Green Day Baby

Loose Ends Tied

“JAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!” Tre exclaims, pacing his living room and pulling at his hair.
“Calm down Unkie.” Rosie says softly from the far corner seat of the sofa I’m sitting on. Since Mike and I arrived she’s been calling Tre ‘Uncle Tre,’ ‘Unkie’ or just plain ‘Uncle.’ Tre didn’t seem to notice all that much, he was too busy pacing the living room nervously waiting for his brother Alex.

Rosie on the other hand is extremely calm, I guess getting to meet Green Day, who happened to be her babyhood guardians, that Mike pretended to be her father and that Tre might be her father I think she’s gotten used to once in a life time introductions. She sat on the sofa innocently with a picture of Adeena in her hand.

“Oh fuck, shit, cock, shit, fuck.” Tre cursed under his breath as he went to get the door. Rosie took a deep breath and stood up, her fingers drumming the photo lightly.
“Gonna meet my Dad for real.” She says to me.
“Yeah, Alex is a great guy, I think you’ll like him.” I say trying to be optimistic.
“Yep, now that I think about it you’re quite a bit like him.” Mike adds in, Rosie smiles weakly.

Alex and Tre come into the living room.
“You didn’t tell me Ramona was here!” Alex says excitedly, “Wait, no, wow Ramona?” he stutters confused.
“Uhh, uhh, uhh Alex.” Tre stumbles.
“This is Rosie Salvador.” I say clearly, Rosie shakes his hand.
“Hmm Salvador, I know that name.” he laughs lightly. Tre looks like he’s about to pass out.

“Yeah, you knew my mom.” Rosie pipes up.
“I did?” Alex chuckles, “What’s her name?”
“Adeena.” Rosie holds out the photo. “Do you remember her?”
“Yeah, of course I do.” Alex says quietly, Mike and I stare as Tre stares hopelessly at his feet hoping this meeting would just end, “Is she here? I mean I’d love to talk to her.” Mike clears his throat uneasily.
“She OD’d like fourteen years ago.”
“Oh.” Alex says wide eyed, “I’m sorry to hear that. We went out for a while, I don’t think I ever told you, but anyway one day she was all pissed at me and wouldn’t tell me why.”
“Because she was pregnant.” Tre murmurs, “Rosie is your daughter.”

Alex stands that stunned for a moment as he looks over the teenager repeatedly.
“Holy shit.” He whispers, Tre slips the DNA results into his brother’s hand. “I’m so sorry Rosie. I never knew.”
“Its okay.” She says quietly.
“What am I going to tell Angie?” he asks his brother.

Rosie looks at me confused.
“His wife.” I whisper.
“Oh and the kids.” Alex gasps exasperated. “Uhh Rosie, you should know you have a younger brother and sister.”

“How did you find me and all this?”

We talked late into the evening explaining how Rosie came into our lives both times. He explained his love, hate relationship with Adeena.

*Two Years Later*
A lot has happened since Rosie met her father. A year after the meeting she moved in with him and his family but still visited her aunt, uncle and cousins on the weekly basis not to mention hanging out with me, Tre and Mike.