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21 Steps to Get the Wrong Guy

Main Attraction vs Wrong Guy

"I was actually kind of hoping you would know what to say. I kept trying to come up with something to say but nothing sounds good enough," Christian started.

I looked up at the sky and let out a deep sigh. "Where to begin," I whispered before looking back at him. "Well you tripped me on purpose, you played me for a bet, and then you tried to get with me on our first date which can't even be considered a date because I was taken to a stupid party with a bunch of drunks. Plus you kissed like five other girls that night," I ranted.

He frowned and lowered his eyes, unable to meet my gaze. "I'm sorry for all of that. I was such a jerk for tripping you. It seemed like a good idea at the time but now I realize it's never okay to make a girl fall for you literally," he explained.

"And after that night I've noticed that feelings are not something to joke about. That may have been one of the only times I've been rejected and actually felt bad about it. You helped me realize using people for sex isn't just wrong but it's hurtful.

"The next morning, I noticed what kind of life I was living. The killer hangover and the memories of the night before made me understand that wasn't how I wanted to live the rest of my life.

"I wanted to thank you for opening my eyes. I wanted to apologize for everything that happened and I wanted to ask for a new start. Can we just pretend it never happened and try again? No bets on the table. Let's just see where this goes," he asked.

I smiled. It sounded as if he really made an improvement. I changed his life. I made him different and for the better. How many girls can say they changed the player for the greater good. Initially I just wanted to be with him to change him but this way works too.

Now he wanted to try again though. This is where things got difficult. "We can forget everything," I promised as I smiled at him.

A look of relief washed over his face and he broke into a smile. "So what are you doing tonight?" he questioned.

I bit my lip, not really wanting to answer the question although I knew I had to. "Cam and I are going to the pizza place," I responded slowly and bit my lip again as I watched him process my words.

"You? And Cam? Who else is going?" he asked, knowing it was a date but refusing to believe it.

"Just Cam and me," I replied.

"Oh," Christian said, unable to lie to himself anymore.

I didn't know what to say. We just sat there in awkward silence for a moment before my phone rang. I checked it to see a text from Cam, asking what time were we going to meet. I quickly texted him back and then looked at Christian. "Maybe we're just better as friends," I claimed.

Last time I said that to a guy he kissed me, hoping to change my mind and he surely did. Christian just flashed a quick smile before getting off the bench and heading to his car. I did the same, hoping to get to Heather's house before dinner with Cam.

When I reached her house, Lilly was getting out of her car too. "What are you doing here?" she asked as we both got out of our cars.

I shrugged and walked over to her to hug her. "I wanted to tell Heather some interesting news but I could tell you too. I had to tell both of you at some point," I explained.

"You and Cam are together?" Lilly assumed.

"Technically, I'm giving him a chance still. Our relationship isn't defined yet," I replied as I knocked on Heather's front door.

Heather quickly opened the door and smiled at Lilly but looked shocked to see me. "What are you doing here?" she asked.

"She and Cam are together," Lilly answered for me.

"We haven't defined that and that's what I wanted to talk to you guys about. Should I date Cam? Christian just apologized for everything and now he wants to be with me as well," I told them as Lilly and I walked into Heather's house and the three of us sat in her living room.

Lilly looked shocked and Heather rolled her eyes. "Cam has been a good guy from the very beginning. I think he deserves you more than Christian the epic fail," Heather declared.

"But he's the wrong guy. I mean Christian has been my main attraction since freshmen year. You guys know how much I've talked about him," I reminded them.

"But Cam is thoughtful and he gets along with Gavin and Tony," Lilly announced.

That was something I couldn't deny. He definitely knew how to charm everyone in my life. He pretty much placed himself in my life and his entertaining personality made it very hard to get rid of him. Even if we didn't date, everyone would ask me where he was. In a short span of a month he has managed to place himself in every part of my life.

Did that mean he deserved a place in my future?

"Well I'm having dinner with him tonight," I confessed.

"I'm guessing your date last night went well," Heather claimed.

I nodded and smiled, remembering the dog he won for me and how he helped me bowl. I smiled even more as I thought of waking up this morning with him. Our kiss, proving we couldn't just be friends. Why am I making this harder on myself than it is?

It's obvious I should be with Cam but at the same time, a newly improved Christian doesn't seem like a bad choice either.

My brain and my heart are fighting too much about this. Should I go with main attraction or should I stay with the wrong guy?
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