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Painting Flowers

And Everyday We're Running In Circles,

That new girl ran into me earlier; making me drop my books, I bent down to pick them up and when I looked back up she had ran off, she probably didn't like me; I mean I do tend to scare people off with my harsh look. I don't mean to look at people that way, it just kind of happens. Then later I saw her in History class just a few rows away, she wouldn't look at me, she would just turn away, every time I'd catch her glimpsing my way. I sighed and turned the other way. She was probably into guys by the way she avoided eye contact with me, it's not like it mattered to me. I don't even know her, so why should I care what a total stranger think of me.

"So have you talked to that girl yet?" Clara asked me, while we were in the dorm room.

"Nope, I think she's avoiding me," I chuckled.

"You do tend to scare off people with your amazing eyes," she laughed.

Was Clara Robertson giving me a compliment? Really?

"Uh... Thanks?"

"It's true; maybe she thinks you're some kind of mean girl,"

I laughed, "I'm not mean, and you of all people know that, I think I'm pretty nice,"

"You are, a pushover that is," she laughed.

"Ugh, not you're pushing yourself," I shoved her lightly.

It was getting dark and it was time for me to go shower, I walked over to the closet and I stripped out of my clothes and put my lilac robe on. I tied my hair up in a messy bun, slipped on my pink flip flops, grabbing my baby blue towel and some other bath materials (sponges, razor, toothbrush, toothpaste, shower gel.. you get the idea), I walked out and made my way to the shower.

On my way to the baths' I noticed there was a figure coming out of dorm room, she was wearing a robe too, I assumed she was going to go shower. I wondered who it was, I walked up to the figure, until I could see her, it was that girl, and I breathed. I wondered if I should go introduce myself, or maybe not I mean we were going to go shower.

I thought about it for a moment and then I figured I would have nothing to lose, so I decided I would, so I walked up to her.

"Hello there," I tapped her shoulder.

She jumped and turned around.

"Oh, I'm so sorry I didn't mean to scare you," I breathed, blushing.

"T-That's o-okay... h-hi"

"You're new here aren't you?" I smiled politely.

"That obvious huh?" she grinned.

"Kind of, and everyone's talking about it," I giggled.

"I figured, yeah, I am, I'm Charlene, but you can call me Charlie for short," she smiled.

She was very beautiful; I blushed and stuck my hand out, "Gabriella, Gabbi for short,"

"Pretty, nice to meet you,"

I smiled, we walked into the bathroom together and I felt a little strange, embarrassed, every time I walked in here everyone always said something about my rather large breasts, and I wanted to hide. I didn't want her to see me, I was blushing like crazy.

"Nice to meet you too, I'm sorry about earlier, I was embarrassed" she blushed.

"That's all right, it happens," I nodded.

The bathroom wasn't like most; There were mainly showers just like a locker room, but instead of all being together it was like separate stall. Of course there were curtains and all that but it was still kind of embarrassing, I turned to her and smiled.

"Shower time,"

"Yeah..." she blushed.

I set my things aside, picking up the shower gel, soap, sponge, and shampoos, I stepped inside and closed the curtain, and I took my robe off and quickly dropped it out. I then turned on the hot and cold water on at the same time.

The warm water hit my skin and all I could do was blush, I couldn't believe I got the guts to go up and talk to her, I mean she was so beautiful. I grabbed the sponge and some gel and started washing my body, I started humming quietly, my heart pounding inside of me; I wondered what she thought of me? Did she like me? Did she think I was weird because I randomly went up to her and started talking?

"It's true by the way," I heard her spoke from the other side.

Charlie must have been in the stall next to me, which made me blush even more; my breathing got heavy, and I had butterflies in my stomach. Great that's all that I needed.


"The rumors, none of them are true,"

"Yeah, I figured," I chuckled, lathering shampoo into my hair.

"You didn't believe them?"

"Of course not, all they do is gossip so when they he heard there was someone new coming, of course they'll start some stupid rumors," I laughed.

"Yeah, I guess so,"

"So why did you come here? I mean if you don't mind me asking,"

"My parents pretty much forced me," she groaned.

She didn't sound too disappointed though, I wondered why, but I was glad she was here, maybe we could become to be very good friends.

After the shower, I quickly grabbed my robe and slid it on, and coiled my hair up in my pink towel; I stepped out in my flip flops and saw Charlie sitting on a bench, as if she was waiting for me. She was also in a robe and flip flops, I grinned and picked up my stuff and walked over to her.

"Waiting for someone?"

"Yeah, actually I am. You," she grinned.

I giggled, "Wow, really? That's sweet,"

"I try, thanks for coming up and talking to me, other than my roommate which I obviously have to interact with you're the first girl to come up and talk to me,"

"Aww really? Well, I like meeting new people and I know what its like being new, I thought I might be nice and make a new friend" I smiled.

"Awesome, so I guess we're friends now?"

I nodded excitedly, I couldn't believe I had a real friend finally, she was really cute too. We walked to our rooms, her room was two doors from mine I waved good bye and told her I'd see her at breakfast and I made my way to the dorm room.

I walked in and put my bath stuff away, I then grabbed my purple polka dotted panties and slipped them on; I picked up my lilac lacey bra and slipped it on as well. I took a long breath before grabbing my pajamas and slipping them on. It was getting a little late, and Clara wasn't back yet, figures. I uncoiled my hair and started it combing it slowly, making sure to untangle it without splitting any ends.

I then blow dried my hair, and brushed it gently, braiding it into a long braid once more. I yawned a couple of times, before looking out the window, no sign of Clara. I wonder where she ran off this time, what surprises me is that she hasn't been caught yet. It was really weird, I would think she would have, Clara isn't the most secretive person I know, so it was kind of weird that she wasn't caught yet.

I yawned, I turned the lights off and got into bed, smiling, thinking about Charlie; I wondered if she's ever been with a girl before.
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