Fight to the Death

She's 16 years old and one of the best underground fighters at her local fight club in LA. When things suddenly change she is forced to move and prove herself at a new club. What happens when she fights the wrong guy? An Avenged Sevenfold Fan-Fic with a twist...



“Hola! Como Estas mi Care Bear!”
“Hey Ale, I need you to do me a humungous favor.”
“Could you get on your pretty little laptop and find me a place?”
“Hum, well let me think. Yea-NO!!!!”
“Por Favor!” I yelled/begged in Spanish...hey maybe it would work better?
“Ahh no.”
“Pretty please with cherries on top?” I begged again. There was a silence for a moment.

“Ahh why are you giving me the puppy eyes!?!?” I laughed could he know that through the phone?
“Cause I love you and I need a place to vent my frustrations instead of hitting some random person. And if you don't tell me where I can go, I WILL punch some random dude and that would be bad because-”
“Okay fine! Just shut up!” YAY!!!!! He sooooo caved, I knew he would! I cheered in my head as I heard him mumble all kinds of profanities under his breath.

“12 am, Jefferson street, down by the docks #125. And Blaire?”
“yeah...” I asked boredly knowing some kind of lecture would ensue.
“Be careful okay?” He said before hanging up.

Huh, be careful.... See, he knows damn well that careful isn't part of my nature. In fact I don't know why he ever said that.... Is he loosing his mind?!?!

Jefferson Street, here I come!


"I’ve fought the fight, I’m black and blue. If only now just to pursue the things I thought were right. My only fear is you’ll see right through me at all the things I have to hide. What has this cost me now? Full-fledged denial, self-gratifying, to live and die with no regret would be just fine for me. I have fear in deep emotions. Come and lift me out of the dark. Blissful, ignite the battle. We know it’s not eternal. We know. Our father, in heaven, we know. I fought the fight, I’m black and blue. This is the way we are. Beat down and scared it’s nothing new. We choose now just what to do. This is the way we are. Live trying, die fighting. We know that this is the only thing worth fighting for. " Corpus Christi-Fight for your king

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