Are We Demented Or Am I Disturbed


She woke up to the familiar white walls, a cold sensation in her veins. She looked over and saw the IV pumping a blue liquid into her skin, and a wave of nausea flooded her. She ripped the cord out of her arm and rolled over onto her side, glad for the pain that ensued. She deserved to be punished. It was her fault.

She reached up and felt her hair. It was faintly damp, and she brought her hand back to see no blood. Tears leaked from her eyes as she realized he was gone. Joey had probably showered as well, so there was nothing left of Tom.

She didn't deserve to live. He had come after her, to apologize. She should have listened. He would have changed!




Jaelyn glared at the heart monitor. Fucking machine wouldn't shut up. She disconnected all the wires hooked up to her, making the machine screech, stopping when she unplugged it, smiling triumphantly. She was leaving, and she was never coming back.


Joey sighed and stood up, traveling back to Jaelyn's room. She was probably sedated by now...

He reached the door and paused, listening for any sounds that signaled that she was awake. When he heard nothing, he opened the door.

His eyebrows shot up at what he saw...

An empty bed with no traces of Jaelyn.



An hour later, Jaelyn walked up to the Armstrong house, making her way to the car she had never fully unpacked. She smiled and ran her hands over the door, opening it with the key she found in Joey's jacket she'd stolen from the hospital. She rummaged through the backseat, pulling out random clothes and throwing them on. She sat back in her seat, utterly exhausted. It shouldn't have taken her this long to get to Joey's house, but her current condition required she sit down every few minutes.

After a while, she started the car and drove away, taking one last look at the last place she'd called home.