Status: I started this story years ago when I was young and I'm too far now to start over. So bear with me hahaha! I added some inside jokes I should not have added. I apologize in advance hahaha!

Love Song

Their names were Jordan Lancaster and Amy Wellington.

A happy ending seems to be far from their reach.

This is their story.
  1. Chapter 1: Our first Song
    I called it Love Song because all the characters are musicians in their own way xD Just to clear that up for you! (2013: I am horrified by this first chapter! I'm sorry! lol!)
  2. Chapter 2: Our Classical Song
  3. Chapter 3: Our first slow song
  4. Chapter 4: Our First Slow Song Part 2
  5. Chapter 5: Hello, I'm still here. All That's Left Of Yesterday
  6. Chapter 6: Our Mourning Song
  7. Chapter 7: Tomorrow it may change
  8. Chapter 8: So Much For My Happy Ending
  9. Chapter 9: Our Breakup Song
  10. Chapter 10: My Nightmare Song
  11. Chapter 11: My Healing Heart's Song
  12. Chapter 12: My Painful Song
  13. Chapter 13: My Demon's Song
  14. Chapter 14: My Unbelievable Song
  15. Chapter 15: My Sanity's Song
  16. Chapter 16: My Confused Song
  17. Chapter 17: My Agonizing Song
  18. Chapter 18: My College Song
  19. Chapter 19: And When She Left Me For You, I Was The Last To Know
  20. Chapter 20: My Uneasy Song
  21. Chapter 21: My Complicated Song
  22. Chapter 22: My Repeated Song
  23. Chapter 23: Sleep Well, My Angel
  24. Chapter 24: My Fighting Song
  25. Chapter 25: My Hopeful Song
  26. Chapter 26: Yeah The Reason I Love You Is All That We've Been Through, And That's Why I Love You
    Ok, so instead of putting "My ____ Song" I'm using song titles because it's really really difficult to come up with a word xD
  27. Chapter 27: When Your Heart Is Broken A Thousand Times With Every Moment Is That Enough?
  28. Chapter 28: Am I Good Enough For You To Love Me Too?
  29. Chapter 29: I Miss The Bad Things The Way You Hate Me I Miss The Scream & The Way That You Blame Me
    The lyrics for the chapter title are from the song "I Miss The Misery" by Halestorm :)
  30. Chapter 30: It's getting harder to pretend, and I'm not coming back around again
    "Remember When" by Avril Lavigne (chapter title)
  31. Chapter 31: Shattered doll, desparate, Oh so innocent and delicate
    Chapter title- Facade by Disturbed :)
  32. Chapter 32: I'm so sick, Infected where I live, Let me live without this empty bliss
    Chapter title- I'm So Sick by Flyleaf
  33. Chapter 33: All my complaints shrink to nothing, I'm ashamed of all my somethings
    Chapter title- Fully Alive by Flyleaf
  34. Chapter 34: And seeing you is seeing how you're making my life so complete
    Chapter title- Nothing But Love by Trading Yesterday :)
  35. Chapter 35: A stranger for the night So I don't wake up alone
    Chapter title- While You Were Sleeping by Ke$ha (some unreleased songs I believe. DON'T JUDGE ME! lol)
  36. Chapter 36: I'm Damaged So How Would I Know?
    Chapter title- Damaged by Plumb
  37. Chapter 37: You've Made A Monster Of Me
    Chapter title- Monster by Disturbed
  38. Chapter 38: Not Gonna Talk About It Tomorrow
    Chapter title- Hello Kitty by Avril Lavigne
  39. Chapter 39: This Was Never The Way I Planned
    Chapter title- I Kissed A Girl by Katy Perry
  40. Chapter 40: Come Lay With Me and Love Me
    Chapter title- Soldier of fortune by Opeth (although I believe that song is a cover song. Forget the original artist >.>)
  41. Chapter 41: Can't Take Too Much of A Good Thing
    Chapter title- I Miss The Misery by Halestorm
  42. Chapter 42: I've Got This Scene in My Head, I'm Not Sure How It Ends
    Chapter title- I'll give you what you like by Avril Lavigne
  43. Chapter 43: If you give me what I want, then I'll give you what you like
    Chapter title- I'll give you what you like by Avril Lavigne
  44. Chapter 44: Won't You Take Me Away From Me?
    Chapter title- Away From Me by Evanescence
  45. Chapter 45: I Never Meant For It To Mean This Much
    Chapter title- Hush Hush by Avril Lavigne
  46. Chapter 46: So I am waiting patiently for you to change my name
    Chapter title- Change My Name by Trading Yesterday
  47. Chapter 47: I'm falling fast, I hope this lasts, I'm falling hard for you
    Chapter title- Falling Fast by Avril Lavigne
  48. Chapter 48: I'm waking up, I feel it in my bones, Enough to make my system blow
    Chapter title- Radioactive by Imagine Dragons
  49. Chapter 49: You put a smile on my face, I want that for every morning
    Chapter title- Falling Fast by Avril Lavigne
  50. Chapter 50: Something wrong with every plan of my life
    Chapter title- Heaven's A Lie by Lacuna Coil
  51. Chapter 51: I'm here to help you see, you can rely on me
    Chapter title- I Am by Godsmack
  52. Chapter 52: Passion, choke the flower till she cries no more
    Chapter title- Silence by Delerium (feat. Sarah McLachlan)
  53. Chapter 53: A brand new life is down this road
    Chapter title- Let Me Go by Avril Lavigne (Feat. Chat Kroeger)
  54. Chapter 54: Just consider me your friend, I am until the end
    Chapter title- I Am by Godsmack
  55. Chapter 55: Don't you hide your eyes from me, Open them and see me now
    Chapter title- Clowns (Can you see me now?) by t.A.T.u
  56. Chapter 56: It's just too difficult and arduous to let go
    Chapter title- Facade by Disturbed
  57. Chapter 57: Temptation still got a hold on me
    Chapter title- Temptation by Godsmack
  58. Chapter 58: Is there anyone out there cause it's getting harder and harder to breathe
    Chapter title- Harder To Breathe by Maroon 5
  59. Chapter 59: Somehow it matters more to me than if I were hurting myself
    Chapter title- Give Unto Me by Evanescence
  60. Chapter 60: Couldn't hide the emptiness you let it show
    Chapter title- Lithium by Evanescence
  61. Chapter 61: I want to live but I don't belong
    Chapter title- Blood and Roses by The Smithereens (I hope I spelled that right haha!)
  62. Chapter 62: Make it through the fall, make it through it all
    Chapter title- Fall to pieces by Avril Lavigne
  63. Chapter 63: Life Begins With Love
    Chapter title- Where Is The Love by Celine Dion