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Painting Flowers

Such A Funny Way to Fall.

I lay in my bed after my shower, thinking about Gabbi. It wasn’t the creepy, or stalker – like thinking. I just thinking about her. I grabbed a strand of my now dry hair and began braiding it. It’s a habit. I do it to just think some stuff over. I glanced over at Valerie’s bed. Empty, but it did have some pillows shoved under it to create an illusion to make it look like Valerie was there.

I sighed, dropping my tiny little braid. Staring up at the darkness, I began thinking about what it would be like if my parents knew I’m a lesbian. Well, I don’t exactly know if they would accept me or not. Only Aiden, my little brother, knew about me being a lesbian. He accepted the fact that I’m only friends with guys. And he also accepted the fact that I like girls.

I sat up in my bed. Turning on the light on my night stand, I grabbed my glasses and a book. I’m guessing it was “Anne of Green Gables.”
Suddenly, the door slowly creaked open. Squinting through the sudden light, I noticed it was Valerie. She appeared to be a “little” tipsy. And by “tipsy,” I mean she was drunk. She stumbled over to her bed.

She giggled when she hit the sheets on her bed. “Hey there, Charlie,” she giggled, tugging on some of her red hair.
“Uh, hey…” I said, snapping my book shut. “Valerie,” I said, turning my body toward her, “did you drink anything tonight?” I asked.

Valerie giggled, yet again. Then, she said, “Maybe.” I rolled my eyes at her.
“Psst!” Valerie said.
“What?” I asked.
“I made a Frat boy very happy tonight…” she giggled.
“What?” I asked, biting the finger nail on my index finger. Yes, biting your nails is a nasty habit. But I don’t chew them off.

“I made a Frat boy very happy.” Valerie said. She then giggled and pulled the covers over her head, much like a teenager that didn’t want to get up in the morning.
“What the fuck are you talking – ” I paused, then added, “About, bitch?”

Hey! Throwing in a “bitch” is always fun. Ask around.
Valerie motioned for me to come closer to her. I got out of my bed, crossed the room over to her bed, and kneeled next to it.

I leaned my ear down close to Valerie. “I rode a Frat boy’s disco stick.” She said, and then continued to giggle. I gasped. Holy ass – hat! How could that stupid, little whore just do a Frat boy?! What a whore! What a skank! What a… something that’s really slutty, skanky, and whorior…? Wait! That’s not even word!

I suddenly realized that Valerie was leaning closer and closer to me. “Valerie,” I said, getting to my feet, “you need some sleep.”
I began hoping that the Frat boy she did slipped her a rufi. Then, that way, she wouldn’t remember it and she also wouldn’t remember when I called her a bitch.

As I walked back to my bed, I thought about how much of an idiot Valerie is.

The next day, I went to the food hall, ate my breakfast – alone – and then went to my first class.
As I sat in my seat, my eyes kept on swiveling over to Gabbi. I felt like a total stalker.
When class ended in a flash, I grabbed all of my stuff and headed toward the gym. When I made it to the locker room, I quickly changed into my uniform, which consisted of a pair of short – shots, and a T – shirt.

I felt extremely awkward. For two reasons: 1) I have incredibly pale legs. And 2) I didn’t exactly feel like showing them off.

I spotted Gabbi talking to a girl with red hair. I blushed when she glanced over at me. She waved. I waved back. Gabbi motioned for me to come over to her. I was actually ten seconds away from running away with my tail between my legs, but my legs were walking me over there. I swear my body hates me.

“Hey, Gabriella,” I said once I reached her. I began cursing in my head at my legs.
“Hey, Charlie,” she greeted me.
“Okay, class!” A woman with short brown hair came walking out onto the grassy field. “You will be jump roping!! Grab a rope and start jumping!!” the woman boomed. She brought a silver whistle that shun in the sun to her lips and blew into it.

I grabbed a jump rope and stood next to Gabbi. I noticed that she was chomping down on her bottom lip, holding the jump rope tightly in her tanned hands.
“What’s wrong?” I asked, setting my hand on her shoulder.
“I – I just feel under the weather…? Yeah! That’s it! I’m just going to sit down.” She mumbled and then walked away.

Shaking my head, I waited for Couch Anderson to blow the whistle. She chose a random song by All Time Low, I think?
“Time to start, ladies!!” Couch Anderson boomed. I began jumping. The rope slapped against the ground when I jumped in the air.

“Gym is over, ladies!” Couch Anderson boomed as Gabbi and I ran laps with the other girls.

I sighed, walking alongside of Gabbi. I wiped some sweat off my forehead.
“See ya tonight!” Gabbi called once she finished taking a shower. I guess we were going to walk down to the showers tonight, much like what we did last night.

I thought about what it would be like if Gabbi and I were dating.

Nah, she’s probably straight, I thought as I walked into my class.
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