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Painting Flowers

Wish We Could Start All Over,

It was the next day and I was eating breakfast with Amara. Gabbi was nowhere in sight.
“So, Amara, what do ya like?” I asked, taking a sip of my orange juice.
“Well, I like some anime cartoons – Pokémon being one of them – and I love reading.” She said.
“What are your favorite books?” I asked.

“I enjoyed the Harry Potter series. I also loved the book ‘Stargirl.’ And I also loved The Outsiders.” Amara said.
I nearly choked on my scrambled eggs. “Y – you love the Harry Potter book, Stargirl, and The Outsiders?” I sputtered. Amara nodded.

“I love those books, too!” I squealed.

“I guess we have more in common than I thought,” Amara pointed out, taking a sip from her glass of milk.
“Here are your schedules, girls.” One of the nuns said, shoving the slips of paper into our hands. And with that, the big, scary penguin left and I looked down at my schedule.

Math, history, geography, you get the point.
“Are the nuns here always so terrifying?” Amara asked me. I laughed and nodded.
“They are.” I said. Amara shuddered.
“I swear, looking at them is like one of my nightmares all over again,” she said.

“What was your nightmare?” I asked curiously.
“It was about giant penguins taking over the world. But it sure was creepy.” She said.
“Ah. Sounds interesting,” I said, nodding my head.
“Well,” Amara began, “I need to get going. See ya, Charlie.” She got up and left. I waved to her just before she stepped out into the hall.

I got up from my seat and then spotted Gabbi. I quickly jogged over to her and tapped her shoulder. “Hey, Gabs,” I said. She said nothing. She didn’t even turn around. “Hey, Gabs,” I repeated.
She did turn around, but she didn’t make eye contact with me. In fact, she acted as though I wasn’t even there.

I furrowed my eyebrows together. Gabbi just walked out of the breakfast hall.
Shaking my head, I walked back to my stuff, picked it up, and walked to my first class.
My first class passed quickly, as did the second. Geography dragged on, but then, gym finally came along.

I didn’t have that class with Amara, but I did have it with Gabbi.
Maybe, I thought as I walked into the locker room, I’ll be able to talk with her.
I quickly changed into my shorts and T – shirt and then I jogged out onto the field.
I then began looking around for Gabbi. I even asked a few girls if they knew where she is.

Some said, “No.”
And a couple of girls said, “Who’s that?”

Sighing, I walked over to Couch. “Hey, Couch,” I said.
She turned around. “Yes, Charlene?” she boomed in her deep, manly voice.
“Have you seen Gabbi?” I asked, rubbing the back of my neck.
“Hmm. No, I haven’t, but the nurse told me that she’s sick.” Couch said. I nodded, my shoulders slumping.

I trotted over to a red – haired girl. Couch blew her silver whistle and boomed, “Jumping jacks, ladies!!”
I started jumping up and down, my arms smacking against each other. And my legs looking like a pair of scissors. I felt like a pair of jumping scissors.

Please, please, please, please, let gym be over soon, I thought as my arms and legs smacked against each other again.
“All right, ladies!” Couch boomed again after we did jumping jacks. I stopped.
“Today’s lesson’ll be short!” Couch boomed.

Couldn’t she have told us that before we started doing jumping jacks?
“So,” she said, “grab some rope and get jumpin’!” I walked over to a bin full of jump rope, grabbed a rope, and went back to my spot.

After at least ten minutes of jumping, Couch blew her whistle. “Hit the showers!” she boomed loudly. I tossed my rope back into the bin and jogged toward the showers. After showering of all the dirt, and changing back into my uniform, I walked out of the locker room and into the Great Hall.

I made sure to keep an eye peeled for Gabbi while I sat and chatted with Amara.
Just then, I spotted Gabbi walking into the Hall. “I’ll be right back,” I told Amara. Then I got up and walked over to where Gabbi sat.
“Gabs,” I said. She turned around. “Could I talk to you – outside?” I asked.
She nodded, getting up.

I walked out of the Great Hall, Gabbi right behind me. “Gabs,” I said, turning around and facing her, “why have you been avoiding me today?” I asked bluntly.
“What?” she asked, looking confused.
“Oh, don’t play dumb with me. I know that you’ve been avoiding me. Why?” I asked.

“Okay, yes, I have been avoiding you, but at least I didn’t ditch you, much like how you ditched me for your new best friend.” She said. My eyes widened.
“Gabbi, I haven’t been avoiding. I’ve just been hanging out with Amara. Ya know, showing her around.” I explained.

Gabbi glared ice daggers at me. “Yeah, sure you have,” she said, sarcasm oozing like slime from her voice.
My jaw dropped at her. “Gabbi—” she cut me off.
“Don’t even try to explain, Charlene. I know that you no longer love me. Good – bye.” And then… she walked off.
And my heart walked away with her.
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