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Painting Flowers

Nothing's Makin' Sense At All.

I sat against the bathroom walls, crying my heart out, I fell hard for Charlie; I thought about everything for hours in the bathroom. I was too harsh, maybe she was just being friendly, after all, and that girl was new. I banged my head against the wall; I was so frustrated with myself. I knew I had to make this all better; it killed me that I could have possible hurt Charlie. I wasn't just going to sit here; so I sent Charlie a text message.

I'm sorry I overreacted; I just thought I'd lost you...

It hurt that you would say something like that Gabs,

I know and I'm really sorry Charlie, I just got so jealous and I thought you were avoiding me and I don't know..

You let jealousy get the best of you, its okay really. Just please don't let things get to your head.

I won't. I promise. Charlie?


Come to the bathroom.

Sure be there soon.

I waited for Charlie to come; while I waited for Charlie I stared intensely into the mirror, staring at my reflection.

The door opened and there was Charlie stepping inside, she closed the door behind her, I walked towards her, locking the door. I wrapped my arms around Charlie's neck and pressed my lips against hers, Charlie's hands held me tight.

"I'm sorry, “I whispered, "I was way out of line... I just--"

"Shh, I know hun" she whispered back.

Charlie's lips were on my neck, she started nibbling on my neck, I arched my neck back, and Charlie’s hands ran up and down my back.

"So...” she whispered.


"Why did you call me down here?" she smiled.

"You know why," I giggled.

"Ooh you naughty girl," she whispered.

We stood against the wall, Charlie's hands were on my waist her lips were on my neck, and I let a small moan escape my mouth. My hands were resting on her waist; I bit my lip and opened my legs a little bit. I unbuttoned Charlie's skirt, as she pressed her body against mine; a louder moan escaped my lips; her hands cupped my breast she smiled into my neck and started whispering sexy things to me.

"You're so fucking sexy," she whispered.

I breathed, "Ooh you're sexier,"

Charlie took my top off and started caressing my breasts again, her lips were on my neck, sucking and nibbling it. I moaned a few times, her hands were on my back; Charlie's lips came back to my own, she nibbled on my bottom lips while I rubbed, she moaned.

I bit Charlie's neck as she took my skirt off, I breathed; I watched Charlie as she undid her pony tail and all of her golden blonde hair fell to her shoulders. I smiled, and did the same.

We were now both in our underwear standing in front of each other, I took a few breathes I blushed as I caught her take a glimpse at my body. I bit my lip and gawked at her thin, beautiful, light skinned body.

Charlie pulled me against her and rubbed my sides, her hands were sliding up to my bra strap, and she unhooked it and slowly took my bra off. My heart was pounding in my chest, while Charlie's soft hands caressed my chest, I groaned, pulling her closer. Charlie started pulling my nipples gently, making me squeal.

I could feel Charlie grin against my neck; my breathing got heavier I was so nervous and couldn't wait.

My hands were on the hem of her panties, I started pulling on them I could feel her breath on my shoulder blade, a few seconds later her lips were on my shoulder. I pulled her underwear off and dropped them on the floor, I looked up to see her face, and she was smiling.

"I've been waiting for this moment, “she whispered, seductively in my ear.

I giggled, "Me too,"

I quickly unsnapped her bra and took it off quicker than she did with me; I grinned and pressed my lips against her neck. Charlie arched her back while I kissed down from her beautiful swan like neck to her B cup breasts; I kissed them gently and licked them a little bit.

"You are so sexy, “she smirked, while kissing down to my stomach and back up to my chest.

"Y-Yeah?" I stammered anxiously.

"Yeah," she breathed.

Charlie pinned me against the wall and got in between my legs, opening them more than they already were. I could feel hear hand sliding down my legs, gently rubbing my thighs, my heart was racing and my breathing was heavier. Suddenly I felt one of her fingers slide in, making me gasp, I saw the look on her face, and she was grinning.

"O-OH C-Charlie!" I moaned.

She inserted two more fingers in making me scream, Charlie's hand flew to my mouth, she winked and started sucking on my shoulder, while she pumped in and out, making me moan and squirm.

"God, Gabs you're so damn sexy," she whispered, while she fingered me.

I never felt so much adrenaline, this was so wrong but it felt so right; it was wrong because we were having sex at school, but I didn't care I wanted this, I wanted Charlie and I loved her with all my heart.

"Let's turn the shower," she whispered.

Charlie picked me causing me to giggle I thought I was heavy apparently she was stronger than I gave her credit for. She took me to the shower and turned on the water, she kissed me and I kissed her back.

"Let's make this a night to remember," she breathed.

"It already is,"I smirked.

I closed the curtain and the rest was pretty much self-explanatory, the night was going to be more amazing than I thought.
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I know it's been almost a month, but I was trying to make this scene "perfect" It's not good.
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