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Painting Flowers

Wonder, Why Do We Race?

Beep! Beep! Beep! I heard. I groaned, rolling over and smacking the top of my alarm clock.

I chucked the sheets off of my long, pale legs and swung them over the side of my bed. Yawing, I stretched my arms over my head and then got up from it. Valerie wasn’t in her bed. Great.
“Where could she be?” I asked myself as I stripped down. Grabbing my uniform, I threw it on, and then began to brush my hair.

The door slowly creaked open. “Ugh…” Valerie groaned.
“Hang – over?” I asked, sweeping my hair up into a ponytail.
“Yes…” she groaned, flopping down onto her insanely bright pink bed.
“Well, you should probably get some aspirin and change. You’re going to be late.” I said. I walked out the door of my bedroom and down the hall.

I walked to an area that appeared to be the breakfast, lunch, and dinner room. I walked into it and sat down. A tall, skeleton – like woman was walking down the rows of girls. When the woman made it to me, she handed me a sheet of paper. Once I took it, she walked away, without a word.

I shuddered. That woman scared me. Looking down at the sheet of paper, I noticed that it was a schedule.

First period: Math.

Second period: Gym.

Third period: History.

Fourth period: English.

Seventh period: Science.

I sighed, shoving my schedule into one of my books. I grabbed a plate of eggs and spooned some onto my plate. No one was sitting next to me, but everyone kept glancing back at me. I spotted Valerie sitting next to some girls. They all had red hair. Talk about a pack. I sighed, picking at my eggs. I suddenly lost my appetite.

Getting up, I grabbed my books and started walking to my first period. Maybe, I should’ve looked where I was going, because I bumped into someone and dropped my books. “Shit. I’m sorry.” I said bending over and scooping up my books. I looked at the girl I accidentally bumped into. It was the girl I passed in the halls yesterday!

I blushed, looking down at my shoes. Before the girl could say anything, I rushed past her. I didn’t really feel like talking to someone I was starting to get a crush on. I may get sick and accidentally… well, you get the picture.
As soon as I found my first period’s classroom, I rushed in and plopped down in a random chair, not really caring if it was taken by someone else or not.

Sighing, yet again, I dropped my backpack on the floor and hunched my shoulders. I crossed my arms atop of the desk and rested my chin on my arms. Soon, the other girls showed up.

I took a strand of my straight hair and began braiding it. I hate my straight hair. It’s as straight as can be.
I adjusted my glasses as Miss Hussey - the teacher – droned on and on and on about women’s rights during the sixties, I think. I spotted the girl that I bumped into. She was sitting a couple of rows across from myself.

I could feel my cheeks heat up. I just had to pick the seat that was near the girl I was starting to like. Shit. Damn it! I suddenly felt as though life had just bitch – slapped me right in the face. I didn’t even know the girl’s name and I already liked her!

“She has a criminal record,” I heard someone whisper from behind me. I burrowed my eyebrows together.
“She probably got sent away to rehab once. And she’s probably knocked up now. Maybe, that’s the reason why she came here.” I heard someone else whisper.

What the ass – hat?! Are those chicks high or something? Okay, so, I may have done some drugs, but as soon as I realized what I was doing, I quick that stuff cold turkey. But I never went to rehab. I don’t drink.
I sighed. Damn rumors, I thought, shaking my head, they tear people apart.

“Turn to page forty – two.” Miss Hussey said. I leafed through my textbook till I made it to forty – two.

While Miss Hussey droned on and on, I could feel my eyes start to droop. No! I told myself, my eyes snapping open. But Miss Hussey wasn’t exactly “helping” me.
The class soon ended. I gathered up all of my stuff and rushed out the door, eager to get the hell outta there.
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