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Painting Flowers

Tried To Open Up My Eyes,

I hate Gym class, it's the worst class for me, every time we jump rope; I swear my boobs start bouncing up and down and to me that's quite embarrassing, especially since my boobs are rather large.

Over the weeks Charlie and I were becoming really good friends, getting closer with every passing day. We sat in class together more often and, we to the baths' at the same time every day, and like best friends. I guess you could say we were best friends, I felt a little strange though, because my crush for her wouldn't be returned. It was pretty obvious she wasn't into girls and I was fine with that.

"Gabbbiii!" she whined.

"Charlieeee" I whined back, giggling.

She linked her arm with mine, as we skipped along the garden; we had a small break and were allowed outside for a few hours. After all those hours of study, we deserved it after, and Charlie decided it would be good to be alone, which made my heart flutter.

I followed her into the gardens and we found this spot, that was so secluded that I'm pretty sure no one knew about, and we called it our "secret spot" very original I know, but it was cute. Being alone with Charlie made me blush, and I was in a skirt, trying to breathe and calm my self down.

"You okay Gabs?"

"Yeah, just a little hot," I nodded, it was burning up.

We sat down on the grass criss crossed and smiled, I was still in shock that no one had found this place; Charlie said it was pretty awesome. I smiled, she was so beautiful, my long sleeve top was starting to bother me, and my face was growing hot because of this damn weather.

"Gabbi are you sure you're okay?"

"Yeah, it's just really hot," I nodded, "Could you hand me that water bottle?"

"Okay, here" she said, handing me bottle water.

I opened it and chugged down, she laughed, I looked at her and waved, I put my bottle down and giggled.

"I told you I was hot,"

"Yeah, you did,"

I started unbuttoning my top, it was way to hot to keep wearing this long sleeve shirt, and I had a white tank top underneath so it was safe. My cheeks were burning again, Charlie was sitting in front of me and I was practically stripping, but I was so, hot. I took my shirt off and placed it next to me, my heart was pounding in my chest, Charlie was staring at me. I blushed and pulled my top up a bit.

"Err, sorry I got hot," I blushed.

"It's okay, I don't mind, I mean, I'm going to do it too," she giggled.

I smiled and watched her take her top off, she had a very nice figure and I could help but gawk at her, I blushed and grabbed my bottle, chugging down water again, trying to distract myself but I couldn’t' help it.

"Yeah, so can't wait for break huh?" I smiled.

"Fall break, yeah I guess but I have no where to go," she sighed.

I bit my lip, “I don't either... you uh... want to do something together?"

She lit up, "Yeah!"

"We can uh... go rent a cabin or something, "I suggested.

"Dude! That's brilliant!" she grinned.

"Then it's settled then, fall break we go up to the mountains and spend our break there together," I grinned.

Fall break; Just Charlie and me, I was so overwhelmed with excitement and happiness that I couldn't contain it for too long. I knew I had to talk to my parents first, they wouldn't mind, they would totally pay for the whole trip, I was sure of it.

On our way back to the dorm rooms, Charlie and I were discussing trip arrangements, I explained that my parents would pay for the trip, and she said that her parents would chip in with food costs and all that good stuff.

I was planning everything, what I was taking and the essentials for sure which include: Bath stuff (shower gel, tooth brush, tooth brush, comb, hair brush, deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, soap, etc), towels, and clothes (obviously), jackets shoes, etc. I wrote everything down, I was taking extra cash to spend, magazines and books to read when were bored, music, and movies.

"Writing an essay Gabbi?" Clara asked, walking into the room.

"Nope, planning my break,"

"Oh, are you going somewhere?"

"Cabins, up north," I answered.

"Cool, who are you going with?"


"Charlie? Like the blonde nerd?"

I rolled my eyes, "She's awesome, and yeah her,"

She didn't say much, but sat on her bed; Clara didn't look too happy, I wondered what happened. Sure, she was a pain in the ass but I'm not completely horrible to her, I mean we were roommates.

"Something wrong Clara?"

"Yeah," she sighed sadly.

"What’s wrong?"

"My parents got my grades, they say I have to stay here and I can't go anywhere," she pouted.

As much as I would like to feel sorry for her, she had it coming, after all Clara never studied for anything, and she always partied. Which I still don't understand how she doesn't get caught, I bit my lip, what could I say to Clara that would make her feel better, I don't know but there must be something I could say to console her.

"I'm sure it'll be okay,"

Okay, so that's not the best line, but there wasn't much else I could have said...

"No, they said if I don't get my act together they're going to send me to a public school," she pouted.

Was being at a public school really that bad? I mean aren't they like co-ed or something? Most of them are you'd think I would remember but I had more important things to worry about.

"Why are you upset? I mean there are guys there right?"

"Yeah, but they're high school guys, ugh they're so... so... stupid"

I laughed; I had to agree with her there, "Yeah, I guess you're right,"

"Will you help me get my grades up?"

Now that was totally unexpected, I didn't think she would care that much about leaving this boarding school; Considering that she always whined about not having guys around and how "strict" it was. I blinked a few times, still processing the whole thing, I couldn't say no to her, Clara needs my help and I'm not someone that can say no to someone so desperate for help.

"Uh... sure Clara, but let's get some things straight,"


"You have to wait until I get back, I already made arrangements and I can't change them, in the mean time I'll talk to some of your teachers," I nodded.

"Okay what else?"

"You need to stop your partying and making out all night; I mean how do you even get away with that?"

"I have my ways, but I guess I'll have to stop until summer,” she whispered.

"Yeah, and one more thing, you have to behave and go to sleep early because it helps with your studies,"

She sighed, "So much I have to give up,"


"Fine, I agree, but you think my grades will go up?"

"Of course, I know it, if you follow what I say,"

"Okay, thanks Gabbi,"

"Hey, you're my roommate," I nodded.

I yawned, I was so tired and Charlie was on my mind the whole afternoon, I wanted to kiss her lips so badly but I know I can't. I laid in my bed and closed my eyes, I couldn't wait until break, and it was going to do us both good.
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