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21 Steps to Get the Wrong Guy

Setting Up The Date

Lunch was a terrible time of the day. Cam was nowhere to be found which was sort of good and sort of bad.

"When are you and Cam going to get together?" Lilly asked.

"Everyone knows you guys already like each other," Heather stated like it was obvious.

First off, I don't like him in the least. He's not my type and, although he's a great friend, he's ONLY a friend. He could never be anything more.

Secondly, who even said I liked him? I have no feelings like that for Cam. He knows it. I know it. Why don't Heather and Lilly know?

I slowly changed the topic of the conversation to something we could all agree on, movies. It took me about five minutes to completely sway them away from Cam but only took Brett two seconds to screw everything up as he walked over and sat down.

"I saw you this morning with Cam," he announced with a smile. I gave him a death glare but the damage was already done. Why did I have friends that were hell bent on this subject?

"That wasn't me. I haven't seen Cam all day," I lied and gave Brett a look as to scare him into not talking. He just smiled at me and went on to tell Lilly and Heather what he saw.

As they got wrapped up in their own world, I saw Cam heading towards us. I tried to subtly tell him to leave before anyone else saw him.

He stopped in his tracks as he noticed I was trying to say something to him but he still couldn't figure out what.

I pretended my fingers were his legs walking away from us and he still looked confused. I started to point away with my head but it looked more like I was flipping my hair so my friends wouldn't notice.

Cam took two steps back and I nodded slowly. "Hey Cam," Lilly greeted as she spotted him. I slapped my forehead and Cam laughed as he walked closer and sat in front of me, beside Brett.

Brett asked what we were talking about this morning and, without hesitation, Cam told them everything.

"So where are you guys going?" Heather asked about the date.

"And when?" Lilly added.

Cam said he'd pick me up Friday night but the rest was a surprise. I was a little afraid to find out but the week went by quickly.

Wednesday after school, I had to deal with Christian as he stood waiting by my car again. Apparently he had heard about my date with Cam and thought I was doing it because I wanted to make him jealous.

"You need to hear this for your own good," I told him, "you're a pig, Christian. You're sweet only until you get what you want. You disgust me and honestly I don't know why I was so blind for so many years.

"It would be nice if you were gone. If you just packed up and moved to a country very far from here so I wouldn't have to see you ever again. Heck, it'd be nice if you just switched schools and forgot that you had my number." I yelled before I got into my car. I looked up at him as he contemplated my words in his head.

I rolled down my window to say one last thing. "How about we pretend those two weeks never happened? Their just a figment of your imagination. You can go back to ignoring me indefinitely and I'll change into someone who doesn't really care about what you do. It'll be that simple," I told him before I drove home.

On Thursday, he didn't bother me at all. Our eyes met during one passing period but he just smiled a little and kept walking. I think I finally got through to him.

When I got home Thursday, Jack and Annie were sitting by the pool. I was shocked to see them and both gave me a hug.

Jack said he came over to give me some pie and Annie came to ask my mom about some wedding stuff. They've been sitting out here and talking things out.

As I sat with them, we laughed and they told me a few stories about when they used to date. It was late before we knew it and Annie had to leave. She had to stop by the store to get her friend some snacks.

"She's amazing," Jack claimed after she left.

"Why don't you ask her out again?" I asked him. He said that it was very complicated as if I were a child. As if I didn't have my own complications a few weeks ago.

He checked his watch and realized he should get going to but he promised to tell me the full story some other day. That's a promise I'll make him keep.

Once he left, I went upstairs to shower and get in the bed. Just as I was about to fall asleep, I got a text from Christian which made me groan with anger and frustration.

The text simply asked to meet him at the park on Saturday. I didn't respond and just fell asleep thinking about what he could possibly want. I thought I was very clear on Wednesday.

Anyway, now it's ten minutes before Cam is supposed to pick me up for our date. I'm completely freaking out since I don't know what to wear. My closet is wrecked and my drawers are pulled open.

Every time I think something looks decent, I think again and decide to put it back where I got it. I had a room filled with clothes but nothing looked good to me. Nothing seemed date material and I didn't just want to wear anything.

I felt like everything I had, I wore too much or I wore it too recently. I didn't want to look like I couldn't find anything better to put on. I wanted to look my best. I wanted to wear something that I haven't worn in awhile.

I got a text from Cam saying that he was on his way. That's when I realized there was nothing to worry about.

I was wondering what to wear for a date with Cam? That's like dressing up for a night in.

He was just a friend. I didn't have to dress up for him or try to look my best. I didn't want this date anyway. With any luck, I'll dress so bad he won't want to take me anywhere.

I decided on a green tank top with a matching green plaid shirt and some white jean shorts. I figured it was casual but also nice. I didn't look terrible but I didn't look astonishing either. I was just me and I liked it.

When the doorbell rang, I was brushing my teeth. I was hoping I'd finish before he got here so he didn't have time to charm my mother.

Sure enough, after I finished brushing my teeth and walked downstairs, Cam and my mom were laughing about something funny he just said. How does he manage to make everyone like him?

"Let's go," I told him as I rushed over to the door and opened it. I didn't want him to have a second more with my mom. Next thing I know, she's giving him the privilege to come over whenever he wants.

"Such in a rush," my mom teased but I didn't bother replying.

Cam got up and gave my mom a hug before we left. It's ridiculous how charming he is sometimes.

On the way there, I wouldn't stop asking where are we going. At first he'd say that it's a surprise but after awhile he would just laugh and keep driving.

We pulled up to a bowling alley and I could have died of embarrassment right there. I'm terrible at bowling and now I would have to humiliate myself...again.
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