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Hold on Tonight and Mesmerize Me

Chapter 5

Flashes of light off of guitar strings and water… Slick sheen of sweat covering my arms and legs… Taste of alcohol in the back of my throat… Pressing bodies moving with the beat…

Hot breath in my ear… Dark olive eyes with green flecks… Near cloudless sky and a full moon…

Cold splashes around my feet… Tripping over a root… Dragging someone into the clear shimmering liquid with me… Wet. Cold.

I was jolted out of my stupor from a freezing douse of water on my face and neck. As I resurfaced I realized that the person I had dragged with me in my drunken haze was not Stephani, nor was the form that of a girl’s at all.

The boy who previously lay next to me ran his hand through his hair trying to get rid of the water as he leaned against a large boulder while he regained his footing. His wet shirt clung to his torso and left little to the imagination, not that you needed to imagine anything with him, he was just about as close to perfect as someone could get.
His jeans were soaked through as well and the water ran tantalizing streams down his legs as the movement expelled some of the pond from the material. His dark hair hung over his face, so I couldn’t see who I’d seemed to have dragged somewhere in my drunkenness.
Speaking of which, where were we?

I crawled out of the pond and cradled my head between my hands, trying to rid myself of the dizziness I experienced when I had looked up to see where we were. The only things I had gathered from that brief glance was that were on the sitting on a boulder 50 meters or so from the stage on which Kill Hannah was performing. Glad to know I’d gotten my bearings to some extent, but I needed to find someone I knew.

I lifted my head and shook the hair out of my face then rubbed my eyes vigorously. I needed to sober up even more if I would be able to find my friend in the pond. Shifting my body I peeked at the co-victim of the shots I took; he had taken out a cigarette and lit it, inhaling a puff of cancer as I winced at the smell to which he gave a husky laugh.

Might as well apologize I guess… “Sorry about earlier, I didn’t know I was dragging someone along anywhere.”

He snickered, “Well actually, we were dragging each other along if I remember rightly. I dragged you here, then you tripped and I got pulled into the pond with you.” He nodded his head at me, “Not that I mind the sight of course.”

I sneaked a look down at my dress and gave a horrified gasp. Oh god…
My previously knee-length dress now had a gigantic slit that ran down the side of my thigh, along with a slash circling my waist. I must have looked like a hooker who was down on her luck.

I grimaced after a thorough inspection of my clothing and came to the conclusion that I’d be screwed for life if my dad saw me in this when I went home later. Let’s just hope that he was asleep by then – which was more than likely, but there was still a chance…

Anthony’s POV
I braced myself as I was dragged into the pond along with the beauty who I was previously towing behind me to get back to the party scene. She had started to wander off into the thick undergrowth behind the bar after we got off the ‘dance-floor’ and being her knight in shining armor, I took it as a duty to keep her safe since she told her friend to fuck off earlier on.
I had to admit she had a good reason; even the drunkest of people could feel the near-sexual tension between her best-friend and mine.

I leaned back against a nearby boulder and casually started to get part of the pond off my head. Since it was impossible to squeeze the water out of my hair in one go, I decided to be content with filtering out the water with my fingers – basically running my hand through my hair I guess.

She floated eerily before jerking out of the water, gasping for air. Poor thing, she was probably still intoxicated by the tequila she’d drunk earlier, but if there is one thing I have to say about her, it is that she knows how to hold her liquor.
Good, I don’t like inviting pussies to my birthday party. Not that anyone knew of course.

Time to get out of the water now that she’s come to her senses – well, kind of. I grasped the top of the rock next to me and used it to support me in case I slipped while trying to get up. Success.

I checked my pockets looking for a pack of cigarettes that I had put in my pocket earlier, hoping that I would still be able to light them in spite of their more-than-damp condition.
I located my pack and lighter in my back pocket then flipped open the box to grab a stick. A flame flickered softly at the top of my lighter as I lit my roll, and then went out as embers started to burn on the end. More smoke than usual, but it didn’t matter much since I was ‘smoking’.

I cautioned a glance at the angel I that caused me to end up completely soaked through, she made a face at the whiff of smell and smoke that blew her way. She was so innocent if she winced at the smell of nicotine, I laughed at the contrast between us.

She looked abashed then apologized for dragging me in. She looked so embarrassed, maybe a bit of the truth wouldn’t hurt here…
“Well actually, we were dragging each other along if I remember rightly. I dragged you here, then you tripped and I got pulled into the pond with you.” I gave her a proper once-over, nodding in approval at the dress that was now molded to her body along with the tears and rips from her adventures in the pond.
“Not that I mind the sight of course.” My eyes widened, there was no way I just said that.

She grimaced as she assessed the damage to her assemble, most likely counting out how many days her father would ground her for each tear along with the hour and state of sobriety she arrived home in.

