Sequel: Go Around



Kennedy had missed school on Friday to spend the day with her mother, which she hadn’t really expected to be anything special and she was right. All her mother did that day was piss her off and Kennedy would much rather have been at school than out and about with her mother.
It was now Saturday and it was in the middle of the afternoon when Kennedy heard her doorbell ring downstairs. She ran down the stairs, two at a time, and threw open the door and saw Alex and Jack standing there both with side smiles on their faces which wasn’t anything new. “Hey,” they said in unison.
“Hey guys, come in,” she said and stepped out of the way and let them inside her house past her. They took off their shoes because it was one of her mom’s biggest pet peeves when people walked around her house with dirty shoes on, tracking mud, bugs, and everything else all over their carpets.
“Are you ready for the party tonight?” Jack asked, pumping his fist in the air with total excitedness to be able to get completely smashed.
“What time are we going at?” she asked, hoping it was after 8 because she had homework scheduled until then.
“We were planning on around seven, why?” Alex asked.
She grunted, “Can we move it to around eight thirty?” she asked, hoping they’d say yes, just for her. Of course she was forgetting that she was the one with the car and that if she didn’t want to go at seven then the guys would just have to wait their sorry asses until she was ready to drive them there.
“Sure, how come?” Jack asked with a shrug of his shoulders. He obviously didn’t care that much if they missed some of the more boring events that night.
“I have to do homework until then,” she told them.
“Oh my god, it’s only three o’clock and you’re going to do homework for another five hours?!” Jack exclaimed at her.
“I’ve told you guys this, I have to keep my grades up or I’m going to have to cut myself off from you guys again,” she reminded them. It was only under a month that she had to do that, but it still felt like she was being condemned to her room when she wasn’t able to have Jack or Alex come over to visit her to make doing 6 hours of homework a night a little more bearable.
“Alright, then eight thirty it is,” Alex agreed.
“You guys can make yourselves some food or play video games. I have to go upstairs and finish my homework – see you in a few hours,” she said with a wink then headed up her stairs and she turned to look at the last minute and saw Alex standing staring at her with one of his crooked smiles across his face and it made her blush.
She sat cross legged on her bed and started doing her homework. She was listening to music on her iPod to keep her focused and she’d been up there for about two hours and it was already five. She felt like she was making good time considering she’d finished a few subjects already.
She heard an unexpected knock on her door and she figured that it would be Alex coming up for another spontaneous make out session, “Come in,” she yelled but kept her eyes down while she finished writing her sentence. She looked up when the door creaked open and was surprised to see Jack standing there in front of her door. “Hey, I wasn’t expecting it to be you,” she admitted.
“Yeah, I figured you thought it was Alex,” he said with a laugh. “How’s the homework coming?” he asked her as he crossed her bedroom, after shutting her door, and then sitting on her bed right next to her.
“Alright, I guess. I’ve finished english and math homework so I’m good in those two subjects at least,” she said with fake enthusiasm and gave him a thumbs up and a tight smile.
They sat in silence for a few minutes before Jack finally spoke up again, “I’m glad Alex is back to his old self,” he said and it felt a little random to Kennedy that he came all the way up to her room to tell her that.
“How do you mean?” she asked, confused. He hadn’t really changed, at least not when he was in front of Jack or his other friends, only when he was with her.
“Well you know, I was getting worried about him for a while since he wasn’t having sex with people as much as he had been before. Like, the last time I remembered him having sex with someone was about a month and a half ago and it was after one of the party’s we were at. He slept with her at her house then snuck out in the morning, but after that I hadn’t hear anything about his sexcepades. It kind of freaked me out and I’m glad he finally got laid again with some random chick. He seems to be back to normal for the most part,” Jack finished. Kennedy couldn’t believe how fast her heart was beating.
She wanted to believe that she didn’t have a problem with the fact that he’d apparently had sex with someone else, but she knew that she couldn’t kid herself when her body and mind were reeling like this.
She tried to compose herself before Jack noticed that she was on the verge of having a panic attack, “Do you know who he had sex with?” she questioned even though she wasn’t sure if she really wanted to know the answer. Her voice was calm and even.
“You mean you don’t know?” Jack asked, sounding surprised.
She shook her head, “No, he didn’t tell me anything,” she informed Jack.
“Oh well, it was Miranda,” he told her and Kennedy’s heart just sank.
She got this overwhelming need to vomit and cry and hyperventilate all at the same time. She blinked back tears. “Didn’t you and she hook up?” she asked, and she sounded like she normally would if she and Alex hadn’t been sleeping together.
“Yeah, but it was nothing serious. Besides, Alex had her first,” Jack said with a shrug of his shoulders.
Of course it was The Skank that he’d hooked up with. She wished that he’d told her so he could have saved her from being so surprised when Jack had told her, but what if it hadn’t been Jack? What if it had been someone else, someone random who she didn’t even know? How idiotic would she feel then?
