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Painting Flowers

I Am Still Painting Flowers For You,

While Gabbi was in the shower, I went into the kitchen and grabbed a glass from the cupboard. I filled it up and then gulped half of it down. I sighed, staring out the kitchen window.

I wasn't mad or sad or anything. I was just thinking.
I began thinking about what we do. I mean, those nuns and teachers and whatnot back at school don't really allow relationships with the boys from the guys' academy that's not very far from the school.

And I don't really think they allow girls to date other girls.

"Whatcha doin'?" Gabbi's voice asked me from behind. I turned around and grinned at her.
"Just drinkin' some water and thinkin'," I replied.
"Thinkin' about what?" she asked.

"Hmm. Nothin' much. Just wondering why the Earth is round." I lied.
"Cool." Gabbi said.
"Wanna watch some TV, a movie, or go sit outside and bond with nature?" I asked.

"How about bond with nature? That sounds fun." Gabbi said.
"Okay," I said, lacing my fingers with hers.
"Shall we?" she asked, swinging out arms.
"Yep," I said, my voice popping in the "P."

I continued to think about our relationship as Gabbi and I walked around outside, hand - in - hand.
Some birds were tweeting loudly. I suddenly heard a woodpecker.

"Aren't the birds beautiful, Charlie?" Gabbi asked me.
"Yes, they are." I said, nodding, but looking off at the lake. 
"Charlie, are you all right?" she asked.
I glanced over at her and sighed. "Well, I'm scared of what will happen to our relationship when vacation is over and we go back to school." I explained, eying the ground.

"Oh, Charlie, no matter what, we'll be together. We'll just be like Romeo and Juliet. Except we'll be Juliet and Juliet." Gabbie's laughed at that. I laughed, too, feeling better and much happier.

I gave Gabbi a quick peck on her cheek and wrapped one of my arms around her waist. "We should probably watch out for skunks since there may be some," I said.
"Yeah. Wanna go watch a DVD?" Gabbi asked.
"Sure." I said. 

We walked back into the cabin and sat down on the couch. Gabbi turned on the DVV player. The DVD was Dragon Ball Z! I loved watching that show! It's been forever since I last saw it.

"Ah!" I squealed excitedly.
"What?" Gabbi asked.
"Dragon Ball Z! It's been forever since I've seen it! I love Goku!" I squealed.
"I love this show! I last watched it when I was... ten? I think," she said, "and I love Goku, too. He's so laid - back and easy going." Gabbi said. I nodded.

"He's definitly my favorite." I said, grinning at Gabbi. She leaned over and kissed my cheek. 
"You're my favorite girl." She whispered. I laid my head down on her shoulder.
"You're my favorite girl, too." I said, gently poking her in the ribs.
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