All this innocence, the purity that she refuses to acknowledge, is heart-warming and fueled my desire to be even more part of her life. She was such an angel at heart, although a mischievous one albeit. None of her pranks or practical jokes ever hurt too badly or left serious damage.
Even the itching powder she had leaking over her Spanish teacher would not leave scars of any sort other than the ones self-generated (no, not from scratching, I meant the humiliation would only be known by the teacher and herself, but the teacher would make it seem worse from her panicking).

But she still did have her insane, neurotic, fantastically absurd moments as well.

After staring into space for about 10 minutes or so, inhaling smoke and waiting for Elizabeth to recover from her dizzy spell. I was jerked out of my thoughts by a cool tap on my cheek.
I held my hand out planning to lead the way back to the stage where Kill Hannah would be playing my favorite composition by them, something I’d requested for them to play once I got back with my own angel.

She slipped her hand smoothly into mine and then swiftly tugged the cigarette out of my mouth, brushing my lips in the process. I was too lost in the feeling of her touching my lips to realize that she had just done what I’d never allowed anyone to do before.
This sensitivity to her was only prolonged when she slid her arm around my back and leaned her head against my shoulder as we slowly walked towards the lights of the party; I instinctively wrapped my arm around her waist.

I couldn’t believe someone was able to do this to me. After all the planning, all the shields, all the revising to get this perfect; she still managed to keep me from following through with my exact plans.

As we neared the stage I was in control enough to remember the cue for the song for her. I ran up to the stage and jumped onto the platform then whispered into the microphone, staring directly at her.

“So what’s the craziest thing you’ve done lately?” The band started and I leapt off the stage and back into the crowd to her.

Elizabeth’s POV
As he leapt gracefully off the stage and sauntered towards me. I slowly walked towards him and wrapped my arms around his neck as we started swaying to the music.

“This is your song Elizabeth,” my name rolled off his tongue like honey as he murmured gently in my ear. “Remember it’s yours for a reason.”

It’s serious, I’ve got to find you
When I start to feel this way
You mesmerize me, all the time…

I smirked against his neck, “I mesmerize you, huh?”

He scoffed lightly into my hair and scolded me mockingly, “That's not the only lyrics to the song sweet-heart. Keep listening.”

And I’ll hold on ‘til tonight
But that’s too long
‘Cause you’re an angel

A leaned back a bit to look up at him, his dark eyes gazed back into mine piercing me against the music for a few seconds before I regained my ability to speak.
“An angel. Have you seen me at school at all? There is no way you’d call me that if-“

He leaned forward so that the tips of our noses touched each other; there was no way to escape his enthralling stare now.
“Remember what I told you half a minute ago?” I nodded. “Good, now do it.”
His lips passed against mine softly, sending shivers of pleasure through the gesture.

My crazy angel

My eyes widened at the description of me, how amazingly accurate. I laughed quietly and pressed my lips to his cheek in thanks, I felt the rush of heat that signaled a blush when I felt the current between us again.

He smirked against my hair and started singing along to the song peacefully.

It’s serious, I’ve got to take you home again tonight
‘Cause right now you paralyze me
With your smile
As your wings discard their feathers on the ground
I see a halo, oh oh, up above you
My crazy angel

“Do you even know your crazy angel?” I wondered aloud. I certainly knew him. I’d known who he was as soon as I saw those captivating eyes of his. He simply kissed my forehead as he ran his hand up and down my back soothingly.

“But tell me, is this really the craziest thing you’ve done lately? Get drunk and kiss the guy who helped you get back to the party?” He asked suddenly.

I shook my head and stroked his face, “Nope. I got drunk, kissed the guy, invited me through a friend and only let me find out last minute, gone to a party with my an amazing band playing; and known since I first got out of the water, exactly who you are and were.” I ran my other hand up his chest, earning a shiver from him as a looked hard into those Olive and green flecked eyes.

I got on tip-toe and leaned into his ear, “I don’t know everything about you Anthony, but I have a feeling that we’ll have a while to find each other out.”

Leaning my head back my lips met his with heat and something a little more than simple lust. Maybe it was Love, but who knows now? All I know is that I want to take this chance to enjoy something that possibly would have never happened before my friend’s evil planning.
Yes, there is no way that Anthony did this without Stephani trying to play cupid in this at some point, I’ll thank her later once she’s come back to the main scene with Nathaniel from god knows where and what they were doing.

We withdrew from the kiss happy and care-free. Taking my hand he led me to a flat stretch of grass and laid us down.

I look at the stars
And dream that the universe was ours
My crazy angel

Who knows what the future may bring? All we can do is try to have the most fun and make the best difference we can in the time we have.
♠ ♠ ♠
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