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21 Steps to Get the Wrong Guy

At My Expense

As soon as the bell rang, I sprinted out of that class, dodging any obstacle in my way and managed to hit my hip on a table.

It hurt like hell but I kept moving until I was in the hallway and far away from that class. "Hey slow down there, Speedy Gonzalez," I heard someone joke. That voice became too familiar in the past hour of knowing it.

I sped up and rushed to my next class. "Come on, don't be mad. You have to admit we made pretty good volunteers," Cam commented as he appeared beside me.

"I really think you should stop talking to me before you find another way to humiliate me," I snapped back as I gave him a glare.

He smirked back and I rolled my eyes. Some people just never get it. What I really wanted to do was punch him in the face and watch his frame crumple to the dirty cement ground that's covered with blackened gum and graffiti writing.

Of course I didn't though but, man, did I want to. "You have to admit though, you were a very good volunteer. If she picked anyone else she would have only highlighted their flaws. You saved all those other girls from humiliation," he tried to console me.

"Yea, and instead I let her highlight my own flaws. Way to help Cam," I replied with sarcastic cheer.

"Yea but your flaws just make you seem more realistic. If you were perfect I wouldn't stand a chance," he tried to be sweet.

I looked at him and he held a smirk on his face that brought out two adorable dimples. I shook my head and walked away from him, realizing I didn't have a good comeback for that.

I got to my next class and sat next to Lilly.

"Hey hun, you okay after that bad fall?" she asked as I took my seat.

"What are you talking about?" I asked as if I had no idea.

She raised an eye brow. "That fall you took, right in front of Christian?" she tried to jog my memory.

I figured it would be best if I just slid that under the rug and didn't worry about that fall ever again. Hopefully Christian has stopped thinking about it.

"I don't know what you're talking about," I said, deciding to play dumb.

"Oh my gosh Emmy, you can not tell me that you don't remember falling flat on your face when you tripped over Christian's foot this morning because that bastard tried to trip you," she shouted a little and a few people looked our way as they took their seats.

I gave her a look that told her to shut up and she looked sorry. "I remember it perfectly I just rather not think about it 'kay?" I asked her and she nodded as she pretended to zip her lips. Unfortunately, she's too blond to throw away the key.

Then I turned back to her with a questioning gaze. "Did Christian really try to trip me?" I asked her.

She nodded. "He watched you walk up and stuck out his foot as you started walking away," she explained.

Is it possible for guys to still beat up on the girls they like to show they like them?
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