Sequel: Go Around



It was a nice April morning at a temperate 65 degrees outside so naturally Kennedy had the top of her old, beat up, red convertible down with the wind blowing her dark wavy hair around her face and in back of her that would make any girl without convertible hair extremely jealous. She was blasting Joan Jett and the Black Hearts on her car CD player and driving at a steady 47 miles per hour.
She was on her way to go pick up Jack and Alex from their homes and take them to school. Alex had turned 16 in December, had his license and everything, just missing the car, so Kennedy still had to pick him up every morning unless he wanted to wake up an hour earlier to catch the bus.
Kennedy was sporting a black tank top that showed maybe two inches of skin above where her grey skinny jeans ended, but no one really cared if they saw a little of her nicely tanned skin. She wore a pair of black, peep toe wedges to accompany the outfit, but she just kind of threw it all together in the morning. She wasn’t the type of person to plan out what she was wearing the night before.
She pulled up in front of Alex’s house and honked twice and just a few seconds later he came running out of the house wearing almost matching skinny jeans and a band t-shirt. He hopped in the passenger seat and gave her a smile, “We should ditch,” was the first words that came out of his mouth.
“Um… how about no?” she said as she pulled away from the curb and drove at 35 in the residential area.
“You know, I’m honestly surprised that you got your license when you drive like a bat out of hell,” Alex commented.
“Well obviously I didn’t drive like this when I was taking the driving test, smart ass,” she said and grabbed her pack of cigarettes from the dashboard and had him hold on to the wheel while she lit it. Luckily her car was an automatic so she didn’t have to worry about shifting, smoking, and steering all at the same time.
“Anyway, back to the task at hand, I think that you, Jack, and I should have a ditch day. I mean, none of us see each other anymore especially you since you’re always worrying about homework and tests,” Alex said while Kennedy tried to make her way to Jack’s house.
“Why don’t you want to go, anyway?” she asked as she took a sharp turn.
“I just told you why,”
“You have a test don’t you?”
“You are a filthy liar!”
“I’m sorry, I just can’t worry about taking a test today… please?” he begged, putting his hands in front of his chest.
“What’s the subject?” she asked, curious.
“History,” he said reluctantly.
“No, we are definitely going. You’ll do find on the test and I’ll even prep with you a little bit before you go and take it,” she told him. She was a stickler for tests. Especially history.
“You suck,” he told her and flopped into the seat and hunkered down. A few seconds later they pulled up in front of Jack’s house and she honked twice yet again to inform that she had made her entrance. He took a little longer to come out than Alex usually did so she turned off the car and sat back and continued to smoke her cigarette.
She turned her head and saw Alex watching her. “Can I help you?” she asked and gave him a little smirk.
“It’s no wonder every boy in school wants you, you’re definitely hot when you smoke,” he told her and that made her laugh.
“Come on, Alex,” she said and bent across the median between them and got her face two inches away from him, “you know you’re the only one I want,”
He leaned in to kiss her and she pulled away and started laughing. “You are very good I will give you that,” he admitted and then started laughing along with her.
Jack finally came out of his house wearing virtually the same thing both Alex and Kennedy were and he hopped over the door and into the back seat. He scooted up and put his arm on both of the chairs in front of him and looked back and forth between the two of them. “Kennedy, how are you a girl?”
She looked at him flabbergasted as she pulled away, “Well, there’s a different anatomy –“
“That’s not what I mean, I mean how do you handle being a girl? You’re all so neurotic.”
“That we are. That is the only thing seriously stopping me from being a lesbian. Women are fucking psychotic,” she said as she sped up to 50 mph.
“I don’t know how to handle it,” Jack said.
“You could become a gay man. You and Alex would make a very cute couple and I’m sure a lot of women would love to see it,” she said with a chuckle.
“I don’t see why we have to put up with girls,” Alex put his two cents in.
“Now wait just a minute, women may be psychotic, but men are stupid. You should feel lucky that we even grace you with our presence,” she said and Alex just shook his head and Jack smiled and flopped into the back seat.
She pulled into the school parking lot and they all got out of the car after she put the hood of the car up to keep it from getting broken into. It was going to be a long day.


After school the three of them met up at her car and Jack and Alex beat her there because she had to retake a test in Algebra 2 because she got a B on it and she wanted an A.
She opened the car and got in and put the roof back down and it was now at 70 degrees and it felt great. “Hey, can I come over to your house?” Alex asked as she started pulling out of the parking lot.
“Sure, but I have some homework I have to do,” she informed him.
“You always have homework to do,” he said.
“Can I come, too?” Jack asked.
“I honestly don’t care. My mom won’t be home until ten so you can even spend the night if you want,” she told them.
“Sweet. I don’t think my mom will have a problem with it if she knows that Jack will be there,” Alex said and gave Jack puppy dog eyes.
“Ah man, come on. You know how my mom feels about me spending the night at girls’ houses,” Jack complained, him sitting in the front seat now.
“But she’s not a girl, she’d Kennedy,” Alex exclaimed.
“Geez thanks Alex,” Kennedy said, pretending to be hurt.
“You know what I meant,” he said.
They pulled up in front of her house and they all got out of the car and headed up to her room. Alex and Jack decided to make a pit stop to pick up some of her food, but she headed straight up to her room to make sure all dirty undies were thrown in the hamper, no tampons were on her vanity table, and no leg waxing strip boxes were anywhere.
She finished picking everything by the time they made it up to her room, each with a big plate of food. She looked at it in utter disgust. No one should be able to eat that much food.
“Do you care if I change into my jammies?” she asked. They both shook their heads.
She stripped down into her lacey Victoria’s Secret underwear and walked over to the shelf in her closet and picked out her red pajama bottoms with white and hot pink polka dots and when she bent over to put them on, someone slapped her ass and she quickly turned around and they were both looking off in the opposite direction, pretending that it wasn’t either of them, but she knew it was Alex because his food was on her bed, not in his lap like it was Jack’s. She got real close to him again, “Can I help you?” she asked with a faux fierceness in her eyes.
“It wasn’t me, it was Jack,” Alex said and pointed his finger in Jack’s direction.
Jack had a surprised face on and shook his head ferociously.
“It was you,” she said to Alex.
“You just have such a cute butt,” he said and gave her the puppy dog eyes and she laughed and stood erect and grabbed her pajama bottoms and put them on then sat on her bed.
“You suck,” she told him with a laugh.
♠ ♠ ♠
This chapter kind of sucks, but I have to show how their relationships are. So just bear with me. It'll get better, I promise.