Are We Demented Or Am I Disturbed

A girl is abused by her boyfriend, so she flees to her best friend, Joey Armstrong. He takes care of her for a few days, but her boyfriend returns and puts her in the hospital, where her body shuts down.
  1. Beginning
    Jaelyn is abused by Tom and flees to Joey's house
  2. What's New
    life at the Armstrong house
  3. Breakdowns
    Jaelyn freaks out
  4. Salvation
    Joey saves Jaelyn, and Billie and Adie leave the kids alone
  5. Regeneration
    Tom comes back and injures Jaelyn
  6. From Backstage To The Doctor
    Tom hurts Jaelyn, and she loses consciousness
  7. Awakening
    Jaelyn wakes up to find she is in the hospital
  8. Realization
    Joey and Jaelyn admit their true feelings. <3
  9. Love
    Billie finds out about the two lovers, and Jaelyn's body shuts down
  10. Wasteland
    Everyone is praying for Jaelyn, and she begins to breathe on her own.
  11. The Paths We Choose
  12. Disassembled
  13. Remembrance
  14. Stupid Girl
    (Title taken from a song by Cold)
  15. Distance and Time; Time and Distance