Are We Demented Or Am I Disturbed

Stupid Girl

Jaelyn stopped just outside the city limits, pulling onto the side of the road. She violently smacked her head against the steering wheel and sighed. How incredibly stupid. How could she just... just leave? What was she going to do now? Where was she supposed to go?

She sighed and pulled out the money jar from under the seat. It was nearly full- she'd been saving up for years. Jaelyn sighed and raised her head from the sticky leather, shoving the jar back under the seat.

She jumped at the knock at her window. Her head snapped to the right, meeting the gray eyes of a teenage boy. She rolled her window down a little.

"Do you need help?" he asked, smiling warmly at her. The infectious grin spread to her lips, and she smiled back.

"No, well, yes, but..." She sighed again. "I just need a place to stay."

"Well, if you don't mind coming with an absolute stranger, I can help you out, if you want," he offered. Jaelyn bit her lip, then mentally shrugged. What did she have to lose?

"That would be great, thank you so much!" His gray eyes pierced her own, and she jumped again as she realized he was talking.

"...Jason. What's yours?" he asked. Oh. Her name...

"Jaelyn." He grinned.

"Pretty name for a pretty girl." She felt her cheeks burn, and she glanced self-conciously at the worn out t-shirt she was currently donning.

"Is your car okay? I mean, like is it broken down or something?" Jason asked. She twisted her hands around the steering wheel.

"No. I was just... thinking." He smiled again.


Jaelyn frowned deeply as she followed the brown Chevy truck down the interstate. Joey. Joey Joey Joey. She sighed. It was wrong of her to leave him like that. It was cruel; she was cruel; she didn't deserve him.

She shook her head and turned off the radio. She needed the white road noise.

Phone. Cell phone. She reached in her jeans pocket, only to remember that it was still in her room at Joey's house. She swore and reached for Joey's hoodie, hoping that he'd left his phone in there.

No such luck... She'd have to use a payphone. She sighed and sat back in her seat, concentrating on the road. She'd call him when she got there.

Twenty-five minutes later, the brown truck lead her to an old warehouse on the beach. She frowned and turned her car off, shoving a little money into the pocket of her pants. She grabbed Jake's hoodie and exited the vehicle, locking the doors.

Jason met up to her and grinned.

"Well, this is it. Come on, I'll show you around." He lightly gripped her upper arm, steering her into the building.

"It's not much, but it's better than a park bench... This is the kitchen, feel free to anything in there except the energy drinks. They're Ray's, and he'll kill you." He lead her into another room, furnished with an old leather couch. Two guys lounged, already drinking. Beer bottles littered a wooden coffee table.

"Hey Mark, Sam. This is Jaelyn." The two raised their bottles in salute and continued drinking.

Jason lead her up a flight of stairs and into a small room. Clothes spilled over a matress on the floor, spreading over to another. A phone sat on a stand between the beds.

"This is my room," Jason said, blushing slightly as he shoved the clothes off the other bed. She smiled at him, still vaguely on edge.

"Um... I guess you'll be staying here... We don't have any other open beds." Jason explained. Jaelyn smiled at him and sat on the now-empty mattress. He smiled, seeming more at ease, and lay on his mattress, ignoring the pile of clothing.

"Hey, Jason? Could I use the phone?" He chuckled.

"You don't have to ask. Go ahead."





"Hello?" Joey's voice said over the line. Jaelyn twisted the cord around her fingers.

"Joey?" she asked in a small voice. There was a short pause.

"Jaelyn?" She bit her lip.

"Yeah..." Joey sighed, and Jaelyn could picture him running his hands through his hair.

"Where are you?" he whispered. "Everyone's freaking out. Even Lyz is here-" Jaelyn snorted.

"I'm staying... with some friends..." She trailed off and looked out the window at Jason and his friends swimming. She frowned, hating having to lie to Joey.

"Jaelyn, please. You're not okay, you need-"

"Don't tell me what I need," she snapped. Joey sighed again.

"Okay. You're right... I just wish... I just wish I could make it better. I wish I was enough for you." Her heart plummeted into her stomach.

"Joey, I... I just need some time to think, okay? I'll be back, I promise." She mentally swore as her voice cracked at the end and wiped her eyes with the back of her hand.

"Promise?" Joey asked, his voice trembling.

"I promise," she said, unable to contain the tears any longer.

"Okay, Jaci..." he soothed. "I'll be right here waiting for you..."