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Painting Flowers

Strange Maze, What Is This Place?

Love. Such a strange word, what does it mean exactly? Why do girls fall in love with douche bags? Why do guys treat girls like shit? I know not all of them are that way, but most are and let's face it; I only dated one guy in my whole life. His name was Connor, I was so smitten with him; I'd do anything he wanted me to do. He kissed me yeah, but it felt so wrong, it felt dirty, and I didn't like it. He tried to have sex with me, and I of course denied I told him I wasn't ready and what does he do? He tries to rape me. That is why I hate men; they disgust me. Let's just stay, that Connor wasn't happy with the outcome of that attempt rape; not only did he not get what he wanted but got his ass kicked by none other than myself.

This is why I am at an all girls' boarding school in Sacramento, California because I told my parents I couldn't be around guys, and I wanted to focus on my studies. You can only imagine how they took that, very pleased they agreed, so here I was.

her name was Brenda, she was beautiful; Tall, slim, olive skin, had long dark hair, beautiful chestnut brown eyes, legs that went on for days. She was my first crush, I've ever had on a girl, and she was perfect from head to toe. I first laid my eyes on her when I first came here; I never really got the chance to talk to her because we weren't in any classes together.
As much as I wanted to talk to her I knew that I would never get that chance, because she had a boyfriend and it was obvious she didn't like girls that way.

I learned that she soon moved away to a public school, and that was the last I've heard of her. I wasn't crushed, it wasn't heartbreaking, but I was sad that I never got the chance to meet her face to face. To get to know her and ask what she likes, and what she doesn't like, I moved on.

Living and interacting with girls was not easy for me, it never really was, and it was hard not to look at them. I didn't really have another crush after Brenda, but more like lustful urges, or lust crushes if you know what I mean. My room mate Clara, wasn't easy to live with sometimes, she could be so whiny and always complained how there's no boys around. Well duh, Einstein its all girls boarding school there's no boys, not even teachers are boys, everyone in this institution was a female.

"So did you do your Algebra homework?" she asked me, flopping down on her bed.

I sighed, "I'm not finished,"

"Can I see when you're done?"

I shrugged, "I guess so,"

I grabbed my calculator and started doing some equations, and as usual Clara was doing nothing that has to do with homework; instead she took out a couple of magazines and started flipping through them.

"You know what I heard earlier?" Clara cleared her throat.

I looked up from my book to stare at her; she was chewing her lower lip and flipping through Teen Vogue magazine.

"What's that? More gossip about Karen Wilson? And how she's not a virgin?" I laughed.

"NO! And she is to a virgin!"

I rolled my eyes, "Whatever, so what did you hear then?"

"Well, I hear that there's a new girl coming,"

I looked up at Clara, intrigued by this sudden news, I hadn't heard anything about a new girl, and I put my book down and stared at her for a moment.

"Oh? How do you know?"

"I over heard Dean Rivers talking to Professor Marci about it, said the girl was brilliant or something, anyways, it'll be fun having another girl I suppose" I could tell she was being sarcastic, but I was excited for it.

"We could always use a new girl," I shrugged.

"Mhmm. I'm sure, anyways I'm gonna go,"

"Where you going?"


"We're not supposed to leave our rooms after 9 you know that,"

"You're a goody two shoes you know that Gabbi?"

I rolled my eyes, "I don't want to get into any trouble that's all, that doesn't make me a goody two shoe,"

"It does, actually,"

"Whatever just go, but if you get in trouble don't come crying to me," I yawned, putting my books away.

"Bye," Clara said, as she stepped out.

I sighed, I knew where she was going; she didn't have to tell me, Clara always snuck out to go talk to some guys from a near by all guy academy, go figure.

I got up and opened my drawer, taking out a pair of pajamas; I set them on my twin bed and walked over to the mirror. I stripped down to my underwear and I took a good look at myself in the mirror, I touched my waist line it wasn't big, but it wasn't tiny either, I ran my hands up to my chest; I took in a deep breath, I tilted my head slightly to the right and I grabbed my boobs, feeling them, they weren't small. I sometimes wondered if I could get a breast reduction, my boobs sometimes grabbed attention, and I didn't like it. I sighed; I guess I would have to make do with what I have. I then ran my hands up to my neck, slender but not too thin or too thick, I smiled. I touched my face, my almond eyes were complimented by my slim nose, I was glad I wasn't one of those girls with big noses. I kept staring at my reflection in the mirror, the way my heart shaped full lips formed, they were perfect; my favorite body part of mine. I turned around, my butt; wasn't one of my favorite physical features but I had to admit, it did bring attention to my body.

I'm not conceited, but when you have a body like mine you can't help but feel overwhelmed and feel great about yourself.

I also really loved the way my black hair dangled down to my waist line, and swung in the air, it was shiny and well nourished that's for sure. I'm the type of girl that loves taking care of her hair like it was her life. It was a pain to take care of so much hair, not only was it long but it was really thick, it annoyed me sometimes, but it was well worth it.

I brushed it and braided my hair into a long braid; I then slipped on my pajama bottoms, then my top. I grabbed my dirty clothes and put them in the hamper next to my bed, I looked out the window, and I could see Clara making out with some guy. I shook my head; she was going to get into a heap of trouble if they ever found she was out there with some guy.

I got into bed and turned off the light, yawning I kept thinking about that new girl that would soon be joining us. I wondered what she looked like, what genre of music and movies she liked, what she liked to wear, was she straight, bisexual, or a lesbian. I couldn't wait to find out.
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