Are We Demented Or Am I Disturbed

From Backstage To The Doctor

Jaelyn stumbled backwards, Tom matching her steps.

"You stupid bitch. You thought you were safe, didn't you?" Tom laughed. She whimpered.

"You can cry all you want. I don't care. Has it ever stopped me before?"

"Tom, please-"

"The pleading didn't work either, remember?" She watched as his thumb glided over the surface of the revolver, almost like a caress. They both jumped as Joey called from the lounge.

"Jaci? Who was it?"

Tom glared at her.

"Say it's no one," he hissed.

"N-Nobody, Joey... Wrong house..." Jaelyn stuttered.

"What? How could it be the wrong house? It says 'Armstrong' out front."

"I don't know... Some dumbass..." Joey paused.

"Jaeyln, you okay?" he called.

"Y-yeah. Fine."

"You sure? Should i come down there-"

"No! I'm fine. Really." Joey paused again.


Tom shook his head, still grinning.

"How are you going to do this?" Jaelyn asked. Tom's expression shifted to confused.


"How are you going to kill me without Joey knowing?" She bit her lip.

"I... I don't know." He looked away from her.

"Do you really want to do this? I love you so much, Tom, you don't even know. Please-"

"I have to do it," he murmured. She could see his bottom lip begin to tremble.


"If I can't have you..."

"You do have me."

"No. No, I don't. If I did, you would still be home...with me...but you're not. You're here with him." Rage returned to his face as he turned back to her.

"No, please-" She started to cry as she backed up against the wall.

"Shut up."

"Please, Tom, no-"

"I said fucking SHUT UP." Her whimpers grew louder as he advanced toward her, until she was hysterically sobbing.

"JOEY! No, Tom, please, nonononono...JOEY!" she screamed.

"SHUT THE FUCK UP!" Tom yelled and shoved her into the opposite wall.

Joey ran into the front hall.

"What the fuck...Tom?" Joey went to go to Jaelyn, but froze as Tom pointed the revolver at her.

"Don't fucking move."

"Tom, don't do this," Joey said calmly. "Look at her. Just....Just look at her." Tom did.

Jaelyn was curled up against the wall, blood running from a gash in her forehead. Tom sighed.

"Joey, take us to a bathroom. Let's get her cleaned up." Joey helped her up and did as Tom said.

Jaelyn sat on the counter next to the sink, and Joey mopped the blood off her face with a rag. Tom shut and locked the door.

"How did you find me?" Jaelyn murmured, staring at the wall.

"How did I find you...hmm...maybe it was your dumbass friend Jimmy." Jaelyn frowned.


"I think that's his hair..." She nodded. "Yeah. Jimmy. Maybe it was him telling everyone in the whole fucking school that you were staying with the Armstrongs... Or maybe, maybe it was Kiri, when i cornered her-"

"If you hurt her..."

"I didn't. I just scared her a little. What would you do if i did hurt her? Anyway, when I cornered her and threatened her...when she said you were staying with Joey..."


"Or maybe it was your mother. I called your house, and she told me you were staying with, to put it in her words, 'some fuck-off musician's son...Joey Armstrong.'"

Joey pressed the rag to her head to stop the bleeding.

"I'm sorry, Joey...I'm sorry for everything..." She kissed his cheek. Tom laughed angrily.

"What the fuck, Jaelyn? What was that? You stupid bitch...haven't you learned anything?"

He threw her off the counter and against the wall. There was a sickening snap as her right arm broke. Tom proceeded to kick her until she stopped moving. She moaned in pain.

"What the fuck, Tom!" Joey yelled. "Look what you're doing to her!"

"She has to learn a fucking lesson!"

"And what lesson do you think you're teaching her?"

"Maybe don't cheat on your boyfriend! I fucking love you, Jaelyn. I love you so much...but if you can't learn from your mistakes..."

He pointed the gun at her. She closed her eyes as his finger squeezed the trigger twice.