“But, wait, doesn’t she have a boyfriend?” she asked him remembering Carl, he big, muscular, beefy boyfriend who was dumber than a crayon.
“Yeah, but since when has that ever mattered to Alex?” Jack asked and laughed. Kennedy laughed at that, too, because it was true. Most of the girls he’d had sex with had had boyfriends at the time.
They sat there for another moment before she collected all of her thoughts, “You should probably go. I want to finish my homework and still have time to get ready,” she said, pointing down at her history essay that she was currently in the process of revising for the fourth time.
“Sure, I’ll get out of your way,” Jack said and stood up then left her room without another word.
Kennedy wanted to break down right then and there but she reminded herself that she was in her room. Anyone could walk into her room at any time and more importantly, the boys would hear her crying while she was in her bedroom so she kept it to herself and tried to keep her mind preoccupied with other things until seven o’clock hit and then she was done with almost all of her homework.
She got off her bed, stripped her clothes, and then walked across the hall wrapped in a towel into her bathroom. She turned on the shower to 50 degrees past scolding to the point where she felt like all the flesh was being seared off. She’d only done that a few times and she loved the sensation whenever she was feeling emotionally broken.
She washed and conditioned her hair then sank to the bottom of the tub and listened to her music that was playing in the bathroom. She started to cry and let the tears fall down onto her knees that streamed their way to her ankles and eventually down the drain.
This, she reminded herself, was why people should never fall in love. They get hurt and they get broken and there’s never anybody there to pick up the pieces except for yourself, but when you’re broken you don’t really want to pick up the pieces. Eventually, after being hurt for so long it becomes like your safety blanket and you rely on the pain and the depression to keep you alive and you never let anything in the way you did before you were hurt. Before somebody broke you.
She got out of the shower around eight and then went into her room and blow dried her hair until there were nice beachy waves making their way down her back. She put on a little bit of makeup and picked out a pair of black skinny jeans wit holes all over the place, pretty much the only thing keeping the pair of pants together was the hems on the sides, and a cropped Sex Pistols t-shirt so that everything from her waist down was exposed and she threw a cropped motorcycle jacket over it with a pair of peep toe booties that laced up to just past her ankles and had a buckle on them.
She was ready to party. She was ready to be back to her normal self, not the love sick puppy dog bullshit that she’d become.
She was ready to drink, party, and to, of course, have a lot of sex.
Kennedy made her way out of her room and walked down the stairs and saw Alex and Jack watching a movie, “Hope you guys are ready because we’re going,” she said as she grabbed her studded clutch purse and held it in her left hand.
Both boys turned around to look at her and Jack started whistling at her and Alex just stared in complete awe. “Come on,” she said, hustling them to get their asses off the couch and out the door. They did as they were told and turned off her TV in the process then jogged their way out of the door. “You look stunning,” she heard Alex say as her passed her and he briefly put his hand on the small of her back which she knew was one of his affectionate gestures.
She closed her eyes tightly for a brief second and then shut the door behind them. She got in her car and sped out of the driveway, worse than usual, and tore down the residential street.
The party was at a friend of Jack’s named Kyle and his parents were in Hawaii for two weeks and decided to leave him at home alone so of course he decides to throw a party.
Kyle’s house wasn’t too much furthers than Jack’s was and so when they pulled up in front of the house and saw the massive amount of people it didn’t come much of a surprise. She got out of the car after she parked and they made their way to the front of the house.
It was almost nine o’clock on the dot. This was Kennedy’s favorite time to get to party. Late enough to be considered a party and to have an acceptable hour to drink but early enough to be able to get up in the morning even if you stayed at the party for four hours.
Jack went inside and Kennedy heard him yell Kyle’s name, but Alex grabbed her wrist and held her back, “Is everything okay?” he asked her with genuine concern in his eyes.
“Everything’s great. I just haven’t been to a party in a while and I’m kind of excited,” which, for the most part, was true.
“Are you sure? There’s nothing you want to talk to me about?” he asked, holding her eyes with his intense brown ones.
“No. Is there something you want to talk to me about?” she asked and she tried her hardest to keep the venom seething through her words, but she didn’t think she did a good job. She thought for sure that he would hear it and he would know. He would just know that she knew. Part of her was hoping that he would just tell her what she already knew because then she would at least know that he wasn’t going out of his way to hide anything from her.
“No, you just seem a little off,” he lied and shook his head and then walked past her to the party. She tightened her lips into a straight line then nodded and started into the party after him.
She didn’t bother following Alex or trying to find Jack to hang out with. Even though all the girls at their school hated her, which was far from the truth with the other boys. She walked into the kitchen and saw a line of different alcohol lined up on the counter.
She knew that eventually she’d have all of the drinks she loved the most, but she decided to start off with a simple cape cod. She poured more than half the red plastic cup with vodka and then put in cranberry juice and chugged it in under 10 minutes. She was ready to party.
