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21 Steps to Get the Wrong Guy

Step 20

"Who's up for an all night party at my house? Boys not allowed," Heather shouted as we left the ice cream shop. She laughed and kissed Tony's cheek when she saw the disappointment on his face as he realized he couldn't go.

"I would but I have homework to catch up on. Some other time," Lilly promised.

"Maybe I'll just have a guy's night then. Gavin? Cam?" Tony tried.

Gavin laughed. "Sorry man, I have work in the morning," he excused.

Cam shrugged with a smile. "Isn't tomorrow Monday? Man, I need the proper amount of sleep to function on a school day."

"Come on guys, you killed my chance to get back at her," Tony whined and we all laughed.

Heather grabbed his hand and nuzzled her head into his chest. "That's okay. I'm not having a sleep over either," she soothed. He hugged her and then everything was okay.

Cam and Lilly reminded me of my English project that's due at the end of the week and I've barely started it. To be honest, I don't like projects.

Projects are like the liars of the homework world. They seem so easy in the beginning and you feel like you have so much time to work on it. Then you're down to the last few days and you realize you haven't done a thing.

I rather have busy work than a project. I seem to always think I have more time than I have. I'm terrible at planning time to finish projects.

Anyways, Lilly and Gavin drove off together as Heather and Tony decided to walk down the street to the park to walk the bike trail. It was already dark but Tony wanted to show her his secret hiding spot.

I remember he tried to describe it to us once. It was the second time we visited the ice cream shop. He said it was a clearing a little ways from the bike trail. He described it as peaceful during the day but true serene bliss in the night. Tony went on and on about its beauty.

Even now as I look into Cam's eyes I'm reminded of Tony's description of the beautiful view of a cloudless sky. I sighed blissfully and smiled at Cam before realizing that I never said a word. He had no idea why I was looking at him with such adoration yet he didn't seem freaked out.

Cam offered to give me a ride until he remembered I drove myself here. He, instead, offered to walk me to my car. His face played with a silly grin I've noticed since we left the pizza place.

"Okay you've been giving me that look all night. What's up?" I asked Cam as he walked me to my car.

Cam shrugged and leaned against my car. "You tell me," he responded.

I squinted my eyes and leaned against my car to mimic his stance. "I asked you first," I taunted.

He smiled and looked down at his shoes. "When you told Danielle to steer clear..." he started, "and you told her why you were telling her."

I tried to think over everything that I said. I was completely lost. Nothing that I told her was something to smile about. I just kept staring at Cam with a clueless look on my face. There was no way anything I said could put that big of a smile on anyone's face, except maybe Danielle. I helped her dodge a bullet.

"Okay, you told her that you didn't want Christian as a rebound after we break up," he explained.

It wasn't enough. I was still lost. "I thought that was obvious. I don't like Christian anymore. He's the scum of the Earth," I answered blatantly.

Cam rolled his eyes and smiled at me. "When we break up... as in we're actually together now," he announced.

Finally it clicked in my head and my cheeks burned red. "I know we haven't talked about it but I figured all we've been through and how persistent you are it's only a matter of time before I give in."

Cam tilted his head in confusion. "So you gave in already?" he questioned.

"Are we really having the DTR discussion right here?" I retorted.

"DTR?" Cam asked, showing more confusion at my use of an acronym.

I giggled. "Define the relationship, you know, that long conversation every couple has that basically lists the pros and cons of dating before making it official or calling it quits," I informed him.

Cam smiled. "So are we making it official or calling it quits?" he asked.

I shook my head and laughed. "It doesn't work like that, especially in the parking lot of some ice cream shop," I reprimanded.

Cam rolled his eyes and grabbed one of my hands. "What's wrong with the parking lot of some ice cream shop. Mind you this is the ice cream shop where I won your friends over and we have other good memories here. Why not add one more?"

I stared up at the neon lights and thought of Tony's hiding spot, maybe a nice beach at sunset, at this point I think I'd settle for a mountain side overlooking the city. I always thought DTR was supposed to happen in some romantic setting where everything is just perfect.

Just as I was thinking of sweeter places to define our relationship, Cam kissed me, taking my breath along with any doubts or thoughts of other places.

"Do we still need to define our relationship?" he asked.

I shook my head with a giddy smile. "I think we just did," I replied breathlessly.

Cam smiled back and kissed me again.

"DTR?!" I heard Heather and Lilly yell which made me jump away from Cam. He held me in his arms protectively.

I snapped my head to where the other two couples were standing and turned red. "I thought you guys left," I shouted at them.

"I left my keys on the table in there," Lilly responded, a little too quickly.

"Yea well, I thought I left my car unlocked. My laptop is in there," Heather claimed.

Cam laughed and I hid my face in his chest.

I guess there's no denying it; Cam and I are official. Defined the relationship in an ice cream shop parking lot.

Even our friends were there.

How romantic.