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Painting Flowers

When I Wake Up, The Dream Isn't Done.

I blinked a couple of times still trying to register what just happened, Charlie kissed me, my face was still red. My heart was pounding, the moment replayed in my head like a movie; her lips were soft, her scent was sweet, I wanted her to do it again. I breathed, did she like girls? Did she just want to know what it was like? I had to find out. I stood up and made my way to the kitchen grabbed a glass, and poured water. I began taking small sips, thinking about it, why would she just kiss me, maybe she was... Nah, she couldn't be could she?

I stood up and walked over to the kitchen and poured me a glass of water, taking small sips wondering if I should go talk to Charlie or not. I wondered if she enjoyed the kiss as much as I did, if she could feel her heart beating inside of her. I closed my eyes and opened them ten seconds later; I took small steps to the room she had run to. I knocked a couple of times but there was no answer. Did she leave? I turned the knob slowly, and cracked the door opened; I saw her lying on the bed. I opened it a little more and stepped in; Charlie sat up and stared at me.

I blushed, "Charlie..?"

She blinked, "Listen Gabbi about what just happened... let me tell you I was just I don't know what came over me ..."

I walked over to her and she looked at me, she stood up and blinked a few times before continuing

"I guess I just got so, excited and I... I--"

I then pressed my finger against her lips getting her to stop talking; she remained quiet, breathing slowly and heavily.

I took a step forward, I dropped my arm and I stood face to face with Charlie, I bit my lower lip, took another step forward, leaned forward and pressed my lips against hers. I could feel my heart beating in my chest, Charlie was motionless, and I stopped kissing her and took a step back.

"I I..." Charlie was trembling.

I bit my lip, "Charlie, sit down, I think its time we talked,"

She nodded and sat down on the bed I sat close to her, she kept staring at her fingers, and I grabbed her hand. She didn't slap mine away, which got me thinking, that maybe she was feeling what I was.

"Okay..." she breathed.

"I think you're really beautiful' I nodded.

"You're beautiful too, gorgeous," Charlie whispered.

"Thanks," I smiled; she turned to me and gave me a small smile.

I cupped her face and stared into her eyes, I was blushing and I could feel my heart racing again.

"So... Charlie are you... uh... are you gay?" I whispered.


"Sorry ... I know it’s a personal question but--"

"It's okay, really. I am," she breathed.

I took in a long breath, '"R-Really?"

She nodded, playing with the hem of her shirt; she was looking away, like she was embarrassed. I turned her around and looked straight in the eye.

"I am too,"

"Y-You are?" she asked, in disbelief.

I giggled, 'I am,"

Charlie looked a little relief, I smiled I wanted nothing more than to kiss her again, and enjoy her soft lips on mine.

We were both sitting on the bed, we were facing each other again, and she cupped my face and caressed my cheek with her thumb. I did the same to her, scooted closer to Charlie, as she pulled me towards her. She leaned forward, and so our lips met, and I felt my heart race once more, my hands were clammy and sweaty. This time, our eyes were close, and our lips were slowly moving against each other. I felt Charlie's arm drape around my waist, as I pulled her closer. He hands were now place on my waist, as mine were wrapped around her neck, we were making out.

We stopped after a few minutes and stared at each other again, we were both flushed from all of that.

"You're a really good kisser,' I gushed.

"You are too, lovely," she smiled, touching my face.

"I hope this doesn't change anything," I whispered.

"It doesn't, it just brings us closer,'" she smirked, pulling me closer to her.

I giggled, as I felt her finger run up my neck I turned to Charlie and grabbed her hands, I saw her smile.

"Would you like to go do something else like watch movies?" she asked.

"Actually... I rather keep kissing you," I blushed deeply, and looked at my hands.

Charlie grinned, "Really? Cause I was going to suggest we keep doing it,"

I giggled, "All right,"

"You have a cute laugh,” Charlie commented, while she stood up and started to stretch.

I got up and did some stretching as well, "Thanks,"

Charlie grabbed me by my waist and pulled me towards her; causing me to squeal, she giggled.


"Gabbi you're adorable," she winked.

I blushed, "Thanks, and you're cute!"

"Mhmm," she smirked, as she leaned forward, but instead of pressing her lips against mine, her lips were on my neck.

Charlie started kissing my neck and I couldn't help myself, I let out a small moan, it felt wonderful.

"You're so hot," she whispered in my ear.

I blushed, "You are too,"

"Hmm...” she breathed, nibbling my neck.

Charlie pushed me to the bed, I giggled and watched her climb on me, I know what it looked like, but I wasn't exactly ready, especially since I just found out she was gay.

"C-Charlie what are you doing?"

"Nothing, just going to lay here with you,"

I blushed, "Okay.'



"Would you like uh... would you like to be my girlfriend?" she asked softly.

I turned my body towards her and I smiled, "I would love to,"

Charlie grinned and wrapped her arms around me, I pressed my forehead against her gently, and we were staring at each other. I never felt like this before, not with anyone, it made me feel so good.

"This is a happy day," Charlie beamed.

I nodded, "Celebration?"

Charlie smirked and started kissing me again, this time it wasn't gentle it was harder, and I enjoyed it. Her hands were rubbing my sides and my hands were rubbing hers, Charlie's hands made there way to my chest, making me blush. She rubbed them gently, a moan or two escaped my lips, she grinned and looked at me.

"You really are good kisser Gabs,"

"Thanks, and you are too, groping me already?" I giggled.

"Psh, just feeling up my girlfriend is all, we can take it to the next level another time," she whispered.

I nodded, I wasn't quite ready for sex just yet I mean we just now started dating, and it would be a little weird.
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