“Hey, Kennedy,” a guy she’d known since she moved to Maryland named Bill said to her and she could tell that he was higher than a kite and drunker than a sailor.
“Hi, Bill,” she said, melancholy and poured herself a rum and coke.
“How have you been?”
“I’ve been fine, Bill. What about you?” she asked even though she hated the arrogant ass hole.
“Good. I’ve missed having classes with you though,” he said as he moved closer to her and put his hands on her waist and pulled her close to you, “you were the only thing that kept me focused in our classes,” he whispered and she laughed.
“You want to fuck me, Bill?” she asked in a seductive tone and she could feel his boner even through his and her pants.
“Of course I do, baby, it’s all I’ve wanted to do since I met you,” he told her.
“That sucks for you,” she whispered, put her hand on his chest and pushed him away. She may be desperate but not that desperate. If she was going to have sex with somebody tonight then she wanted it to be someone worthwhile and someone who would send Alex Gaskarth over the edge with jealousy and pure anger.
She walked deeper into the house and saw Jack doing tequila shots of a girl with a toned stomach. She decided not to bother him. She kept walking and saw The Skank. Anger immediately penetrated her whole body, but she quickly suppressed it and looked around for any boys who she hadn’t already had sex with.
She spotted Carl, The Skank’s boyfriend, and a mischievous smile spread across her face. She hoped that he would take her up on the offer that she was about to give to him. Before she went over to talk to him she walked back into the kitchen, took three tequila shots, two vodka shots, and mixed herself a lemonade with vodka in it and drank half of it before she made it to the room where Carl was.
She walked up to him and put her hand on his back and he immediately turned around in shock, but when he saw her a smile spread across his face as he stared down her shirt at her boobs. “Hi, Carl,” she said in a once-again-seductive tone.
“Hey Kennedy. What are you doing here?” he asked her.
She smiled, “I came here for you of course,” she said and ran her hand up and down his chest.
“Really?” he asked almost in disbelief, but he knew how to play the game. Carl was an attractive guy; he was about 6’5”, pure muscle, short brown hair and bright blue eyes.
“Of course,” she said and put her hand behind his neck and brought his head down to her level even after she was standing on her tippy toes. “I really, really want you. Now.” She told him urgently; “I know that you have a girlfriend, but I figured for me…” she trailed off leaving the unspoken words hanging in the air.
“No, it’s alright. Here?” he asked her, reciprocating her urgentness.
“Here, upstairs,” she told him then took his hand and scanned the room for Alex, Jack, and The Skank. The last thing she wanted was a confrontation before she got laid and had the opportunity she show Carl just how good she actually was at sex.
They walked up the staircase and she opened the only room available and locked the door behind them. She pushed him down on to the bed and she started walking towards him, “Wait,” he said and just stared at her, “will you take off your pants, but leave on the shoes?” he asked her. It was an odd request, but she got it more often than one might think.
She smiles and slid off her pants easily while keeping her shoes on. Most girls had problems with it, she did when she first tried, but practice makes perfect.
“I just want to admire your body,” he told her and just stared at her a minute. She eventually started walking toward him and then straddled him. She stripped him almost completely except for his boxers. She kissed him softly and made kissing trails down his neck to his chest to his stomach to his leg and eventually to his hard on. She started sucking on it lightly and when she heard him moan, “Oh god, Kennedy,” she stopped and took off her cropped top and her panties but left on the motorcycle jacket and the boots. It was her favorite thing to do when she was giving guys head: make them moan and then just stop so that they’re a lot more aggressive during the sex.
She got on top of him once more and slid slowly onto his shaft and started moving back and forth while moving her hips in a figure eight shape. He propped himself up in the middle and started kissing her breasts greedily and she almost wanted to pull away and tell him to stop. Almost. Some part of her told her she deserved to be treated that way, disgustingly like she was a whore.
He finished a lot earlier than she expected and by the end of it he couldn’t stop talking about it. She got annoyed when guys did that, when they recollected every single thing they did less than a minute ago especially when she was still in the room.
She put her clothes back on, unlocked and opened the door, but paused and looked back at him, “Tell your girlfriend I say thanks,” she said with venom poisoning her words then she kept walking out and shut the door behind herself.
She made a pit stop in the bathroom the spruce up her makeup before going back down to the party and she threw her hair up in a messy ponytail because it was too knotted to be able to wear down.
She walked out of the bathroom, down the staircase and saw Alex with his hand propping him up against the wall that The Skank was leaning up against and she was smiling, touching, and flirting worse than she’d seen anyone flirt. She smiled to herself because she knew that The Skank was making a fool of herself… and that she’d just fucked her boyfriend and she planned on spreading it around like wild fire.
As for Alex, well, a little competition never hurt anybody, right?
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