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Painting Flowers

If Nothing Is True, What More Can I Do?

I stretched my arms; morning was blissful the sun was shining and I was lying next to Charlie. Who looked peaceful in her sleep, I was glad that she was all right, the night before wasn't an easy one, with all those nightmares. I sat up and hung my legs over the bed; I stretched my arms and got up. I turned to Charlie and smiled, she was so cute; I walked over to the bathroom to take a quick shower.

A nice warm shower was just what I needed, I could hear Charlie getting up and moving around. It was too soon to ask her to join me, even the thought of asking her made me blush, I shouldn't rush things.

After the shower, I got dressed in some shorts and a tank top; Charlie was already up and dressed, I walked over to her and smiled.

"Morning dear," I smiled

"Morning, want some bagels?"

I nodded, taking one and smothering butter and jam on it, and I took a small bite and set it down on a plate. I walked over to the fridge and opened it, taking out some orange juice; I poured us both orange juice.


"You said it," Charlie grinned.

"Want to go hiking?"

"Sure, let me go get dressed,"

I nodded and waited for her to finish up; while she did that I packed a light lunch and a lot of water. I changed my shoes from regular tennis to hiking boots, I thought it be easier to hike with comfortable shoes, I pulled my hair into a long ponytail.

After we were ready, we walked out and started our hike, I had my biking underneath my hiking stuff, and we would go swimming after a long hike. We walked in silence for a little bit before I asked her if she had her bathing suit on.

"Oh, yeah, I do," she smiled.

We walked for a couple of hours before we got to the lake that was near by our cabin, I had sunscreen, a beach towel, sunglasses and sunscreen with me.

I set my towel down and started unbuttoning my shorts and slipped out of them, then removed my top. I was in a bright pink bikini, I looked for Charlie but I couldn't find her, I thought she might be changing, so I sat down and started applying sunscreen on my legs.

"Hey," I heard her walk behind and me.

I turned around and smiled, "Hey!"

"I love your bikini," she smirked.

I giggled, "Thanks I like your suit too it’s hot"

I pulled my hair into a big bun, and watched Charlie walk over to me, taking a seat next to me; she asked if she could put sunscreen on me. I smiled and nodded; I watched her squirt some out and started applying it on my back. My heart was pounding when Charlie started applying sunscreen all over my chest, my face grew hot, and I saw her smiling. I giggled and poked her nose.

"Here, let me put some on you," I giggled, and took the sunscreen and started rubbing some on her body.

"There we're all set," I smiled, pressing my lips against her back.

We got up and ran to the lake and jumped in, we giggled and splashed each other, and it was amazing.


I could hear Charlie shout, I poked my head out and shouted Polo and then sunk myself down into the water again.

I felt two arms snake around my waist and pull me up, I squirmed and saw Charlie laughing, and I giggled and shoved her.



Charlie wrapped her arms around my waist and pulled me closer to her; I smiled and kissed her cheek. Charlie's lips were on my neck, sucking gently, I giggled I've never actually had gotten a hickey before.

"Your giggle is cute," she whispered.

I blushed, "Thanks,"

I wrapped my arms around Charlie's neck, and she picked me up; I giggled as she pulled me back down and started kissing me. Slowly moving our lips against each other's her tongue was trying to enter my own, my heart racing I opened my mouth and let Charlie's tongue into my mouth.

"Charlie,” I breathed.

"Gabbi" She smirked.

"How am I going to hide this hickey?" I giggled.

"Make up, silly" she smiled pressing her lips on my collar bone.

I giggled, "Hey!"

When we got out we laid on the towels, I started nibbling on Charlie's shoulder, leaving my mark on here.

We stared into each other's eyes; I couldn't believe that I finally had a girlfriend; she was beautiful, smart, and funny.

I laid side ways and stared at Charlie, she was so amazing; her hand was resting on my hip, her fingers were running up and down my side. I blushed, her hand was now resting on my shoulder, her fingers slid down to my breast, she cupped my left boob with her hand, and she caressed it. My face was red; Charlie smiled, as she continued to caress my chest.

"Charlie," I breathed.


"Do you think I look slutty?" I bit my lip.

She blinked, "No, why would I think that?"

"Because of my boobs," I blushed deeply.

"Your boobs are perfect," she smiled and pulled me down, wrapping her hands around me.

I kissed her cheek and smiled, she was so sweet, I knew what was happening, but I didn't know it was going to be this fast. I was falling in love with Charlie; there was no doubt about that.

"So Charlie, are you happy?"

"Of course I am, I have you,"

I blushed and hugged her tightly; it was time for us to go inside, so we picked up our stuff and walked into the cabin, we put our stuff away.

"I'm going to shower again,” I giggled.

"Okay," Charlie smiled.

I walked into the bathroom, and stripped my self of my bathing suit and turned the warm water on. I stepped into the shower and began to wash myself, and all that was on my mind was how happy I was, and that maybe one day, I would get married.
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Gabi's outfit
Gabi's bathing suit
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Charlie's bathing suit

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