.

"It was painfully obvious and the fact that you won't give him a chance but you gave the scum of the earth a chance and wasted so much time liking him kills me. I think Cam is good for you and you should at least commit to one date," Heather pleaded.

Lilly lightly touched my arm. "At least, stay with us. Hang out for a little tonight, play nice. Cam isn't the one you're truly mad at. Surely he could have made it possible to avoid the whole Christian situation but would you really have believed him if he tried to tell you the truth?" Lilly spoke truth.

She was absolutely right. I couldn't be truly mad at Cam.

The bet wasn't his fault.

Christian's actions weren't his fault.

My actions weren't his fault.

And my stupidity definitely couldn't be blamed on him.

I guess I tried so hard to like Christian that I overlooked everything everyone told me. Cam did try to warn me and it wouldn't have been any better if he came straight out and told me about the bet.

I would have probably denied it was true and acted completely not like myself out of spite for Cam. At least this way things aren't as bad as they could have been.

My attention turned back to Lilly's pleading face and Heather's hard features.

"Fine, I'll play nice. I'm not saying that I'm suddenly going to start dating or even liking Cam but I'll be nice to him. Everything isn't his fault," I gave in.

Lilly and Heather gave me a hug and we walked back into the living room. I sat next to Cam since that was the last seat unless I wanted to sit on the floor.

"Let's start the whole game over," Heather cheered as she tipped the board and the letters flew towards Cam and I. I laughed as everyone groaned besides Heather and Tony.

"You're just mad because you guys were losing," Cole claimed and Heather glared at him playfully.

"Besides, Cam has a partner now so I think their team should get an equal playing chance," Heather countered.

Oh no! I have to be Cam's partner. Well I guess it's not as bad as I'm making it out to be.

The board was placed neatly back onto the coffee table and the pieces were picked up and mixed up in the bag they came in. Cam grabbed our seven pieces out of the bag.

"We'll go first," Lilly shouted as she and Gavin began to whisper to each other to make a decision for which word they were going to put down.

Gavin placed down "things" and I immediately started thinking of words we could place off of that.

"I apologize for not telling you about the bet," Cam whispered in my ear.

I turned to him quickly and slightly backed away from him. "It's fine. I'm over it," I told him. Cam scooted closer to me, squishing out the space I tried to put between us. "Don't get any ideas, Cam," I warned.

He chuckled. "Just sitting this close to you is more satisfying than eating a snickers," he joked.

I giggled and shoved him with my elbow. "You're ridiculous," I told him.

The rest of the game felt like before all the craziness. Cam and I laughed and joked like we used to and it got to that time where Gavin and Tony had to drive their friends back home.

We said our goodbyes and Journey seemed like a cool person to talk to. According to her and Tony, she lives even further away from our city than he does. It's a shame because she seems like great company.

"Are you leaving too?" I asked Cam.

"Do you want me to?" he asked me as he stood right in front of me. I blushed and looked away from him. I actually did enjoy his company tonight but if I tell him I want him to stay a little longer then he'll rub it in my face.

His fingers cupped my chin and guided my head up to look at him. "I'll stay for a bit longer. We can watch a movie," he offered.

"That's a great idea. Heather and I will choose the movie and you guys can make the popcorn," Lilly commanded as she pushed me onto Cam and pushed Heather towards the living room.

Cam chuckled and then took my hand and walked me to the kitchen. "So I'm pretty sure I found the end of the rainbow," Cam said out of nowhere after I popped a bag of popcorn into the microwave.

I turned to look at him with a questioning gaze. "Why is that?" I asked.

He walked closer to me and draped his arms around my waist, pulling me closer to his body. "I just found my treasure," he replied and I laughed.

"Would you give those pick up lines a rest?" I teased as I pushed him away.

He laughed and ran his fingers through his hair. "I can't help it. You bring out the silliness in me. I don't know how you do it either. You're like ninja," he confessed.

"Or I'm just your peanut butter and jelly," I said with a smile. Cam smiled too, probably remembering when he said that to me.

"Who told you what it meant?" Cam questioned.

"Just a friend," I responded as the microwave beeped, signaling the popcorn was finished.
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