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Painting Flowers

Showed My Cards, Gave You My Heart,

Days passed and it seemed everything was going smoothly; Charlie and I went fishing a couple of times. She pushed me off the boat once and we both ended up soaked and laughing, I'd say that was pretty awesome. We did some dancing in the cabin too, both acting like weirdoes. I never thought I'd find someone I could relate to so much and have strong feelings for. Charlie was really something special, and I wanted to spend more time with her, I wish we were roommates at school, but I knew that wasn't happening this year.

"Charlie," I whispered, we were both curled up in bed.


"What are we going to do at school?"

"I don't know... I'm sure we can get a quick kiss or two while we're in the shower," she giggled.

I smiled and nodded; it was going to be hard to keep our urges down, but we were going to be sneaking around. You could say like Romeo and Juliet except without all the blood, poison and dying.

"Well, school starts in a couple of days," I sighed.

"Yeah, we should have a little more fun while we're still here," Charlie grinned.

Charlie and I were growing closer with every kiss and every hug, I had the urge to go further, but it was too soon.


School started again, such a pain, I would only get to see Charlie at breakfast, lunch and supper, and in classes, not to mention the shower. I know it seems like more than enough, but to me it isn't, I wanted to kiss her and hug her.

"So, how was your break Gabbi?" Clara asked, while we were in study hall, trying to do our homework together.

"It was fun," I nodded.

I would ask Clara about hers but I could tell she spent most of hers in study hall catching up on her work and making up tests and quizzes. I felt bad, but she did have it coming, after all, she did slack off most of the time.

"That's good; hey you know what I heard?"

I shook my head, Clara was always gossiping about someone she was quite quirky and bubbly though, I liked that about her.

"What is it this time Clara? We need to focus on your work, you're doing much better, but you're grades still need improving,"

"I know, but there's another new student,"

I looked at her, "Another?"

"Yeah, besides your friend Charlie, a new girl, she's gorgeous, I'm not lesbo or anything but I'd so go homo just for her," she giggled.

I blinked and shoved Clara gently, she was so weird sometimes; She had me curious though, this new girl where did she come from? Who is she?

I thought more about what Clara said about this girl; she was fifteen years old, a year younger than me. She said that this new girl was Asian, so that pretty much tells me what she looks like, a bit. Black hair, dark eyes, typical of me to make assumptions of someone I never even met. Clara also said she was quite short it was adorable; I hope this wouldn't be trouble. I shook my negative thoughts and continued with my work; afterwards I got up and walked out of study hall.

When I walked out I saw Charlie with a short girl, she was wearing a red top and shorts with black Converse on. Her hair was tied into a side pony tail, with a bow attached; it was curled at the end. That must have been that Asian girl that Clara was talking about, she had red lipstick on, she was very pretty indeed, but my heart was Charlie's. Although she looked pretty happy talking to this new girl, and I know it was wrong I could feel a small hint of jealousy running through my veins.

Charlie looked up and noticed me, she signaled me to come over, and I reluctantly walked over and tried to put my best “smile on.

"Hey Charlie," I greeted.

"Hey Gabs, this is Amara she's new here,"

"Hello," I said.

"Hi," she smiled.

"She was looking a little lonely so I introduced myself to her and told her I'd show her around,"

"Oh okay, well guess I better leave you to it," I sighed, and walked to my room.

I have to admit I've never been this jealous before, I mean she was new; there was nothing to be jealous about right? Then why did I feel like this, Charlie looked so cheery with Amara, that's why.

I had just finished putting my hair into a bun, and was ready for my shower, I opened the door and stepped out, and usually Charlie was waiting for me. She wasn't there, I thought something might have happened; I bit my lip and walked to the showers. When I walked in there she was laughing with Amara. I dropped my stuff on the bench, my jaw clenched, she never came for me.

"Hey Gabbi, sorry I didn't go over, I had to show Amara the showers, I am her only friend you know," she smiled.

I shrugged, as I opened the shower curtains and started the shower; I turned back around and saw Charlie was still talking to Amara.

"Shower time," she squealed.

As for me I quickly got into the shower and started washing my body, I could still hear them giggling and talking about what they liked and all that stuff. I sighed, I knew I shouldn't let the jealousy over come me, but it was hard for me. I've never had a girlfriend before and it was hard for me not to be jealous.

After the shower, I wrapped my body in my robe and my hair in a towel, I slipped on my flip flops, and looked for Charlie and Amara, they were gone. I huffed, this was getting so annoying, and I stormed off. Tomorrow I was going to ignore those two; I would not sit with them at breakfast, lunch or supper. No way.
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